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Mölkky Game

Mölkky in a cardboard box with handle. Set the pins in a formation and throw the Mölkky skittle. To win the game you must score 50 points exactly – go over 50 and your score will go down to 25.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Outdoor Toys Category 

Price £24.99 Available, Zatu Games, Toy Street, Mulberry Bush or click online to find local stockist

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Mölkky Game Reviews

Product Tested By Jessica Bird –
Charlie 7 Years

Jessica Awarded The Mölkky
game 4.6/5

solid packaging, no plastic is a bonus for us! Clear
instructions my 7 year old was able to understand. This game was so
simple to set up. I really liked the
concept of this game. This was easy for
our son to play and he was able to explain it to his younger brother. I would not say he found this game overly
competitive. We all played this as a
great family game. We played this game
outdoors. Feels very good quality. This did
keep our children entertained. Charlie enjoyed playing this after
school and was the first thing to unpack in our new house! This is ideal to
take on holiday with you and we took it to the sea side. It feels like it will last forever if
taken care off, so good value. We love the quality and how it’s also educational as
it helps with counting and maths.I would buy this as both my children
enjoyed playing this game. I would recommend
as children and families would enjoy it. Both of my children
really enjoyed playing molkky. It’s well-made and the packaging is great – very
sturdy. It’s a good game to take to the beach or picnic. Jessica Bird –
Charlie 7 Years

Product Tested By Gemma Finkill –
Charlie 8 Years

Gemma Awarded The Mölkky
game 4.5/5

looked a good game. Packaging good but
felt it should have something holding all the pieces in as when opened they all
fell out. Images on packaging are all
nice and colourful and the design is eye catching. Instructions easy to understand, basic
format. Nice and simple to set up.
It is similar to skittles, with a twist. Enjoyable. Once he was shown how to set it up and how to play it. My son did find
this competitive because of the scoring.We all enjoyed playing this game, even our 3 year old daughter wanted to play. We used this game outdoors, more space and we weren’t worried
about things getting broken. Excellent
quality. This game did keep our son
entertained and he enjoyed playing it as a family. We played this game 3 times, but we will play it over the Summer
Holidays. This game is small and
compact and will be ideal for the beach. It is coming to Wales with us over the
holidays. I think it is quite expensive for what it is. I liked the competitive spirit, got us outdoors and
playing as a family. Easy concept with not much setting up. I personally would
not purchase due to price. I would
recommend as a good individual and family game, but would highlight the price. Written
instructions were basic and easy to follow. However, nowhere does it state you
are able to download an app for scoring, we only noticed it when putting the
game away as it is mentioned in small print on the box. Also, a score pad would
be beneficial rather than the one score sheet on the instruction. We did enjoy
the game as a family and we will be taking it on holiday with us to play on the
beach. Gemma Finkill – Charlie 8 Years

Product Tested By Hayley Bushell – Daughter 6 Years

Hayley Awarded The Mölkky
game 5/5

The box was bright and inviting and it looked a good game. Instructions
could have been slightly clearer and I had to explain to my 6 year old in my
own words how to play but for an adult they were fine. The instructions show you how they should be set up and as long as you
have a flat surface it is very easy. It’s a fantastic game and so helpful when you
have primary school aged children as it encourages them to help count.
This was easy for my daughter to play with friends, but they did need some
adult help to ensure the scores were correct. My daughter did find
this game competitive as she enjoyed competing for the best score. We
have had a few BBQ’s over the testing period and lots of family members enjoyed
playing. We did play it on a rainy day
indoors but much preferred it out in the sunshine. It’s very well made and I love that it’s
wooden and not plastic. My daughter really enjoyed playing but at her
age she can lose concentration easily. We play this game at least twice a week
now. This game is definitely ideal to
take on your holidays, especially because of the way its packaged means it’s
compact and easy to carry with the handleit’s slightly more on the
expensive side than most outdoor toys but the quality means I would be happy to
pay the price. I liked how it
encourages my daughter to learn while playing as she wants to count and it also
makes her want to spend more time outdoors. I would buy this as it’s been great fun and
looks as though it was last many years. I would recommend based on the quality
and how easy it is to play. I think all aspects of the
product are fantastic. Hayley Bushell –
Daughter 6 Years






I would recommend as children and families would enjoy it. Both of my children really enjoyed playing molkky. It’s well-made and the packaging is great – very sturdy. It’s a good game to take to the beach or picnic.


Jessica Awarded The Mölkky game 4.6/5

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