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Minene Large Storage Basket

Our lovely new storage solution range is ideal for children’s rooms, nurseries and playrooms. The large basket is ideal for daily tidy up, spacious and durable, it can remain on the floor and hold any number of books, toys, blankets and more.

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Minene Large Storage Basket Reviews

Product Tested by: Charlene Wightman – Eloise 4 Years

Tested By Charlene Wightman – Eloise 4 Years

Awarded The Minene Large Storage Basket 5/5

It is a great size and holds quite a lot of toys.
And if I don’t need it you can fold flat to be put away.I have used it in
my daughter’s room for her soft toys but also to move toys from the house to
another place. So easy to use and move.I used it mainly for
toys but can see it is very versatile to be used for anything really that you
want to store. Definitely easy to move around house, so light and
handles are perfect. This is ideal size
and will hold quite a few toys. Love the design. Very fitting to our home
and looks great in my daughter’s room. I’ve not had to
clean it but it seems I can just wipe it down. So good. We have used
this every day since arrived. Quality
is very good as strong, versatile and
good looking. Loved the fact this is so versatile as we can all use
it. Ideal for toys, laundry,
transferring items for the house to the car etc. I
would say yes good value, but would possibly help if there was a two pack for
that price. One being slightly smaller. I loved it was a versatile and practical
product that looked good in all areas of our home. I would
purchase as it is so useful. I have already recommended as it is so easy I
transfer toys or other items in. Very sturdy, good design and versatile. It was a great addition to
our household and ensuring all my daughter’s toys are together but also
accessible to her. Charlene Wightman – Eloise 4 Years

Tested By Lynette Gray – Gabriel 3 years

Awarded The Minene Large Storage Basket 4.5/5

Loved the look of this product and the fact that there were so many
designs to choose from. The size was fabulous and the stitching looked really
well done. Was a bit worried because the sides aren’t rigid but that was a
minor concern. I love that it is easily transportable and so big I can fit all
manner of things in it. It looks stylish too and fits in with the bedrooms décor.
First we used it in our play room but now it is being used in our son’s
bedroom. Originally the basket was used at the end of the bed to store
playmobil in. It is soft so can fit into different spaces. Currently it is
being used as a space rocket as it is exactly the right size for my son to fit
in, and the handles mean he has something to hold onto during blast off. The
basket is light weight but has sturdy stitching so seems to hold plenty of toys
when being moved. The only thing that proved difficult was the handle lengths
and the soft bottom. I would have preferred longer handles so I could sling it
over my shoulder to move and the soft bottom meant that it dragged a bit with heavier
things in it. I didn’t put anything too heavy in it so had no problems
with the strength of the basket. The design
is good but my personal preference would be to have longer handles so that I
could put it over my shoulder when carrying up or down stairs. I found carrying
it over my elbow or by my hand uncomfortable.So far I have only had to
wipe clean but I’m sure it would wash well too. The basket is in daily use. Quality
is really good. The stitching looks strong and there are no loose threads. Loved
it. Was wonderful to have so many choices in design. My daughter has asked for
one for her room to put her shoes in.This product is quite expensive for
a storage basket but it really looks like it is made to last and would be a
real investment piece. I like the large choice of colours and patterns and the
quality of the fabric and finish. The fact that there are no rigid side’s means
it can fit into awkward spaces. The size and versatility are real plus points
too. I am always on the lookout for stylish but practical storage for my
children’s toys and belongings and I was able to get a basket that fit into the
room wonderfully. I would recommend for the
reasons outlined above. Although the basket is probably more expensive that
they would originally consider spending I do think it would be something that
would last a long time. I’ve taken half anoint off just because I would
of liked the handles to be a bit longer and the base to be a bit more rigid. I
really liked using this basket and can see that it will continue to be used for
some time. The choice of colours and patterns mean that it was easy to get
something to suit our son’s room. The size is amazing and holds so much. It
hasn’t just been used for storage; it has been used as part of play too. I do
feel that for shorter people, like myself, the handles made it a little
difficult to walk up and down stairs as it dragged and longer handles that
could be worn over the shoulder would have made transporting it easier. The
quality of the basket appears to be very good. Overall I am really pleased with
the Minene Large Storage Basket. Lynette
Gray – Gabriel 3 years

Tested By Rachel Duxbury – Eva and Marcie 6 & 3 Years

Awarded The Minene Large Storage Basket 5/5

Much bigger than first expected. It was packed nice
and compact so when I opened it up the size surprised me. I was impressed by
the design and pattern; it looks really modern and would be suitable to go in
almost any room in the house. You can never
have too much storage so to have something like this which looks good and can
be extremely versatileis very helpful. We used ours for several things during the course of the review. At first
it was a toy tidy up basket where we would put misplaced toys ready to be
carried to a different room to put away. We then ended up using it as a laundry
basket which I didn’t expect! This was purely as it matched the decor in the
main bedroom where the children would have a small pile of dirty washing to
take downstairs. Rather than the
children leaving their clothes in a messy pile ready to be washed, we used the
storage basket so they could be kept neat and hidden away before using the
handles to carry the washing downstairs. At first I was a little dubious about how much weight the handles would
hold, but it is much stronger than it looks! We often had a full basket of washing to take down two flights of stairs
and never once did I feel that it could not withhold the weight. I love how this is a soft material rather
than a hard plastic storage basket as it looks much more appealing, and also
means that it can fit into tighter spaces. The design I received was perfect as
it could easily have been used in any room in the house. The handles are a
great way of moving the basket from room to room, rather than struggling to
lift from the bottom, as you do with most storage solutions.The
material is durable so whilst I did not need to wash it, it was really easy to
give a quick wipe down. It was
used every day when the children got changed after school or for bed, and would
put their worn clothes in the basket. It is surprisingly durable for a
material product so I was particularly pleased as I meant I could move items
around the house much easier than before. When I first received this I expected to use it to store thechildren’s toys,
something which it did perfectly, however it quickly took on another use in the
form of a laundry basket which suited us as a family extremely well. As mentioned before, it is extremely
versatile so you can decide how you want to use it. It is a great storage
option but works particularly well when you need to move things around the
house, be it toys, clothes or washing. I love how cute the design it and that there are many variations to suit
the home it is going to. You can choose one to match a specific room or
something more flexible that will look good no matter where it is placed.I’m glad I had to opportunity to test
this as I think I may have automatically ruled it out due to the price being a
little over budget for this type of product. However, after experiencing first-hand
how durable and versatile it is, and how simple it is to move items around the
house I would definitely consider buying one. There’s no reason to not
recommend this product at all. I would recommend this particularly to those
with children as it would look amazing in a child’s room and would be a great
place to store toys, however as you can see from its use in my family it can be
used for almost anything. This
does the job and more, so I was really impressed that it can easily have
several uses. It is very durable so I know it will last a long time. I love the
pattern and the range on offer. Great
design with the handles making it the perfect product to move around the home.
Really sturdy and durable so you know it is a quality product. Extremely
versatile so you can use it for so many things, in any room. Beautiful pattern
which also comes in other styles depending on your preference. Rachel
Duxbury – Eva and Marcie 6 & 3 Years


I would purchase as it is so useful. I have already recommended as it is so easy I transfer toys or other items in. Very sturdy, good design and versatile. It was a great addition to our household and ensuring all my daughter’s toys are together but also accessible to her.


Charlene Awarded The Minene Large Storage Basket 5/5

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