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MobiData nano or micro/macro sim

can be used in a sim enabled tablet (a tablet with a sim card slot) or an
unlocked phone. – prices start from £4.94/month. 

How It Works – What We Do – At MobiData we provide a domestic, SIM-Only, data-only mobile broadband service.Our main aim is to make your life simpler. We want you to have one SIM, one contract, one low price and a secure, fast and reliable mobile broadband service that you can access almost anywhere in the UK.


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prices start from £4.94/month can only be bought from

MobiData nano or micro/macro sim Reviews

Product Tested by: Leah Gaines

Product tested
Leah Gaines

Awarded The MobiData
nano or micro/macro sim 5/5

was a little dubious at first; I wasn’t sure if the connectivity would be any
good, but quickly learned that this would not be an issue. I found it really easy to connect to
MobiData. I set it up in a spare mobile
phone as a mobile hotspot and connected my other devices to it when I was out
and about. For the most part I found
that MobiData was more reliable than my normal 3G service, which can be patchy
at times. In general, I used Wi-Fi when
I was at home, but it was very useful having this when the Wi-Fi connection was
playing up. I popped the sim into an old
phone and set it up as a mobile hotspot.
I then put it in my handbag and set my regular phone and tablet to
connect to it as a mobile hotspot. It was
really easy to set up and it meant that I wasn’t going over my meagre allowance
on my phone package. I think I easily
had 3 devices connected at the same time, though I tried it with various other
phones and tablets too. I never once ran
into connection difficulties. My phone
package is very reasonable but only has a small data allowance. I tend to leave the data switched off, just
use Wi-Fi and connect to the data when I really need to. However, as the cost of this is very good and
I have now seen the benefits of having it, I would consider investing in this. I found that I used this most when I was out
and about; a quick check of my email when shopping, a game of Candy Crush when
waiting in the car, Netflix to distract the kids in the car. For me the top 3 advantages were 1 – The fact that you can sign up
for a month at a time 2 – The very reasonable charges 3 – It’s just so
handy! I would definitely consider purchasing
this. I run my own business and it is
important for me to be connected. This
would be ideal for the times that our home internet is down. The best thing is being able to connect
multiple devices to a mobile hotspot when on the move. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to
friends and family. A very easy 5 out of
5. As a freelancer, I found this very useful for
keeping in touch with clients when on the move, or when our broadband was being
temperamental. Leah Gaines

Tested By
Tia Elkington

Awarded The MobiData
nano or micro/macro sim 4.5/5

packaging – clear instructions. Once
activated I found it very easy to use and connect my device. I did notice a difference and certainly gave
me better connection compared to my regular Wi-Fi service. I did not try out the tethering or hotspot
facilities for this sim. I actually
found the MobiData Sim was approximately 30% cheaper than my usual mobile broadband. It was most useful whilst travelling, both in
the car and on the train. I loved the Ease of signing up, low cost and the
flexibility of the one month contract. I
would purchase this. The best aspect of
using the MobiData has been the convenience of accessing the internet wherever
you go! I would recommend. Great
service, I recommend it. Tia Elkington

Product tested
Alfie Spinner

Awarded The MobiData
nano or micro/macro sim 5/5

option and eager to try this out.
Arrived suitably packaged and very easy to set up. This was set up on mobile and was connected
to other devices when traveling. The connection was excellent and more reliable
than my present Wi-Fi. It was simple to
connect to more than one device. This is
more cost effective than my present package.
I mainly used this when travelling as connection was good. For me the top 3 benefits are – Flexibility on
contract term, good pricing structure and superb Wi-Fi access on the move. I would purchase again and would highly recommend. Good service, great to keep you in touch when
you are travelling and very easy to use.Alfie Spinner

A very easy 5 out of 5. As a freelancer, I found this very useful for keeping in touch with clients when on the move, or when our broadband was being temperamental. 


Leah Awarded The MobiData nano or micro/macro sim 5/5                                                                  

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