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Milkies Milk-Saver

Perfect for the breastfeeding Mum. The Milk – Saver collects milk from the non-feeding breast while breastfeeding. Don’t let your precious breast milk be absorbed into a nursing pad and thrown away. The average nursing Mum leaks 1-4 ounces of milk each time she feeds her baby. Save every drop.
Helps easily store extra milk. Discreet and easy to use. Keeps Mum dry and comfortable. Usable with any bra style. Durable – use it as long as you choose to breastfeed.

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Milkies Milk-Saver Reviews

Product Tested by: Tine Kongsgaard – Baby Alexandra 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Tine Kongsgaard – Baby Alexandra 13 Weeks

Tine Awarded The Milkies Milk-Saver 3.5/5 

Very large, good quality packaging and material. The site is very American and although the product is metioned in videos and on every page I felt it would have been nice to see it in use. The packaging is of a very high quality, clear pictures and very innovative design. Not just your standard dull box. Over all very goo instructions. A little "all over the place" but once you have read the whole package I think all the answers are there…. The product is pretty easy to disassemble and clean. It says to wash with warm soapy water – would be an improvement if the case/stand could stand the milkie upside down too to make it easier to dry.  These are  easy to insert into your breast feeding bra and they stay in position.  I normally use absorbant pads – these can be used any time, milkies are very limited in when and where you can use them. Milk I saved during breast feeding was used for bottle feeding later. The milkies are far too big to use out and about! I like to be discreet when breastfeeding but there is no way I could be in the least discreet trying to fit a milkie in my bra… Using the milkies at home is adventageous when there is an overflo of milk from the letdown. However I think this product would be more useful at the early stages of breastfeeding when there is more milk wasted. It may be more useful as my milk supply increases during growth spurts. The quality seems to be very good – nothing feels flimsy or cheap.  It would have seriously limited use for myself. I would only be able to use this at home and not out and about. Good quality but limited opportunerties for use – especially for us larger chested ladies!  Tine Kongsgaard – Baby Alexandra 13 Weeks


Product Tested By Arial Rosenberg – Baby Kane 12 Weeks

Arial Awarded The Milkies Milk-Saver 4/5 

Looked intersting and was eager to try.  Packaging good and protected item.  Website is good and easy to navigate. Packaging high quality, thought this was a great design, and liked the clear images.  Instructions were clear and precise and easy to follow.  Very easy to put together, use and clean. You are advised to wash with warm soapy water, which is not a problem and very easy to clean.  I found these a breeze to place in my bra and amazed they also stayed in position which is a fab bonus.   I have really enjoyed using these and found them to be an innovative and practical product to use.  In the past I have used washable pads, but am now a bit of a convert. They certainly helped me to save milk, and as I work from home ideal for me personally. Personally I would only use these at home as would not feel comfortable travelling using the milkies.  Just a tad bulky for me.  At home these are very practical, especially when you have excess milk from letdown.   For me they have been ideal as I have I have a never ending supply of milk. This product is value for money, very high quality and practical.  Fitted into my bra perfectly and ideal size for my breasts.  Great idea and glad I had the chance to use these.  Will be recommending to a few friends who are due to give birth soon.  Arial Rosenberg – Baby Kane 12 Weeks  


Product Tested By Janey Stone – Baby William 4 weeks

Janey Awarded The Milkies Milk-Saver 4.3/5 

As a first time mum, I was a bit apprehensive about breast feeding and had been given loads of advice. So when these arrived was intrigued and ready to see how well they worked, especially as none of my friends had heard of these before.  Product was well presented and website informative and easy to use.   Instructions easy to follow and seemed like a very new age innovative product.  Had never really thought about the milk you would waste while breast feeding.  Easy to assemble, clean and dry.  They tell you to clean with warm soapy water, which is easy enough.  Very easy to place inside your bra, and even though they were a bit big, I did not have a problem wearing them when I was off visiting friends (as both my breasts would leak quite a lot).  They also stayed in position when placed in your feeding bra.  I was surprised how much milk they did collect over the week and this would be put into bottle for hubby to take over and have a feed.  Well you have to have a break sometime.  This is a really good product and I have already purchased more.  Never heard of this product before, and have certainly recommended to a few friends who are breast feeding.  Good quality, long lasting, use again and again and value for money.   Janey Stone – Baby William 4 Weeks


Product Tested By Simone Bones – Baby Lillian 5 Months

Simone Awarded Awarded The Milkies Milk-Saver 4.5/5 

Was impressed very nice packaging, handy storage, however looked slightly too big as I was worried due to being quite small.  Perfect soft colours to promote baby product on the website and very user friendly with lots of information on how to use milkies.  I especially enjoyed the video.  Had information regarding breast feeding and promoting the benefits, excellent website. They only have this one item on the website at the moment and I must admit expected more products to be on offer. Instructions very easy to follow.  Really easy to put together and use.   I was amazed how well they stayed in place.  They were more effective as the stayed in place better.  Must admit I did encounter a few problems as had a couple of accidents, but that was my error for not checking and changing them, not a fault with the product. Just needed to remove earlier but know how it all works now.  The milk I saved was frozen for bottle feeding later.  I did use these when going out on my travels as they are vey discreet.  These collected milk which would have otherwise been wasted and used I could use it for bottles when needed. Quality great as lightweight material which moulds well to the breast.  They are expensive but worth it long term as you can use them time and time again.  I would certainly consider purchasing this product and have already recommended to others.  Excellent worthwhile product, amazed at how much milk I’ve saved. Simone Bones – Baby Lillian 5 Months


Tine Awarded The Milkies Milk-Saver 3.5/5

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