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Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution

Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution is a new product, designed to kill germs and bacteria in your family’s laundry, leaving you with the peace of mind that the germs that go into the wash, don’t come back out again!

  • Works even at low temperatures, which means that you don’t have to wash at 60 degrees to eliminate germs.
  • Can be used with machine or hand washes.
  • Is added to the machine along with your normal washing powders and fabric softeners.
  • Has a light, fresh smell.
  • Is so gentle, it can be used on all types of fabric, even silk and wool.
  • Works in hard water areas.
  • Is suitable and gentle enough to use on your baby’s clothes and family laundry.

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Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution Reviews

Product Tested by: Monica Greevo - Melissa 2 Years

Product Tested By Monica Greevo – Melissa 2 Years

Monica Awarded the Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution 4/5

This product sounded like a great idea, I am all for anything that is antibacterial too! I did notice that the fragrance of this product isn’t as nice as my usual brand, but this didn’t put me off because I am assured that it is a lot kinder to skin, especially skin that’s sensitive. The measuring part in the bottle was ingenious and the quality of the softener is perfect! After using it our clothes felt wonderful and I was happy with continuing to use it. I have considered replacing my usual softener with this purely because of the safety benefits and it would work out a little dearer but I would be willing to pay it! I will definitely be recommending this to other parents as I think it’s a fantastic product from a well trusted brand. Monica Greevo – Melissa 2 Years

Product Tested By Faye Truong – Alex & Isabel Ages 2 & 1 Years

Faye Awarded the Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution 3.5/5

I thought the product was useful for parents with a newborn who may be concerned with the cleanliness of clothes prior to usage or after the regular vomiting/leakage episodes! The packaging appeared very functional and inline generally with the Milton brand. I thought the incorporation of the measuring device in the bottle was very innovative and prevented spillage. The instructions were clear and concise. The quantity of the softner was fine however on first use of the product the measuring container already contained more than the recommended 20ml dilution which I assume was because it had been compressed slightly during transit. The overall quality of the softner was good. After usage clothes felt soft and smelt fresh however I wasn’t quite as keen on the fragrance as with other fabric softners which is likely to be a personal preference. If using in place of a normal fabric conditioner I probably wouldn’t see the product as offering value for money however as something just to be used in the newborn days or to deal with clothes covered in vomit/nappy leakages it would appear to be reasonably priced. I might have considered buying the product if I had a newborn baby but probably wouldn’t buy with an older child as I wouldn’t feel the antibacterial properties were necessary. I possibly would recommend for any friends who had new babies. Overall the product was fine but I’m not sure I would see a need for it on a day to day basis with older children. Faye Truong – Alex & Isabel Ages 2 & 1 Years

Product Tested By Lindsey Brown – Ben 23 Months

Lindsey Awarded the Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution 3.5/5

I was not impressed with this product because of the amount of softener that I would have to use. The manner for measuring was FANTASTC though! Why can’t more products be like this….would save messy cupboards from drips. I didn’t notice that my clothes were any softer from using this product…..not as good as my normal softener. It didn’t leave clothes softer and left a chemical smell on the clothes which wasn’t entirely pleasant when compared to my usual brand. Overall, I was skepcital and unfortunately the product didn’t prove me wrong. Lindsey Brown – Ben 23 Months

a fantastic product from a well trusted brand.


Monica Awarded the Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution 4/5

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