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Mighty World Play Sets

Mighty World Play Sets available in Summer BBQ, Lost Mummy and the Construction set which comes complete with a cement mixer that won’t dent or rust – our three construction workers are ready to pour foundations, sidewalks, driveways and patios as long as that drum keep churning. This set includes several pre-made cinder blocks, towering 2-story scaffolds, a wheel barrow, safety cones and loads of other accessories to help build your dream home.

Suitable for children aged 3 Years Plus.

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Mighty World Play Sets £14.99 Each - Available in ELC, Toymaster stores or click online for local stockist

Mighty World Play Sets Reviews

Product Tested by: Nina Hook – Jacob Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Nina Hook – Jacob Aged 4 Years

Nina & Jacob Awarded The Mighty World Play set 5/5

Nice and bright and shows the contents well. The box is made of sturdy cardboard and we still store the contents is it, unlike other toys we have had in the past, where the boxes break quite early on.   Ideal size for the suggested age. No tiny bits to lose and the figures are an ideal size for children to be able to move the arms and legs etc.  Lots of pieces to enable varied play and a good theme for boys in particular.  All the pieces were realistic in appearance and size and my son played with this for around an hour and a half the first time he used it.   The recommended age is correct in my opinion, the size and the theme of the product is ideal for the age range.  My son used his imagination very well, acting out scenes with the characters and the objects.  Good for role play – making the characters talk to each other and acting out different events with the pieces. Also good for co ordination, as some of the pieces have to be fitted together.  It can be as simple or as involved as the child chooses as there are many different objects to play with.  My son has played with this toy with his moon sand, as it also has a building site theme. He has also used it alongside playmobil and Lego. Very sturdy plastic, not cheap thin plastic that can be broken easily. My two year old has also played with it and managed not to break it. The scaffolding part was slightly fiddly but he managed to fit it together after a couple of tries.  Compared to other similar toys on the market I think that the price is reasonable, although I do think that toys like this are slightly overpriced. Although on the plus side, you do receive a lot of different play pieces with this set, although you would not necessarily realise that until you unpacked it. I would probably consider buying this if I saw it in a shop.  . I would recommend it as it does offer a good variety of pieces and characters and a varied way to play.  Overall I am impressed with this toy. The price lets it down slightly, but the amount of pieces, the quality and the variety that it offers makes up for the price when compared against other similar toys.  My experience of the toy was very good. My son has had hours of fun with it and I would certainly recommend it to others. The quality is very good and the amount of pieces was really impressive. The detail of the pieces was also very authentic. It is a versatile toy that can be used alongside other toys.   Nina Hook – Jacob Aged 4 Years


Product Tested By Kate Bell – Ryan and Gracie aged 5 & 2 Years

Kate, Ryan and Gracie Awarded The Mighty World Play set 3.6/5

Good size set.  Really bright colours, easy to recognise.  My son was able to point this brand out when we saw it in an Early Learning Centre.  Main ‘characters’ are a good size.  Some of the accessories are very small and easily lost.  Both my children enjoyed playing with this set, did keep them entertained for a good few hours.  Some of the pieces are very small, and the hair kept falling off the people which my 5 year old got frustrated with.  We tested the BBQ set which did get my children to actually play together, cooking the sausages, setting the table etc. They did enjoy playing with each character.  Very good for role playing and got them to use their imagination.  Simple to use.  They did enjoy all the accessories that came with the set. They have used the set to play ‘mums and dads’. The little boy has been given rides in the pushchair and driven numerous cars!  Personally I feel the quality could be improved.  You do get lots of pieces in this set, but like I said before some are very small and got lost very quickly.  This play set did offer playability and entertainment for my children.  However I do think this play set is slightly overpriced and feel there are better value play sets on the market.  Kate Bell – Ryan and Gracie Aged 5 & 2 Years


Product Tested By Hope Coats – Myron Aged 4 Years

Hope & Myron Awarded The Mighty World Play set 3/5

Looked good.  Nice and bright packaging eye catching.  The figures were very good but it wasn’t as good when you got into the toy, there was so many small parts I had to take it away from my son as his younger brothers wanted to play as well and parts too small for them.  It had so many little parts and didn’t hold my sons attention for long at all.  I felt for my 4yr old there was too many fiddly little things and the figures were quite small, it didn’t hold his attention for more than a couple of hours when we first received it and he has rarely played with it since.  Personally I feel this is more suitable for an older child.  Myron has taken the figures from the play set and put them in his other cars and used the car on his garage toy.  It is a good quality toy and I personally feel more suitable for an older child.  I feel it would be good value for money if purchased for an older child.  For our household this toy had too many fiddly parts that weren’t really suitable for my home and children. didn’t  However I feel it would be good for my friend’s son who is 7 as feel this is the right age group for this toy.  Good quality and better suited for older children.  Hope Coats – Myron Aged 4 Years

It is a versatile toy that can be used alongside other toys.


Nina & Jacob Awarded The Mighty World Play set 5/5

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