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Milla Grace Top

Milla’s unique access design allows mother and baby a comfortable, fuss-free feeding experience. Our innovation is covered by a Design Right and its practicality is devised to make feeding easier for you. There are two discreet openings, one on each front seam, to provide access to either side and we recommend wearing a nursing bra to make feeding even more simple. Our integrated modesty bands, which provide coverage across the tummy, from the bra line to the bottom of the garment, ensure mothers feel comfortable and have full discretion at all times. Our access is so discreet and our designs so timeless that our garments can be worn long after the necessity to feed. (Many non-breastfeeding mothers have said that they wish they were feeding, just so that they can wear our tops!).

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 – Breastfeeding Tops Category 

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Milla Grace Top Reviews

Product Tested by: Hayley Griffiths-Jones – Florence 16 Months

Tested By
Hayley Griffiths-Jones – Florence 16 Months

Hayley Awarded
The Milla Grace Top 5/5

looking, practical and comfortable. The design managed to combine style and
practicality extremely well. The zips on both sides ensure that breastfeeding
is made as easy as possible. The access allows for discreet feeding which is
fantastic. The only slight issue I had was that the zip was a little stiff
which made it a bit tricky to unzip one-handed. The fabric was quite thick (a little warm for
recent weather) but perfect for the rest of the time. The fabric feels like
very good quality and has washed well. Definitely makes breastfeeding
easier. It is practical and looks good.
Very comfortable to wear and never caused any irritation. The top is very easy to wear and wash. I just
washed it on a normal 30degree wash and this was fine. I think the top is quite
expensive but it does appear to be good quality and it is very difficult to
find practical breastfeeding clothes which also look stylish. I also liked the
fact that the top was quite fitted as this is also something I have struggled
with in the past and have had to wear baggier clothing which I do not feel
comfortable in. I will definitely continue to use this top and will most likely
wear it once I have stopped breastfeeding as it looks just like a normal top. I
had never heard of this brand before and feel that friends and family would be
interested to know of another place to buy breastfeeding friendly clothes. A
practical, versatile, stylish top which is comfortable to wear and easy to
clean. Hayley Griffiths-Jones – Florence 16 Months

Tested By
Kirsty Fulton – Freddie 15 weeks

Awarded The Milla Grace Top 4.5/5

Great quality and the material looked heavy duty- looked like a decent
top that you could dress up or down depending on where you were going. I haven’t seen a top like it on be
market- the two zippers either side is a good idea and the best part underneath
stops exposing the wobbly tummy! The panel at the front isn’t the most
forgiving however. This top is practical for feeding baby although the Zips are
not the easiest to operate- they got stuck a few times. The material itself is
lovely and comfortable to wear. It’s easy to use and people wouldn’t know it
was a top for that specific use as the Zips are covered and blend in well. Very
functional for feeding when out and about. Although the
material is thick it’s very comfortable and airy to wear. The size is fairly
accurate and moving in especially with two other kids it’s very comfortable. It
washes well- I never tumble dried it but I never tumble dry – ironing not
essential either. Must confess, I think it is rather pricey and
not sure whether I would spend the retail price. Will definitely continue to wear it for as long as I’m
feeding. I would recommend this too to friends- especially those that are
working as it is an ideal work too due to the cut of the top. The Zips and
price for me stop me giving 5/5. A lovely subtle top that can be worn in a
casual or more formal environment which is both comfortable and stylish. Kirsty
Fulton – Freddie 15 weeks

Product Tested
Sian Gallagher – Bodhi 11 Months

Sian Awarded
The Milla Grace Top 3.5/5

It looked
nice, I was excited to have a breastfeeding top that wasn’t faux
"wrap" style. It was also nice and fitted. The material was lovely
and thick and the zip to the back made it look a little fancier. I liked the
design of the top to look at but when wearing it I found a few issues with it.
The zip to the back caught on my hair when I wearing my baby out for a walk.
The zips in the sides were very well hidden which I loved, the material it was
lined with (the part that made the modesty panel when you unzipped to feed) was
lovely and thin, didn’t bunch up underneath like some feeding tops, stayed in
place and didn’t itch or make me too warm. I thought the zips were a little far
over to the sides, especially when wearing certain styles of feeding bra, which
open very much to the front; it was a bit of a faff trying to line up the
things and get a boob out. Also the fact they were side on made it a little
harder feeding a bigger baby who perhaps doesn’t always want to lie flat to
feed. The last issue I had was that the zips required two hands to open and
close. You had to pull the top taut and then unzip/zip with other hand. This
was very hard to do while holding a baby so you had to do it before lifting
baby, at times leaving you exposed until your hands are free to zip up or your
baby latches on. This all sounds very negative; I actually loved the look of
the top and would wear it even if not feeding. I loved having a high neck top
for a change. It was SO NICE to have a breastfeeding top for once that was not
a maternity item. I don’t know why so many items are breastfeeding/maternity;
it isn’t practical and does nothing for a breastfeeding mother’s
confidence!!! I feel like it is perhaps better as a top for a mother who
pumps and needs to do so during the day while at work or something rather than
for feeding baby. I LOVED the feel and the cut of the top and fabric. I loved the
fabric underneath also. However the hem of my top came loose and threads hung
down.Not easier than other options. As an established breast feeder I
found it doable but I certainly wasn’t in a hurry to put the top back on. I found
it faffy and troublesome. Also I often feed my baby while he is in a carrier
and the zips make this impossible in this top. I can imagine I would have found
it very stressful trying to feed a newborn if I wasn’t used to breastfeeding as
I was very self-conscious at that time and this top made it very easy to
accidentally expose a boob. I do however think it would be a fantastic top for
a mother who pumps, rather than feeds on demand. The top does make it easier to
feel like yourself while breastfeeding. It is like a top you would have worn
pre-baby, it is not maternity wear or frumpy and it isn’t obviously a feeding
top. It is good for feeding your baby on a special occasion or if you have to
go to work, or want to look nicer than usual and don’t mind the extra faff, but
it certainly doesn’t make the act of breastfeeding any easier on a day to day
basis in my opinion. Largely very comfortable though, much more so than the
usual layered/modesty panel feeding tops. It washed a treat in the machine with
other items, colour didn’t run and it dried wrinkle free! It is lovely good quality material. If I had
paid £52 for it I would be very unhappy with the hem coming down on first ever
wear. It is a great option for a nice night out or something as it can easily
be dressed up with skinny jeans and heels or a nice skirt. If I had somewhere
nice to be that I needed to feed baby I might choose to wear this top. If I had
to be away from baby and needed to pump either to maintain my supply or to feed
him at a later date, I would also consider this top. I would recommend more so
as a pumping top than a breastfeeding one, I would recommend as a feeding top
if someone needed something nice for an occasion, or if someone needed clothes
to wear when going back to work but having to pump during day to build stash
for baby or maintain supply. I liked the top. As much as I like some of my tops
from before I had a baby. It is nice and feels like a quality item. The detail
of the zip is lovely. The hidden zips in the sides are well hidden and you
feel, when wearing it, like a normal woman in normal clothes, not like you are
sacrificing your style or confidence at the expense of breastfeeding your baby.
I loved the idea and design of the top, it looked lovely, but it didn’t
suit me and my style of breastfeeding. Sian Gallagher – Bodhi 11 Months




I had never heard of this brand before and feel that friends and family would be interested to know of another place to buy breastfeeding friendly clothes. A practical, versatile, stylish top which is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. 


Hayley Awarded The Milla Grace Top 5/5

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