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Minene Portable Activity Mat

This colourful, padded, portable activity mat with bag is the essential accessory for picnics and daytrips this spring/summer. The surface of the blanket is made from 100% cotton canvas and comes with two toys attached. The underside is made from water resistant polyurethane, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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£37.00 Available to purchase online

Minene Portable Activity Mat Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Atkins – Harry 6 Months

Product Tested By Laura Atkins – Harry 6 Months

Laura Awarded The Minene Portable Activity Mat 5/5

My initial impression of the mat was it looked bright and colourful. It also looked really good quality. The packaging was fine; there was a simple piece of card (label) wrapped around the bag and then in a plastic bag. This was more than enough to protect it and promote what it was! The label wrapper was informative and inviting. The instructions were fine, it explained how and what temperature to wash it at. I was really surprised about the size of the mat; it was much larger than I expected it to be! The mat is really easy to pack away; it just needs to be folded nicely and then placed in the bag, then secure it with the Velcro tab. The material is excellent, the top of the mat is covered in good quality hard wearing material, in a lovely stripe pattern and the underside is a fantastic durable plastic material, which was excellent quality. The quality is fantastic, both materials on the top and bottom and the bag with it too. I think it does offer value for money, as it can be used for babies with the toys attached and after, you could always remove the toys and use an excellent picnic rug for many years. I would definitely buy this. I would recommend this to others in fact I already have done and they were very impressed! It’s an excellent play mat, which we thoroughly enjoyed using and will do so for many years. Laura Atkins – Harry 6 Months


Product Tested By Tania Smith – Annie 5 Months and Imogen 5 ½ Years

Tania Awarded The Minene Portable Activity Mat 4.5/5

Initially I thought this product was a lot for what it was. I was expecting a glorified picnic blanket. When the blanket arrived I was very surprised. It was packaged nicely and came in a lovely matching bag. Having looked online I chose the grey/silver one as it had a beautiful floral fabric. When I looked online I thought the product looked quite expensive for what it was; basically a picnic blanket with toys tied on. I was pleasantly surprised. The mat was nicely padded and much better quality than a picnic blanket. The toys were bigger than I thought although I’m not sure they are toys as such more like Taggies. It arrived packaged nicely. I particularly liked the bag, nice thick shoulder strap. The only thing I would want to change is putting an adjustable buckle so the strap can be made longer/shorter. The instructions were great but you didn’t really need to read them. The bag was quite bulky so expected the mat to be slightly bigger. Annie enjoyed tummy time on the mat and did her first roll over on it!!! Both my daughters fitted on it. We went for a picnic and took the mat and a picnic blanket; we had loads of space. The mat folds away easily. The bag is plenty big enough to fit the mat in. I was able to fold it on my own and pack it into the bag whilst holding my daughter. The back of the mat had a lovely waterproof back. We’ve used it outside on wet grass and it worked brilliantly. The top material was gorgeous too. I had the grey/silver one. The floral pattern on the top material was beautiful; very Cath Kidston like. The material was soft yet hard wearing. I’ve washed it several times as various foods have been spilt on it. Each time it has come clean on a 30 wash. The quality of the actual mat is very good. The stitching is good and it feels very strong. The only thing I found the quality slightly lacking on was on the sewn on toys. The toys look like they have been lovingly hand stitched however, one of the attached toys has come unstitched and I’ve had to repair it. Neither of my girls have been ‘rough’with the mat either. It’s a nice extravagance. If I had £37 spare cash then I would definitely get it. I would get it in the sale without a doubt. I would recommend it to others; especially if they wanted something a bit special; I do really like it. The stitching coming undone and the cost stop me giving this full marks. The bag is very good and you can fit other bits in. I put extra toys in the bag and some books for my eldest. It was a nice surprise; gorgeous fabric, washes well and comfortable. Tania Smith – Annie 5 Months and Imogen 5 ½ Years

Product Tested By Charlotte Bell – Eli 4 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Minene Portable Activity Mat 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was that it was of good quality, compact and very colourful. The packaging and instruction were both fantastic. The size of the mat was perfect for indoors and out and it was big enough to allow your child to move around. It was very easy to fold away and pack it back into the bag; I managed to get it into bag first time every time. The material used is excellent; the top is hard wearing yet comfortable and the underside allows you to use it on any surface. I have used it at home on the beach and in the garden. The quality is excellent. Although it is a very high quality product I am not sure I would pay £37 for it. I would still recommend it to others though. This product is useful and durable and good for all conditions. Charlotte Bell – Eli 4 Months

I would recommend this to others in fact I already have done and they were very impressed! It’s an excellent play mat, which we thoroughly enjoyed using and will do so for many years.


Laura Awarded The Minene Portable Activity Mat 5/5

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