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Modular Race Track Construction Kit

The Modular™ Race Track Construction Kit is a great kit to get you started. The toy develops abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, creativity and offers multiple construction options.Compatible with other"Modular™ Toy Construction kits”. Age 5 and up.Includes: – 46 construction pieces, – 40 connectors, – 2 cars, – Decorative stickers and accessories. 
Modular Construction Toys – a revolutionary new modular approach to construction toys.Modular™ Construction Toystake a new and unique approach to construction toys allowing true three-dimensional, fully modular construction of race tracks, highways and districts while developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, and creativity. All kits are totally inter-compatible. Unlike conventional construction sets, Modular™Construction Toys allows the building parts to be stacked vertically without limit, constructing complex bridges, interchanges, and more.Multiple variations guarantees hours of fun!

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£40.00 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

Modular Race Track Construction Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Anna Love – Charlie Aged 6 Years

Product Tested By Anna Love – Charlie Aged 6 Years

Anna Awarded The Modular Race Track 4/5

Good quality box looked well-made and Charlie was eager to try. The information and images on the packaging are very appealing and definitely magnate for Charlie. Good quality race track, all the parts fitted together well and with a little help we all put this together and Charlie started to enjoy the racing fun with dad! Once this is constructed if is fairly solid construction and was not easy at first to disassemble. You can make numerous track layouts, but just handle with care as it is a bit difficult to pull apart. A lads toy for sure and I must admit Charlie and his dad did have fun with this track. A very enjoyable construction toy which helps with hand eye co-ordination and also a fun unusual race track layout. The price is a bit steep but playability worth it. I would purchase this item and we have checked out some of the other Modular Construction kits as liked the quality. Would recommend as a good quality toy and appeals to boys. Anna Love – Charlie Aged 6 years

Product Tested By Lisa Carew – Thomas Aged 5 Years

Lisa Awarded The Modular Race Track 4.3/5

Nicely presented, looked interesting. Packaging was attractive and made you want to try the product. The quality was good although my son did break a couple of the pieces quite quickly. Recommended age was suitable and it was quite hard to get the pieces apart once built. He loved making different tracks and changing them all the time. Needed some help but eventually he managed to make it. He enjoyed playing with it. He enjoyed playing with it but got frustrated he couldn’t disassemble it quickly on his own. He has only used it as a track. I wouldn’t pay the rrp price for this toy as it didn’t hold his attention for long enough and he found it hard to take apart. Perhaps if it was cheaper. One design suggestion would be to make the track easier to take apart. He enjoyed playing with it briefly but preferred other types of race tracks. I would recommend as other children may enjoy it more and it is a good toy. The product is well packaged and appeals to children. My son loved it but got frustrated at taking it apart to rebuild but if that was to be made easier I would probably consider buying it for him. Lisa Carew – Thomas Aged 5 Years
Product Tested By Kirsty Vass – Eugene Aged 5 years 6 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Modular Race Track 4.5/5

Can you imagine the excitement with a young boy who is mad on racing! Well presented, loved the design of the box and showed you what was inside with good information. The instructions were easy to follow and we had this set up and ready to go in about 20 minutes. Took some getting used to as different to other race tracks, but Eugene loved the versatility of this construction kit and way you could change the layout. Bit difficult to change easily as the parts once fitted together are pretty sturdy, but you work it out in the end. This is a good quality race track and Eugene had fun playing with dad of course and his friends. Fun way to race cars, very competitive and has made us look at other items available in the Modular range. My son really enjoyed this toy and it has been used extensively and has not broken, so durable too. Price a tad expensive but as it has kept Eugene entertained worth the expense. We would purchase this item and have already recommended to some friends. A good quality toy and delivers entertainment value too. Kirsty Vass – Eugene Aged 5 Years 6 Months.

Would recommend as a good quality toy and appeals to boys.


Anna Awarded The Modular Race Track 4/5

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