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Miniline Flower Mobile

This illuminated mobile features beautiful flowers.Attractive during the day, it really comes into its own in the dark.  Loved by babies, children and adults alike! Made from transparent acrylic with LEDs, this mobile stimulates and comforts the baby with gentle, soothing lights and motion.


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Mobile Flowers illuminated light & night light £36.00 - Available to purchase online

Miniline Flower Mobile Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Harrison – Craig aged 1 Year 3 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Harrison – Craig aged 1 Year 3 Months

Nicola Awarded The Miniline Flower Mobile 4.5/5

I was really exited when I received this product. I was on holiday when the parcel arrived so my neighbour called to say that she had it – she told me that it was from Miniline so I looked up the website for a quick preview of their products. When I saw what they had to offer I really couldn’t wait to get home and find out which one had been sent to me! When I discovered that it was an illuminated mobile I was delighted! I loved it as soon as I took it out of the box!  The website is really easy to use as all of the products are grouped into meaningful categories! The pictures are clear and the prices are easy to see! Extra information is readily available by clicking on individual products. It was also really easy to place items into the shopping cart and view quickly what had been selected. I enjoyed using the website. I loved the products on this site. I had searched high and low for a lampshade for my daughter’s bedroom that was a bit more individual than ‘Disney Princess’ or something a bit more interesting than a plain shade. I wish I had known about this site a long time ago. There are some great products like the switch covers that are very inexpensive. I am considering buying these as gifts at Christmas time as they are quite unique and also easy to post!  I particularly love the Lumilove range of night lights as they can be charged and used without having to be plugged into the mains.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed by the look of the packaging. The product itself is expensive but the packaging did not seem to be consistent with this. Instead it looked like a really cheap set of lights that had been bought at a local discount store. I would suggest that it be redesigned in a more contemporary style, maybe with a picture showing the mobile hanging in a child’s nursery, as the picture on the front does not do the product any justice. Having said this, if products are only distributed via the website, the packaging would not put anyone off buying the product. Had I seen the box on the shelf in a store, I would not have looked twice at the product.  In terms of functionality, the packaging did its job. The product arrived in perfect condition and it was really easy to get out of the box – not fixed with lots of little annoying wire tags or sticky tape.  No instruction was really necessary or given – just hang up and plug in! The accompanying leaflet gave some safety instructions and a bit more information about the product specification.  For me, the product was a perfect length and size. I already had a hook on the ceiling away from the cot and as luck would have it the cable dangled directly down to a socket! I could imagine that if the socket had been located elsewhere in the room, I may have had to search for an extension cable; however the attached cable is pretty long so unless the room was huge I can’t see this being an issue. I really love this product. It is really individual – I have not seen anything like this in anyone else’s home. I love the fact that it is fairly simple – not flashing or singing or moving around. I also love the colours and the flower design. As I have hung it in my sons bedroom he may have preferred the boy version of mobile planes – but he is too young to know about such things yet! Craig loves looking at the lights and sometimes I have used the mobile as a night light. He seems to enjoy having the mobile lit up, and points enthusiastically at it! I would not have bought this item for my children. It is quite expensive and I would consider it to be a luxury product. I would consider buying this product as a gift as it is so unusual. Perhaps a Christening gift as it is something a bit different to the usual things on offer. The quality seems to be very good. The plug and cables very good quality.  Does offer value for money. It is a lovely, almost quirky product that gives some individuality to a nursery.  The biggest negative needs to be plugged into the mains. This of course means that there is no alternative but to have a long length of cable hanging down from the ceiling. Craig often thought that it was great fun to pull on this cable so I guess there is a danger that the product could be damaged by an over zealous toddler. An improvement would be to lose the wire completely and have it as a chargeable product so that it could be lit up without the cable dangling.  Another useful improvement would be to have a dimmer switch on the mobile so that it could be dimmed more at night. When I had it on all night the room was brightly lit. Craig did not mind this at all but I do feel that a dimmer would give it some more functionality.  If I was given some cash to buy a present for my children I would consider buying this, as I feel it is a real luxury to have.  I love the product and I can see from the Miniline website that there are many more great products on offer. The only slight negative is the trailing cable. Clearly for tiny babies this would not be an issue as they would not be able to grab the cable. I love having this product in my home. I am really pleased that it was sent to me to test as I would not have bought it for myself. It has been a fantastic experience using this mobile. Nicola Harrison – Craig aged 1 Year 3 Months

Product Tested By Cathy Runham-Beard – Eleanor Aged 3 Years

Cathy Awarded The Miniline Flower Mobile  4.4/5

Very colourful, good quality. is a trader’s website which needs a user name and password to access, but does have a link for the consumer.  The consumer’s website is very basic and easy to use.  A good range of products to suit most budgets and tastes. Excellent packaging, easy to repackage the product if needed. Instructions were Straightforward and easy to understand. Just the right length, and can be adjusted depending on the height of the ceiling.  I like the style of this mobile.  Eleanor was fascinated by the lights.  Would not normally buy myself, most probably purchase as a gift.  Very good quality.  Good quality product that offers some value for money, but is a little bit more expensive than I originally thought.  Cannot think of any ways to improve this product.  It is very pretty and attractive, but find it is rather bright to use as a night light.  Would buy for decorative purposes. Would certainly recommend if they were looking for items to decorate a bedroom or nursery.  Too bright to use as a night light, but a nice ornamental piece for the bedroom.  Good quality, easy to set up and easy to use as an attractive centre piece for a bedroom.  Cathy Runham-Beard – Eleanor Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Kate Hughes – Evie Aged 3 Years

Kate Awarded The Miniline Flower Mobile 4/5

I thought that the product looked absolutely beautiful and a brilliant idea particularly as my daughter doesn’t like the dark at bedtime. It is different from any other night light I’ve seen before and certainly something I’d consider buying and also buying as a present for friend’s children. The website was attractive and easy to navigate. There was a wide choice with clear prices. The lights were well packaged in a large box and the item well protected in bubble wrap. The design was smart and grown up. Straight forward instructions but it wasn’t a complicated item. Just hang it up and switch it on. It was long enough for us but I did make sure I placed it near the socket in the corner of the room.  It was attractive and stylish and simple in design. I like the Perspex flowers and the colours were strong for me and Evie to talk about.  Evie was delighted with the lights. She couldn’t wait for me to put them up and mentions them every time we go in her room. She asks if she can dingle dangle them and I have to tell her they are not to touch but we talk about our favourite colours. Due to the price I would only buy this for Evie for birthday or Christmas but I would certainly buy one for friend’s children for their presents. The product is not too sturdy as it is essentially ornamental and not to be touched but I did find when I was trying to handle it and hang it up that one of the LEDs kept slipping through the Perspex flower and the middle of the flower coming off.  Although lovely as a present I did think it was quite expensive for a mobile/light.  One design improvement would be to Clip the fronts/middles onto the flowers more securely.   Would purchase as a special gift.  Yes I have told people about how lovely they are and some people may not find it too expensive so be more likely to buy.    Attractive and functional for both children and parents but a little pricey.  Kate Hughes – Evie Aged 3 Years

I love having this product in my home. It has been a fantastic experience using this mobile.


Nicola Awarded The Miniline Flower Mobile 4.5/5

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