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Mimo Touquet Striped Dungarees

These Sea Blue and White sand striped dungarees capture days spent pottering about on the beach collecting seashells and hunting for crabs.  The lime green lining creates a striking contrast to the cotton stripe.  the cleverly designed side pockets are perfect for keeping their favourite found treasure safe.  The button adjustable shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit.  The elasticated side waist and in-seam snap poppers allow for easy dressing. 
Machine washable – Made of soft poly cotton with lime green cotton lining.  
Sizes Available –   6/12M, 9/12M, 12/18M, 18/24M and 24/36M

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£56.00 Available to purchase online

Mimo Touquet Striped Dungarees Reviews

Product Tested by: Beenish Memon – Azlan 2 ½ years

Product Tested By Beenish Memon – Azlan 2 ½ years

Beenish Awarded The Touquet Striped Dungarees Boys 4.6/5

I thought these looked really nice when they arrived. They looked very comfortable and were easy to put on and remove. I think they are very practical for the age intended. The quality of the fabric is excellent. They really make nappy changing times a lot easier.  Azlan didn’t have any irritation from wearing these. They were very easy to wash and dry. These would be good for formal and informal occasions. The value for money is ok.  I will continue to use these on Azlan and recommend them to others. It’s a really nice piece of clothing but just a bit expensive. Beenish Memon – Azlan 2 ½ years

Product Tested By Yudi Irvine – Henry 1 Year

Yudi Awarded The Touquet Striped Dungarees Boys 4.2/5

The product appeared to be of a good quality having felt the material. The style differed from the usual ‘dungaree’ style but in a positive way. The pattern of the product was different than I would usually use. The design had an elasticated waist but allowed for a more fitted look. The colours were not of a style that I would have normally used; stripes and then the bright green trim. The style of the straps gave a more fitted look compared to other dungarees owned in the past. These are practical for the age intended as it allows a more fitted feel around the stomach area and when crawling/walking around, there wasn’t the issue of my little one ‘falling over’ the material. The quality of fabric was very good and durable; especially when it comes to looking at the knees as my little one is crawling all over the place. I didn’t notice it to be any easier when changing nappies. The poppers were initially very stiff but eased as the product was used and washed. There was no irritation caused when wearing these although the elastic around the stomach area was a little tight but didn’t cause any discomfort. It laundered well and didn’t require much ironing which was great for a full time working mum. My little one on an occasion wore this to a family party. Looking at this particular item, he would wear it for a more formal event rather than sending him to nursery in it. That is mainly due to relating this item to the cost of it. Whilst the quality of the material was good, I don’t feel it represents value for money. I personally wouldn’t spend that amount of money on an item of clothing for my little one as he gets through clothes so quickly and especially as he is crawling everywhere, I wouldn’t want the item damaged due to the amount of money I would have paid for the item. We will continue to use these as it didn’t irritate my little one and as the material is of good quality, it is‘wearing well’.  As it is also  getting colder, the material is also warm enough for my little one to wear outside.  As the more times he wears it, the more‘casual’ use he would use it for as the item would be coming more worn and therefore I would not be so ‘money related’ to this item. I would recommend them; but I do feel a lot of my ‘mummy friends’ would be a little reserved into making such a purchase due to the price of the item; as like me, am aware of how quick our little ones are growing out of their clothes. Whilst I feel that the quality and design of this item is good, the pattern and overall price of the item would make me reconsider making such a purchase. Yudi Irvine – Henry 1 Year


Product Tested By Zoe Wall – Harry 23 Months

Zoe Awarded The Touquet Striped Dungarees Boys 4/5

These looked cool and a trendy design; well made. They were not very comfortable for my son to run around in though, the shoulder straps kept falling down even after adjusting it and Harry isn’t small for his age! The quality of the fabric is good and they seemed to wash and dry really well too. Harry wore these at a friend’s 2nd Birthday party; he got lots of people commenting on it. I do like the product but I think it’s very expensive for a children’s outfit.  I will continue to use these on Harry but not sure I would recommend them due to the price. However they are a funky design and was good to wear to a party.  Would make a lovely gift.  Zoe Wall – Harry 23 Months


They were very easy to wash and dry. These would be good for formal and informal occasions.                


Beenish Awarded The Touquet Striped Dungarees Boys 4.6/5     

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