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Milkysnugz Bottle Holders

MilkySnugz are fun, cuddly bottle-holders that make feeding time easier for mother and baby. Available as six adorable characters, MilkySnugz provide comfort to your baby during feeding time, and serve as a friend to snuggle up with in bed. Young babies spend a lot of time feeding from bottles, and often need fed during the night. With a MilkySnugz friend, your baby will sleep easier and feed more easily, allowing the pair of you to enjoy a better night’s sleep. MilkySnugz can aid your baby’s transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding, and strengthen the maternal bond.Developed to make feeding time more fun, MilkySnugz will comfort your baby and help it to develop fine motor skills. This will aid your baby’s mobility as it learns to grasp and move its hands. To keep your baby as comfy and snuggly as possible, MilkySnugz are made from only the highest quality cotton & polyester.MilkySnugz also feature a zip fastener for easy access to the bottle, a MilkySnugz hook for attachment, and bright, easily-recognisable colours. Wash your MilkySnugz easily in a simple 30 degree wash, and they’ll emerge looking as good as new.   

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Milkysnugz Bottle Holders Reviews

Product Tested by: Leah Gaines – Rachel 13 Months

Product Tested By Leah Gaines – Rachel 13 Months

Leah Awarded The Milkysnugz 5/5

I love it!I couldn’t wait to try it when it arrived. My daughter’s reaction was simply priceless when she first saw it – she was smiling and giggling, grabbe donto it and would not let go. A couple of times she took the bottle from her mouth to get a good look at the rabbit, and when she had finished, she fell asleep cuddling it and rubbing one of the ears against her face. The Milkysnugz Rabbit arrived with tags attached – these were safe and easy to remove and contained all the information we needed. The instructions were minimal, but the product was fairly intuitive anyway. I thought this was a fabulous idea, and after seeing it in action, I think it’s an even more fabulous idea!. W euse a mixture between Tommee Tippee and Avent bottles – the Avent bottles fitted just fine but the TT ones didn’t. We knew this before we got it, but it just would’ve been that little bit nicer if they had fitted also.. My daughter could cuddle the rabbit and hold it just fine. I gave her a helping hand at times, when she was not tipping it up enough, but she would do that with or without the Milkysnugz. I think it has improved her hand eye co-ordination. When using the Milkysnugz, the whole bottle was covered apart from the teat, so I had to guess how much was left according to the level of milk in the teat when I tipped it up. The Avent bottles fitted quite snugly into the Milkysnugz, and there was no danger of it falling out. This was very easy to clean – I just stuck i tin the washing machine and then let it dry naturally. The quality was pretty good, even after washing. There was one loose thread around the neck, but I kept a close eye on it and it did not seem to worsen. I think it is great value for money, especially after seeing my daughter’s reaction to it! It would be great if Tommee Tippee bottles could be used with it also. I am thinking of buying a second one, of one of the other characters, for when the Rabbit is being washed. I would recommend this,and in fact I have already done so! I had no hesitation giving this mention to friends and family via social media, and in fact my cousin bought one for her daughter as a result. Top marks, without a doubt! Seeing the delight my daughter takes in this means it deserves all the marks it can get. The Milkysnugz is a fantastic idea and fantastic product that will bring a smile to any child’s face! Leah Gaines – Rachel 13 Months


Product Tested By Kate Kozluk – Kao 18 Months

Kate Awarded The Milkysnugz 3.4/5

It was a good idea and very soft and comforting. Arrived suitably packaged. Very simple instructions which were easy to follow. A great idea to get baby used to a comforter that you can carry on using once they have stopped using a bottle. We have Avent and Boots bottles and this fitted both perfectly. My son could hold it but was a little bit bulky even for him and my younger nephew who is 6 months struggled to hold this properly. Personally I do not feel this item does help with hand/eye co-ordination. Once this is placed over the bottle you are unable to see how much fluid is left in the bottle, which is a disadvantage. Both makes of bottles I tried the product remained in place and was secure. I just sponge cleaned it, but I do believeyou would need to machine wash at some point. Product was well made with lovely soft material for baby. I personally feel the price is high for a bottlecover/comforter toy. Design could be improved and would suggest making it less bulky with a viewing window down the side so you can actually see how much fluid is in the bottle. I would not purchase this item as it actually distracted my son from drinking his milk. A nice comforter but I do not really feel this is a ‘Must Have’ item for a baby’sbottle. Kate Kozluk – Kao 18 Months


Product Tested By April Walters – Louisa 12 Months

AprilAwarded The Milkysnugz 4.5/5


Looked lovely and cute. My daughter thought it was a lovely new toy. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. Louisa thought it was so much fun to have the Rabbit Milkysnugz on her bottle. A really nice idea to have a fun bottle cover. We use Avent bottles and this fitted perfectly. Have not tried this on any other bottles as we only have Avent. This is a nice comforter for your baby’s bottle and can also be used as a toy after they have stopped using the bottle.  Louisa was more interested in the Rabbit Milkysnugz than drinking her milk, but it made her smile.  it was also easy for Louisa to hold and she loved snuggling up to her Milkysnugz Rabbit.  Once this is on you are unable to see how much fluid is left in the bottle, so you have to take it off to check how much is left. I do not feel this item improved Louisa’s hand eye co-ordination as it is a bottle cover. Once this was placed over the Avent bottle it was a very secure fit. My daughter also found this very easy to hold and loved to have this on her bottle when we were out and travelling in the car. The quality is very good and soft and snugglyfor Louisa. This is easy to clean and popped in the washing machine on low temperature and came up fine.  I think this is a lovely idea and may even help baby’s want to drink from their bottle. The only thing that lets this item down is the price and also the fact you cannot see how much fluid is left in the bottle once the Milkysnugz is placed on the bottle. I would purchase as a novelty gift idea. I would recommend as a gift as something totally different. The Milkysnugz is agood idea just needs a few more improvements and then it would be perfect. April Walters – Louisa 12 Months








Top marks, without a doubt! Seeing the delight my daughter takes in this means it deserves all the marks it can get. The Milkysnugz is a fantastic idea and fantastic product that will bring a smile to any child’s face!    


 Leah Awarded The Milkysnugz 5/5    

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