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Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner

Specifically developed to remove all milk residue responsible for the growth of harmful bacteria. Removes white film effectively. Ensures safe baby bottle and teat cleaning. 100% plant-based cleaning agents. 100% biodegradable. Fragrance-free, Coloring-free & Paraben-free. Ideal to wash all baby and family items. Formulated for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. 100% recyclable packaging. Made in France

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Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested By Zinath Ahmed – Dawoud 2 Years 8 Months

Zinath Awarded The Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 4/5

It was quite a large product, seems well packaged liked the fact it doesn’t come with any extra packaging. Seems very natural with minimal ingredients.  Very simple packaging with nothing extra like a box. Like the fact it’s like a bottle of washing up liquid and nozzle.  Instructions simple easy to read and follow. Says it’s also suitable to use on breast pumps and other baby items and dishes. It’s mild and does do what it says on the bottle which is it removes milk residue. Definitely is a gentle cleaner. Would use it for newborns as its 100% plant based and free from colour, fragrance and parabens. Definitely did remove all milk residues.  I didn’t notice any difference to my hands as my skin isn’t very sensitive. I used this every day to wash my child’s bottles and still have plenty left.  It is of very good quality but formula is sort of thin buy doesn’t really effect the performance of it and love that the formula is 100% biodegradable and the bottle is recyclable so eco-friendly.  Very good value for money at £2.99 as I’ve used this every day and still have plenty of it left, also the fact that it’s a multi use item makes it better. I liked the fact that it very easily removed milk residue and that is was 100% plant based; everything about the product is eco-friendly and newborn friendly. I would buy it as it does what it says on the bottle.  I would recommend it to expecting mothers as I feel this would a great product to use on new baby bottles because of the ingredients. Overall is an amazing product with a great price to it. Seems very natural with no harsh chemicals and eco-friendly so a massive bonus on that, but I would love a fragrance version as my child is older and the smell of milk is tougher to get rid of. Would like the formula to be a little thicker as it spills quite quickly.  This was very easy to use. Nice size and fits perfectly near the sink. Would be perfect to use for newborns. Is a little runny but still does its job. Price is very reasonable and very natural and eco friendly. Easy use bottle with lift up nozzle. Zinath Ahmed – Dawoud 2 Years 8 Months

Product Teste By Joyce Brien – Lilly 5 Months

Joyce Awarded The Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 4.6/5

As a grandparent I am a fan of Milton as used on all my children so a name I trust.  The bottle is a good design and easy to use. Instructions clear and easy to follow.  This is mild, 100% plant based and I am confident using this on her bottles, dummy and toys too.  I look after my granddaughter every week and was encountering problems with milk residue on her bottles and this worked a treat.  I do not suffer from sensitive skin, so would not say I noticed a difference, but good to know this is designed for those with sensitive skin and nicer for them to use.  This was used daily for bottles, dummy and wiping clean toys and highchair tops. Milton always top quality.  Bit higher than I would normally pay but worth the investment.  I loved the fact it is 100% plant-based, biodegradable and also recyclable packaging which is high on my list now due to all the plastics in the world.  I would buy this again as worked well for me and I have recommended it to my daughter and other friends who look after grandchildren.  Good product, well designed, natural, easy to use and worked well. Joyce Brien – Lilly 5 Months

Product Tested By Katie Kaminski – Leo 3 Months

Katie Awarded The Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 3.6/5

I don’t think it is very clear what it actually is and how to use it. Nice design on the bottle.  Instructions easy enough to follow.  I like that it is 100% plant-based, once I got use to the product I much preferred using it to clean the bottles than ordinary washing up liquid. This did remove all milk residue and white film effectively, but my washing up liquid is just as good.  It is good it is designed for sensitive skin, but I did not really notice a difference when using.  I would use this 4-5 times a day.  I washed all my bottles with the product.  My baby feeds every two to three hours.  I also washed his dummies with it. Quality is good.  I feel this is a little bit on the high side price wise.  I like that it is 100% plant based and doesn’t have an odour. I personally think it is too expensive when washing up liquid does the same job. I would not recommend due to the price.  You had to use more of this product to get that clean effect. The big sell of this product is that it is dermatologically tested and is 100% plant based, which makes you think it is better for your child however the price of this product compared to washing up liquid, which does the same job would prevent me from buying the product.  It’s great it has no odour however as I am sterilising the bottles anyway as long as I have cleaned and rinsed them fully I am just as happy using washing up liquid. Katie Kaminski – Leo 3 Months





Overall is an amazing product with a great price to it. Seems very natural with no harsh chemicals and eco-friendly so a massive bonus on that. This was very easy to use. Nice size and fits perfectly near the sink. Would be perfect to use for newborns.


Zinath Awarded The Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner 4/5

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