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Milkysnugz Bottle Holders ‘Milkysnugz Universal Collection

MilkySnugz are fun, cuddly bottle-holders that make feeding time easier for mother and baby. Available as six adorable characters, MilkySnugz provide comfort to your baby during feeding time, and serve as a friend to snuggle up with in bed. Young babies spend a lot of time feeding from bottles, and often need fed during the night. With a MilkySnugz friend, your baby will sleep easier and feed more easily, allowing the pair of you to enjoy a better night’s sleep. MilkySnugz can aid your baby’s transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding, and strengthen the maternal bond.Developed to make feeding time more fun, MilkySnugz will comfort your baby and help it to develop fine motor skills. This will aid your baby’s mobility as it learns to grasp and move its hands. To keep your baby as comfy and snuggly as possible, MilkySnugz are made from only the highest quality cotton & polyester.MilkySnugz also feature a zip fastener for easy access to the bottle, a MilkySnugz hook for attachment, and bright, easily-recognisable colours. Wash your MilkySnugz easily in a simple 30 degree wash, and they’ll emerge looking as good as new.   

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Milkysnugz Bottle Holders ‘Milkysnugz Universal Collection Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicole Shahsafdari – Freya 7 Months

Product Tested By Nicole Shahsafdari – Freya 7 Months

Nicole Awarded The Milkysnugz Universal

When I first saw the product, I thought it was such a great idea, genius! The packaging was very nicely presented in an opened box so that you could see and touch the item. The instructions were easy to understand and very informative. I think the concept of the product is nice, especially for the last bottle at night time when they need a little more comfort. This fitted our bottles very nicely. She could not hold this properly at first, she dropped it a few times but once she used it a little longer she just adored it! I do believe it has improved her hand/eye co-ordination; she is now very good at holding bottles and bringing them to her mouth! She just loves holding the Milkysnugz and beams when she sees it! My partner has always been involved so no I do not think it has involved him more than normal. We were already bottle feeding. I could see how much was left but when the bottle has just a little it’s a bit harder to see with the Milkysnugz on. It seemed secure, although sometimes the bottle was a little loose. This was a little more complicated to clean than I would like as I worry about it smelling if the milk spills. The quality is lovely, the product is very soft and seems like it would last a long time. This does represent reasonable value for money. The design of this product is just right as it is. I plan on buying her another for Christmas! I have already recommended it to a few friends when they saw me using it! A happy, colourful drinking experience with a soft little friend for life! Nicole Shahsafdari – Freya 7 Months


Product Tested By Nabeela Asfar – Zoya 11 Months

Nabeela Awarded The Milkysnugz Universal

Great, very handy. Nice packaging and attractive design. Instructions clear and precise. I really liked the concept of this product as added something extra to bottle feeding time. This fitted on all the bottles we used with ease. This was not really easy for mychild to hold, but having the Milkysnugz on the bottle did make it more appealing. I can see it will help improve hand/eye co-ordination once Zoya has mastered how to hold this unaided. My baby really likes the Milkysnugz and certainly has formed a bond with this. Having the Milkysnugz on the bottle has not helped to involve my partner in bottle feeding. Not easy to see how much is left in the bottle with this covering the bottle. All our bottles were secure once they were placed in the Milkysnugz. Very easy to launder. Good value for money. I would purchase this and have already recommended. It is very handy to use, it covers the bottle so nobody else can see how much your child is drinking, and also it keeps the bottle warm which is a very good thing. Overall I am happy with the product. Nabeela Asfar – Zoya 11 Months
Product Tested By Rebecca Rogers –Ben 8 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Milkysnugz- Universal Collection 4.4/5

Looks different and cute and I’m intrigued to see how it works. Packaging explains what the product does and I can see the product clearly as well as touch it to see how soft it is. Very easy to use and understand. Instructions are really clear. It’s an interesting concept. I definitely think Ben is a lot calmer during his feeds with Milkysnugz and has fun. We use Tommee Tippee bottles and they all fit in the Milkysnugz perfectly. Ben is able to hold his Dash the dog Milkysnugz. Ben’s hand/eye co-ordination is good anyway but I do think Milkysnugz has helped to further develop it. Ben is a lot calmer during his feeds when using Milkysnugz. He feels engaged and loves taking Dash the dog to bed. He loves his comforter. It’s also helped when other family members want to feed Ben. He never used to let his Nan feed him with just a plain bottle. He now takes feeds from her using Milkysnugz. I’m able to express my milk and give it to Ben in the bottle while using Milkysnugz and he will take a full feed with it. I could see the contents left in Ben’s bottle without having to remove it. The Tommee Tippee bottles we used were very secure in the Milkysnugz. It’s just like a bib. When it’s got milk on it just stick it in the wash. Very quick and easy and quality is great after many washes. Ben also has Humphrey the Hippo Milkysnugz so he can use that when Dash the Dog is in the wash or vice versa. Feels really soft and snuggly. Stitching is great. Zip is covered with fabric so I wasn’t afraid of Ben poking his eye. There are no bits that Ben could pull off. I wouldn’t mind spending this much on a Milkysnugz. It’s something different that I’ve never come across before. The design is great just as it is. Really good for gifts too. I’ve bought a couple for my friend’s baby showers. I made sure all my friends knew about Milkysnugz. We both love this product! Ben and I have loved using Milkysnugz- Dash the Dog. We had heard great things about them and decided to buy one. I love the fact they are so different to other products on the market and actually do what they’re supposed to do. Rebecca Rogers – Ben 8 Months  

Product Tested By Caroline Brice – Leonard 15 Months

Caroline Awarded The Milkysnugz Universal

I thought this would help my son drink his milk, as he does not like milk and when he sees milk in the bottle would not feed. Packaging sufficient for the item. This is pretty self-explanatory product, but instructions are clear. The concept of covering bottle with this is good, but unfortunately my son just did not take to this at all. It was as if he was afraid of it, and each time I presented the bottle with the Milkysnugz on he would push away. We have Mam bottles and this fitted all our Mam bottles. Personally I felt once the Milkysnugz was on the bottle it made it too wide for a baby to hold unaided. This did not help our son at all as he would not touch bottle when the Milkysnugz was placed over it. I had already stopped breast feeding; it may help a younger baby with the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.  I also found when the Milkysnugz was on the bottle I could barely see how much milk was left as it covers the lower part of the bottle. When the item was placed over the bottle the bottle did stay put. Our milkysnugz got covered in milk as my son continually batted his bottle away. The quality is good and it is a well-made product. Unfortunately for us this product just did not work. Maybe different for others. Caroline Brice – Leonard 15 Months












A happy, colourful drinking experience with a soft little friend for life!      


Nicole Awarded The Milkysnugz Universal

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