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Miyo Baby Ceiling Hammock With Stand

We trust you will enjoy and appreciate your hammock, and believe it will become an essential piece of baby equipment for you and your family.Age: Newborn until baby’s length is past snaps.*Attention: As baby becomes more active please place a safety pin in between snaps.Weight: 0kg – 15kg (Please note, the baby hammock has been safety approved up to 50kgs)Please read the following instructions and installation information carefully so your baby is always kept safe.Note to consider before installing:Please ensure that baby has a clear space around where hammock is hung, so that baby does not bang against any objects. e.g. walls and doors.REMINDER: Only install hammock into joists and make sure hook is properly inserted into ceiling.Please fill in the 5 year warranty form so we can continue to assist you should the need arise.Designed in New Zealand, manufactured with pride in China.Washing Instructions
Use mild natural soap solution on a dry soft cloth to clean all parts. Wipe away any moisture with dry soft cloth.Storage and Maintenance
When not in use, please store in a dry area away from dampness. Check hardware monthly while in use.PARTS SUPPLIED WITH HAMMOCK:2 x hooks1 x chain1 x wooden separator1 x hammock and ring1 x mattress1 x spring1 x spring cover1 x spring clip

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Miyo Baby Ceiling Hammock With Stand Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise McCann –Chloe 2 Weeks

Product Tested By Louise McCann –Chloe 2 Weeks

Louise Awarded The Miyo Baby CeilingHammock with Stand 4.6/5

A well-made modern product to help baby sleep soundly. The packaging was appropriate to the hammock and the stand and not excessive.  It perfectly supported the product. The assembly instructions were pretty straight forward and the assembly time was minimal, around 10 minutes which impressed me.  The quality of the product is very good.  Much better than most conventional cots at double the price of the hammock. I believe this hammock offers good value for money.  I would however only purchase this with the stand which of course incurs an additional cost.  Anything that helps my baby to sleep better is value for money!  The hammock size is perfect for my newborn baby.  The stand however is a little on the large size and the foot print it creates is relatively large in comparison to a mosses basket or cot. If you have the space then this is obviously not an issue. My daughter appeared comfortable and happy when sleeping in this hammock. From the first time Chloe was placed in the cot she slept soundly. She would wriggle around to get comfortable when first placed in there and then generally sleep well.  If she stirred the hammock would very gently move, rotating and moving up and down (as it is balanced on a spring) which would send her off to sleep again – imitating the actions of a mother holding their baby and rocking them to sleep. I think the hammock is sturdy and safe for the baby when used in conjunction with the designated hammock stand. I would consider buying this product. It’s a great alternative to a mosses basket or cot and it seems to be more effective. I would recommend this to a friend. Would get a 5 /5 if the stand was slightly smaller.  Delightfully easy to assembly and a delightfully well rested happy baby – Perfect! Louise McCann – Chloe 2 Weeks


Product Tested By Sarah Menzies – Isabella 8 Weeks

Sarah AwardedThe Miyo Baby Ceiling Hammock with Stand 4.2/5

Looks good, has the wow factor, looks well made. Packaging effective for item and very neat and tidy. Very easy to put together and instructions easy to follow. The quality is excellent. I do believe this is an expensive item. The size of the hammock was perfect for Isabella. She liked being in her hammock and did not take her long to fall asleep.  She did sleep fairly well but she could get too hot after being in there for a while. This is very well made and very safe and sturdy for my daughter.  I found the frame is too big and you need a lot of space.  No good in a small room. If space was not an issue then ideal. I would recommend to those who have enough room for this item in the nursery.  Baby seems to enjoy it and is comfortable but you do need a big room. Sarah Menzies – Isabella 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Anna-Louise Carter –Jonathan 3 Weeks

Anna-Louise Awarded The Miyo BabyCeiling Hammock with Stand 5/5

I loved this unique idea, looked stylish and well made. Arrived well packaged.  The instructions were very easy to follow and we had this set up in no time. It looked amazing once erected.  The quality was excellent. I just loved the idea of having a hammock with a stand in our room for Jonathan. It looked so beautiful. This was ideal for Jonathan. I would place him in this hammock and it would rock him to sleep in no time. He always looked contended and comfortable and certainly helped him sleep well. This is rather large once erected but we have a huge room so was perfect for our needs. If Jonathan wriggles then the hammock would gently move in connection to his movements and would rock him gently back to sleep. The actual hammock is fixed to the stand balanced on a spring so will react to your babies’ movement .I had no concerns about the quality and safety of this hammock. It is well made,durable and was superb.  This is an expensive item but you are paying for top quality and will last and can be passed onto family members or used again for your next baby. I would definitely purchase this item and have already recommended to friends. We will certainly keep this for our next baby too. An exquisite hammock for baby which certainly helped Jonathan sleep calmly and safely. We loved it and thank you. Anna-Louise Carter – Jonathan 3 Weeks


Delightfully easy to assembly and a delightfully well rested happy baby – Perfect!


Louise Awarded The Miyo Baby CeilingHammock with Stand 4.6/5

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