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Minibini is ideal for Kitchen or Bathroom bins.  Easy to use, keeps your bins smelling fresh.

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£4.50 MiniBini - Refills £2.50 Tesco, Lakeland and John Lewis or click online to find local stockist

Minibini Reviews

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Product Tested By Jane Town – Lewis 23 Months

Jane Awarded The MiniBini 5/5

I thought this looked great, good packaging which showed the product very clearly.  The instructions were very clear and simple to follow. This was very easy to fit to my bin,  just a couple of simple steps.  The sticky back held the product fully in place.  The fragrance wasn’t over powering either but you could smell that it was there.  It definitely stopped my bin from smelling; no more smelly nappy smells from the bin was very welcomed.  This product is very good quality wise, looked like it could handle a rough pair of hands.  Being able to buy refills makes it a great value for money product.  I don’t think it could be improved in any way; it’s perfect.  I will be buying it again; I need a refill, so it’s on the shopping list.  I have told my mummy friends about it. It is great, simple and an easy to use product to get rid of horrid nappy smells and that of other foods.  Jane Town – Lewis 23 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Knott – Caleb

Sarah Awarded The MiniBini 4.8/5

I thought this looks good but it’s quite expensive for what it is.  Packaging was a good colour combination; looked like a "friendly” item. Instructions sounded easy enough, but the film I had to pull off I had to read the instructions twice as it didn’t look like that was right.  It was very easy to fit this product;  I cleaned a bit on the inside lid of my bin and pressed the sticky pad down; very easy. It never budged once even when bin was full and may have touched it. T o begin with I thought it smelled a bit pine, but not very strongly. After a week the smell kicked in properly and smelt much better.  It totally made my bin smell better! I didn’t think anything could with bits of left over baby food etc., but it smelled lovely every time I opened the bin.  I never thought about it till I just read this but usually in warm weather flies do get attracted. I had a fly in the kitchen 2 days ago and it never went near In fact, it flew back out.  This product looks good in the bin.  The panel to see what is left did an odd thing after 24 days and it started flashing but there was quite a bit left in it, then it turned back to green.  I have had it in for well over a month now and it’s still going.  The price point was initially off putting, but refills seem reasonable and for how it kept my bin smelling nice continuously is priceless.  The only improvement I would say is the film that needs removing.  Indicate on it that it needs to be removed just to idiot proof it for people like me, ha.  I would totally consider buying this now;  I was very impressed.  It lasted longer than anything else I’ve ever tried.  I have already recommended it to others; for the longevity of the smell and a fresher feel to my bin. It is far better than other products I’ve tried.  Long lasting constant freshness that really impressed me.  Sarah Knott – Caleb


Product Tested By Libby Swann – Caitlyn 8 Months

Libby Awarded The MiniBini 4.9/5

My initial impression of this product was good and I was looking forward to testing it out.  The packaging was nice and the instructions were very clear and easy to understand. It was really easy to fit to my bin.  I thought it would keep coming off but it didn’t.  It stayed in place the whole time.  I thought the smell was lovely, a lot better than the food smells that come from your bin.  It certainly stopped my bin from smelling horrible.  The quality is excellent and offers excellent value for money.  I will definitely purchase another one of these.  I have already recommended it to my mom and friends.  It certainly worked in eliminating odours that come from your bin.  This is a fantastic product. Libby Swann – Caitlyn 8 Months


 I have told my mummy friends about it. It is great, simple and an easy to use product to get rid of horrid nappy smells and that of other foods.  


 Jane Awarded The MiniBini 5/5

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