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Modular Castle Architect Construction Kit

Modular Castle Architect  Construction Kit The Modular™ Castle Architect Construction Kit takes a unique approach, allowing true three-dimensional architecture to be constructed. The game develops abstract thinking, three dimensional perception, and creativity. Compatible with other "Modular™ Toy Construction kits”.  Watch and participate with your children while they’re thinking, planning, and building in all three dimensions. 

Age 5 and up.  Includes: – 85 construction pieces, – 2 character, – Decorative stickers and accessories

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39 Euros – Sterling £33.07 Available to purchase online Amazon, kids one stop shop and selected independent stores or click online to find local stockist

Modular Castle Architect Construction Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Aoibheann Sims – Rory 5 Years 5 Months

Product Tested By Aoibheann
Sims – Rory 5 Years 5 Months

Aoibheann Awarded The Modular Castle Toy 4.9/5


I liked the look of the toy, great pictures on the box, and
was excited to give it to my son. It was coming up to mid-term break so I badly
needed something to spark his interest.  My son was delighted when he saw the
box and spent a long time looking at the back and front of it so it definitely
caught his attention. I like that the pieces are easy for smaller hands to
assemble without much help from an adult. My son has become quite independent
so this can be an issue. It’s given my son many hours of playtime.  He has
become very good at putting it together. Parts all appear safe, pieces were a
nice size so the recommended age seems fine, even a little conservative as my 3
year old also liked to try playing with it after it was assembled, when his
brother let him anywhere near it.  The playable context is excellent; there’s a
lot to do with it.  It can be built up in many ways and my son almost always
tries to find another way to put it together, then he can use the figures or
his other toys to play on or with it.  This toy is very good for fine motor
skills and also for independence.  He is
always very pleased with the finished result, receives praise gladly, and it
then gives us an opportunity to build on his imaginative play which he is
behind in developmentally.  He needed help initially to set it up but once he
got the idea of how to play with it he became very engaged with it.  In a way he
has found a different way to play with it, he uses it as a huge garage at times
for his cars. It is well-made and sturdy once assembled.  I have no complaint
about the quality. It offers excellent value for money; it is more impressive
and less expensive that other construction kits.  I would consider buying other
kits from this company. I would recommend it to others. I’ve shared photos of
his proudly displayed model castle on my own social media site.  This is a great
gift idea for 5-8 year old boys.  It
offers value for money and provides hours of fun, while providing opportunity for
peer and adult interaction. I was very pleased with product. Aoibheann Sims – Rory 5 Years 5 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Differ – Liam 5 Years

Nicola Awarded The Modular Castle Toy 4.4/5

My initial impression of this product was that it looked cool. Liam enjoys building with Lego and I knew he would enjoy this. The packaging was sturdy and secure with a nice picture on the front. The size and style of the toy is fantastic. The entertainment value is good; after Liam built it, he went back a couple of times to do it all again. I had no concerns with him playing with this toy; Liam has played with toys that are similar. It did seem to keep his attention and stimulate his imagination.  It was simple enough for him to play with without losing interest.  The quality of the toy is excellent and offers great value for money.  I would consider buying this now and recommend it to others. It is a good toy.  Liam was interested in it, played with it on one day, and then went back to it on another day so he did enjoy playing with it.  Nicola Differ – Liam 5 Years


Product Tested By Lucy Tongauiha – Sonny 6 Years and George 5 Years

Lucy Awarded The Modular Castle Toy 4.6/5


We loved this product when we first saw it. The packagingwas not to my taste and I would never have picked it off the shelf.  The box itself is great and very sturdy but the picture is so old fashioned it really detracts from the product. Such a shame as this is a great toy.  We loved the size and style of the toy. It is pitched at the right age as although my 5 year old loved playing with it, he needed help to lock the pieces together as his hands we a bit small to manage it; so 6 years+ is just right.  The entertainment value is fantastic.  Endless possibilities and I assume other packs can be bought to supplement this one.  I would definitely invest in more as I really liked the product, although I do think it is quite pricy. I had no concerns at all with Sonny or George playing with this toy. My kids both played with this for over an hour. They loved building and changing the parts and didn’t stick to just making castles.  My eldest son made a wrestling ring which shows that the possibilities are endless if you have enough parts. My 3 year old also had a go although found it difficult to slot the parts together. I liked the fact that they used their imaginations to build something and then play out scenarios using their castle (or wrestling ring!). It definitely helps with your child’s development. Anything that fires imagination, keeps them away from the TV or Ipad, gets them interacting with each other, talking, planning, discussing, problem solving, creating, role playing; it’s a brilliant toy.  As mentioned above my son made a wrestling ring. However the parts are quite castle orientated so other packs might need to be bought to make a greater range of toys.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved this toy, but I feel £33 is a bit steep, particularly as I would like to buy other packs in the range. However this was a quality, sturdy, well-made toy. I would buy this again; I loved the product but I do think it is a little expensive. I would definitely recommend it. It is a fantastic product, just let down by packaging and price. Overall, my sons loved this modular set.  It is a very well made, well thought out toy with endless possibilities for play.  It is robust and well-constructed and I would buy more sets if it were slightly less expensive. However, that said I can see it becoming a staple toy that, like Lego, you could keep adding to and adding to. Lucy Tongauiha – Sonny 6 Years and George 5 Years








It offers value for money and provides hours of fun, while providing opportunity for peer and adult interaction. I was very pleased with product. 


Aoibheann Awarded The Modular Castle Toy 4.9/5

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