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milkymeter® – Baby Bottle Thermometer for Gentle Microwave Warming
The award winning milkymeter® is an innovative baby bottle thermometer for the microwave that let you warm baby’s bottle in seconds to the right temperature. milkymeter® accurately measures milk temperature during heating and informs you as soon as the bottle is ready and you should stop the microwave. This enables you to warm baby’s milk to the right temperature without the risk of overheating which previously kept many parents from using the microwave.
By using milkymeter and avoiding overheating, important nutrients in the milk are preserved. This is made possible by the advanced Microweter Technology which measures temperature development several places in the bottle whilst milk is warming in the microwave. This technology also means that you do not have to change battery or charge the product, it works the second you switch on the microwave oven.

Good to know: For microwave use only. Batteries not required. Made of food safe plastic. BPA free. May be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Can be sterilized with cold water sterilizer, boiling water or electric steam sterilizer. Invented in Denmark

Key features – For fast, easy & gentle warming of breast milk, milk & formula to the ideal serving temperature. 10 times faster than bottle heater or water bath. Safety feature prevents overheating. Helps preserve nutrients in the milk. For microwave use only. No battery required. Powered by microwave energy.

Price £34.95 Available, amazon, Independent retailers such as: Josephines Baby Boutique, Direct4babies,  Baby Lurve, Little Yu

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Bottle Warmers and Feeding Accessories Categories 

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milkymeter® Reviews

Product Tested By Heather Dunk – Elsie 5 Months

Heather Awarded The milkymeter® 5/5

very smart looking box, loved the sleek and elegant design of the product. Simple instructions and felt confident in knowing how to use. I think the concept is fantastic and simple. No need to wait around for prep machines or worrying if the heated milk is too hot, just wait for the flashing light from blue to green and you’re ready to go, so easy to use! instructions were very clear and easy to follow, felt confident in using and knowing that the milk was ready for my baby at a perfect temperature. l found this product very easy to use, loved the fact that it doesn’t require any set up, batteries or charging and simply relies on microwave power to work!  I think this method is very effective. The different colour lights means there is no disputing what temperature is correct and the colour difference is very easy to distinguish.  Using the microwave has often put me off previously to warm up milk as I have overheated the milk a few too many times in the past and it’s so difficult to cool down when you have a hungry baby, this product prevents you overheating the milk and then having to experience that struggle! very effective method of using the blue flashing light to show that the milk is nearly ready so you are waiting for the green light to come on and you know the milk is ready for your baby. I did find that the period of the flashing blue light did differ though on occasions so was unsure how long it would take to turn to green. unfortunately my microwave light is broken so did find looking in a little more difficult, but found that I could still see the flashing light if looking closely! I also think that the colour indicator could be a little bigger. the red light was very useful in showing that the milk was too hot, so had to run the bottle under cold water to cool down. However, you cannot use this product again to see if the milk has cooled enough to temperature without putting back in the microwave so just have to rely on testing the milk on your skin. I have often disregarded the microwave as an effective method of warming milk as I have previously overheated the milk and worried I have therefore lost some of the nutrients in the milk. The fact that it has a flashing blue light and then green light to show you when the milk is ready is really hard to get wrong and means that you don’t have to worry about losing any nutrients through overheating. I love the fact you do not have to charge this product, change any batteries of requires any other upkeep other than sterilising. This means that you can know if you take it out with you or use immediately without having to worry if it’s going to work or not. as this product is being used in my baby’s milk it’s very important to be food safe and BPA free as there is no worry about contamination or nasty chemicals being transferred. very easy to keep clean, no unnecessary cracks or folds to have to clean between and I opted to clean with boiling water or just stick in the dishwasher, so easy!  I most often used boiling water to clean but also stuck in the dishwasher. I don’t own an electric steam steriliser and don’t tend to use cold water sterilisers, but it’s great to know that these are also an option! definitely much quicker to use than a bottle heater or water bath, the milk is ready In under a minute! this is a brilliant product to be taking on holiday or out and about, it’s so simple and small that it can easily be popped in a handbag or changing bag and you don’t have to worry about taking replacement batteries or chargers! I primarily breastfeed my baby, but often pump milk so that my husband can feed or sometimes I can enjoy a drink without having to worry about alcohol content in my breast milk. I also used this product to warm my toddler’s milk up for a babyccino! I used this product around 10 times. quality is great, the product is well made and a very sleek design, feels very well made. at £34.99 I think this price is very reasonable to compete with most prep machines and don’t have to wait anywhere near as long for milk to be ready! I liked the fact no extra set up or maintenance (like charging or batteries) was required and was so much quicker than traditional methods of heating milk! I would consider buying it, as although I primarily breastfeed its fantastic to know that my husband can easily use it to warm milk for my baby when I’m out, and it’s great that you can also use it for older children to warm milk for their drinks too!  Absolutely yes highly recommend.. I have many friends that formula feed and I imagine they would use this product every time they would feed the baby, so easy to use that using any other method would just be unnecessary! I think this is going to be a firm favourite on gift lists for future baby showers! this is a really simple product that is easy to use and the design is really nice. It’s so easy to store and maintain and perfect for using when out and about or when you are on holiday. really liked using this product and loved how easy it was to use. My husband also remarked on the fact it takes the guessing game out of knowing when the milk is ready and was so simple that he could use effectively without worrying about the temperature for the baby. It’s great to know that the nutrients in the milk are being preserved and don’t have to worry about the milk being too hot or cold. The only remark I would say is that the colour indicator could be a little bigger! Heather Dunk – Elsie 5 Months

Product Tested By Claire Ginn – Sophia 12 Weeks

Claire Awarded The milkymeter® 5/5

Looked compact and smart.  I think it is a great idea as there is nothing worse than a crying baby, when you are trying to heat a bottle using hot water. This takes the worry out of using the microwave. Instructions easy to understand. This is  extremely easy to use. The light coding is easy to use and the colour coding lights is of great help. It is also easy to clean.  as soon as the green light flashes you know the bottle is ready. Quick test and baby can be fed. The flashing lights to outline when ready are really easy to see  through the door. Our microwave is worktop height and we had no problem. It is useful to know If you do not stop the microwave when milkymeter flashes green, the milk will overheat. In this case milkymeter flashes a red light. however we did not allow the meter to go to the red flash. This does help you stop milk from overheating and we know that overheating is dangerous for baby. Great to use as you do not have to worry about batteries etc and I like the fact that it is easy to use and can be taken with you as it is small and compact. Being made of food safe plastic and BPA free is important and I only want to use safe products for my baby. really easy to clean and sanitise using cold water solution.  i used cold water solution to clean  and did this alongside preparing the bottles. using hot water takes so long and babies don’t wait when they are hungry. This product took out so much stress of a screaming hungry baby. This is also perfect to take on your holiday as small, compact, easy to use and clean. I used this most of the time, but if i went out and forgot it, i remembered how long it normally took. compared to how many ounces i used. good product which is strong and would seem to with stand being carried in the changing bag which gets knocked about. Yes good value if only for prevention from stress of a screaming baby. I loved how convenient the product is and the fact that the milk is ready to go within seconds from having the confidence in using the microwave. I would buy this product.  I would recommend as it is so easy and convenient to use. super-efficient and easy to use.  Slim line product that helps with the preparation of a bottle using the microwave. No more screaming baby waiting for their bottle to warm up in hot water. No more screaming baby, less stressed mum. Claire Ginn – Sophia 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Charlotte Stoner – Jaxon 14 Months

Charlotte Awarded The milkymeter® 4/5

Lovely product in nice protective packaging, very small stick device which seems to be great for usage, storage and taking out and about. Packaging includes all information you need to know about the product with a small leaflet full of information that is easy to follow. I think it’s a brilliant concept, after changing to full fat milk it’s a struggle to use the microwave for heating without worrying the milk will burn or still be far too cold. Especially if different volumes of milk are poured and a dial setting is used. the instructions were very basic but I liked the fact they were like this as it showed how simple the product actually was. The product was extremely easy to use, just pop it in the milk, set the microwave On its way and watch for the changing of the coloured lights. this was a very effective and fast product to use no need for extra testing of the temperature or having to put the milk back in for further heating. when using this I never had to cool milk down from overheating which made the process even quicker. only issue we found was that our microwave is placed at a bit of a low level so it was a bit awkward at times to see into the microwave as you have to look directly at the flashing light. I did find the red flashing light helpful for times where I may have misjudged how long the green light has been flashing. It definitely made sure we never overheat the milk ever again, once you get used to how many times each set of lights flash before the milk is perfect temperature it’s even easier. I loved the fact that it is not run by batteries, this had to be one of my favourite features. It’s very important to me knowing this is a safe product for using within food for my young child. amazingly quick to clean just a quick wipe with a soapy cloth and straight onto the draining board for its next use. we didn’t end up testing the product with sterilisation so I can’t comment on this. knowing we can safely and quickly heat up baby’s milk in the microwave is a life saver at times, at most 90 seconds Vs 5-10 mins of heating using a traditional bottle heater. very small and compact device which would be great for using anytime away from home. we used this device every time we heated milk for around 3 weeks, I did notice though that if the same amount of liquid was poured into the bottle every time we didn’t need to use it constantly as we did learn exact amount of time it took to heat to the perfect temperature. top notch quality, very solid and no loose parts or areas that would break down after using for a long period of time. slightly lower marks for value for money unfortunately as this was quite a pricey product and it didn’t take us long to feel we didn’t need to use it every time, especially if every bottle was the exact same quantity.  my favourite part was the fact that it tells you in stages using the flashing lights how ready the milk is and not just straight from cold, ready then hot. Unfortunately, for me no I wouldn’t consider buying this product now I’ve had the option to test it. It became very obsolete after just a few uses after we knew how long each volume of milk took to reach the perfect temperature. I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend the product, I know a lot of others may find this really helpful and use it daily.  It is a good product and very easy to use, for me the price is a bit off putting as it isn’t cheap and for me I would be unhappy if I had paid  the retail price and ended up using it a handful of times. I can understand why it does cost this however with it being of great quality. I think this would be a marmite product and you either love it or hate it.  Over all I really enjoyed having a chance to try this product as it is something very unique and it was helpful even if for us it was only a short amount of time. I found it was a lovely well-made product that would last quite a good amount of time, even if used multiple times daily. I am quite sad that we didn’t feel the need for it after the allocated testing time, but for us became quite pointless. Charlotte Stoner – Jaxon 14 Months

This is a really simple product that is easy to use and the design is really nice. It’s so easy to store and maintain and perfect for using when out and about or when you are on holiday. really liked using this product and loved how easy it was to use. My husband also remarked on the fact it takes the guessing game out of knowing when the milk is ready and was so simple that he could use effectively without worrying about the temperature for the baby. It’s great to know that the nutrients in the milk are being preserved and don’t have to worry about the milk being too hot or cold.


Heather Awarded The milkymeter® 5/5

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