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Modular Nappy Depot

The modular diaper DEPOT makes organizing easy. Keep it on a counter, in a cabinet or hang it on your changing table. The Modular Diaper Depot offers different configurations so that you can customize it exactly for your diaper changing needs. Make one station to fit a large assortment of diapers and baby toiletries, or take apart for multiple rooms in your home. Light, durable, easy to clean and carry – have everything you need at your fingertips!• Multiple configurations for any space in your home
• Can be separated to create two Depot stations
• Handles allow for easy transport
• Includes detachable hook for hanging
• Detachable tray secures PL wipes warmers in place

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£19.99 Available amazon, independent nursery retailers, kiddicare or click online for local stockist

Modular Nappy Depot Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Bailey – Tania 19 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Bailey – Tania 19 Months

Lauren Awarded The Prince Lionheart Modular Nappy Depot 4.6/5

Looked like it would be helpful to keep all my nappies and accessories safe and easy to access. Well packaged and looked a versatile item. The instructions were easy to follow and you have many different ways to use this item. You can set up as one large unit in bedroom to keep everything safe, or you can use individual storage parts to keep by the cot, in the nursery or even in the bathroom. You can place these parts side by side or stack so very versatile and offers many different uses .It also comes with a detachable hook so you can hang one of the storage compartments on the cot and also has a detachable tray to keep the optional wipes warmer on top. This would hold all our nappies with ease and we use a variety of disposable and reusable nappies. Perfect storage space. All the storage parts were easy to use and put together and you could use them to suit your own specific needs. This did help me to keep everything neat and tidy in one place as we had one section in her nursery and another section in the bathroom. I found it easy to keep everything neat and tidy and easy to access when I needed nappies, wipes, cream etc. Just made life a little bit easier and kept everything in one place so reduced the amount of mess. I did hang one section on the side of the cot and it was safe and secure. This would hold all the items I needed so was great to keep me well organised. I thought the quality was very good. At first when arrived I thought it would be a bit flimsy, but after continual use it has withstood everything and good quality, strong, secure and keeps everything neat and tidy. After using this I would say good value for money. Would not have considered purchasing this but now have used it and found out it is so useful and versatile I would say a good investment and well worth the money. The design is good. I would recommend this item as easy to use, keeps you organised, holds all you need for caring for baby and nappy changing and it is very versatile. This has been a great item for us and kept me very well organised and when I need nappies,wipes and creams all easy to access. Made life a little bit easier. Lauren Bailey – Tania 19 Months


Product Tested By Helen Shaw – Emily 20 Months

Helen Awarded The Prince Lionheart Modular NappyDepot 3.5/5

My initial impression of the product from the box was very positive as it looked like there were many ways to set it up so can be adaptable to any bedroom space.The packaging was attractive. There were no written instructions within the packaging and I felt this actually put me off the product because it can be stressful putting a product together, as you just want something simple. I felt the nappies I use for my daughter fit into the product perfectly. We only use Pampers nappies and they fitted into the product perfectly. I felt like there was no easy way to secure the parts of the product together and they slipped about quite a bit. It kept the nappies, wipes, nappy bags, Sudocrem and eczema cream in one place for our daughter’s needs. We stored the product on top of the chest of drawers. We used one of the large boxes to hold nappies and the other large box to hold all our nappy accessories  etc.-they all fit very easily and were secure. Although it never broke, I felt the material of the product was maybe slightly too thin as it felt like it could crack or break quite easily. Although very useful, I feel £19.99 is perhaps too much for the product-possibly £14.99 would be more attractive. If the product was made out of thicker plastic and clear instructions were provided (perhaps with pictures too?) then this would improve the product greatly. This product is very useful for keeping all changing products in one place however I would not buy it unless the material would be tougher to cope with being moved about a lot and perhaps dropped at times; also I would need clearer instructions too. I would recommend the idea of the product but not this exact product in the state it is in as it is too flimsy and not clear enough. I enjoyed using this product and it was certainly useful having all the changing products in one box, I really struggled putting the product together when I first received it and even whilst using it, wasn’t 100% convinced it was going to stay together as it seemed to slip when all parts were attached. Helen Shaw – Emily 20 Months


Product Tested By Beverley Prince – Simon 16 Months

Beverley Awarded The Prince Lionheart Modular Nappy Depot 4.7/5

When this arrived was much bigger than I had expected. Although looked like it would be a very useful item to have. Something to keep everything neatly stored in one place. The packaging was good. Instructions easy to follow and this offered a variety of uses. You can use this in a variety of rooms in your home as the boxes can be separated to create a couple of change stations. Once you set this up it is a great storage facility to keep nappies, wipes, lotions, creams, and all you need for baby. A great item to keep you organised. All our nappies and baby accessories fitted easily into this nappy depot. I use a variety of nappies including Nature Babycare Eco nappies, Pampers and also sometimes some reusable nappies. We could store all of these in this nappy depot. This was so easy to put together and you can use to suit the space you have available in the nursery or any other room where this would be an asset. This also comes with a hook so this allowed us to create a change station hooked onto the side of Simon’s cot and the other sections I kept stacked and stored in the Nursery just to keep everything neat and tidy in one place and easy accessible when needed. This holds enough for your needs and once he moves out of the cot we will stack up in his room as one complete unit to keep everything we need in one place. So easy to get to things you need and really does keep you organised. His nursery looks so much tidier now. The quality of this is very good. Easy to use, easy to assemble, easy to keep clean. I do think it is a bit expensive and if this was on special offer I would certainly purchase. The design is great, the only suggestion I would make would be to have available in a variety of designs so you can be creative and have fun colourful designs to suit your nursery décor. This has helped me to keep everything neat and tidy and in one place. No more mess all over the nursery and in the bathroom. All stored in one neat place. A great item to have at home. Perfect for baby and then when they grow up I will use it to store books and toys so will last a long while. Would recommend as one of those ‘Must Have Items’ for any new parents. We loved it and it has certainly helped us keep organised. Beverley Prince – Simon 16 Months








The design is good. I would recommend this item as easy to use, keeps you organised, holds all you need for caring for baby and nappy changing and it is very versatile. This has been a great item for us and kept me very well organised and when I need nappies,wipes and creams all easy to access.                


Lauren Awarded The Prince Lionheart Modular Nappy Depot 4.6/5 

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