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Moltex Öko! Their eco-friendly disposable nappies are much better for the environment and so much kinder to your baby’s skin than conventional disposables. We now have new Moltex Jumbo packs available in Midi, Maxi and Junior sizes, double the quantity and new improved fit. Call if you’d like a sample. No bleaching, perfumes or lotions. Totally chlorine free. Made from more than 50% biodegradable materials. Breathable protective backsheet is 100%biodegradable. Super soft top layer contains 40% renewable materials. The inner fluff is made from timber from 100% certified sustainable resources. Compostable packaging. Dermatologically tested & approved. Recommended for babies with eczema and other skin conditions.

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Moltex Nappies From Naturebotts Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Hennessey – Quinn Hennessey 4½ Months

Product Tested By Julie Hennessey – Quinn Hennessey 4½ Months

Julie Awarded the Moltex Nappies 3.9/5

Initially I was skeptical – I usually find eco products to be less effective than current market leaders. The texture of the outside of the nappy was Soft but catchy on my dry skin however the inside texture was great. Looks comfortable on Quinn – left less red marks on Quinn’s skin compared to market leader. The nappy fitted Quinn very well. It does keep Quinn dry during daily wear; I’ve never had a leak during the day. However, this nappy did leak most nights. I had to change Quinn during the night or he would wake up wet. It was as if the urine couldn’t drain to the back of the nappy. The nappy Closures did the job, easy to use. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed an improvement in Quinn’s skin; his skin was always fine and remains fine now. Except less nappy red marks where edges have rubbed. I wouldn’t say the nappy is bulky under clothes. I would like all nappies to be environmental friendly but would not pay a premium to ensure this.  I like the fact that they are environmentally friendly but there are other nappies that do a great job at far less money and I would not wish to pay a premium to buy Moltex nappies. Manufactures should be forced to make the nappies environmentally friendly and not hope that people will be able to afford to buy the dearer nappies. After testing it, I would consider buying Moltex nappies, But at a lower price and only for daytime nappy use.  A great product if someone was concerned enough about the environment to pay a premium and only for day time use. Overall much better than expected, a great nappy for environmentally concerned parents! Julie HennesseyQuinn Hennessey 4½ Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Moore – Baby Lily & Sofia 4 Months

Stephanie Moore Awarded the Moltex Nappies 4.5/5

My first impression of these nappies were that they were very similar to the ’branded’ nappies I normally use. The texture of the nappies was not quite as soft as the normal nappies I use but it still was soft enough.  I was very pleased with the texture of the inside as it was very soft and looked very comfortable. The nappies fit both my twins very well even though there is 1 lb between them. I never had any leaks whilst my babies wore these nappies and they kept my babies dry during daily or night time wear. I also did not have any trouble with the nappies staying in place and they stayed in position during wear. I have not noticed any improvement to my baby’s skin whilst using these nappies but they were not bulky at all. My twins normally wear reusable nappies during the day and disposable at night. I would like to use these instead as they are environmentally friendly. They are more expensive than some of the nappies sold in store but I would be more inclined to buy these because they are environmentally friendly. Now that I have tested these nappies I will continue to use them and definitely recommend them to others because they work brilliantly! Stephanie Moore – Baby Lily & Sofia 4 Months

Product Tested By Emma Tong – Baby Harrison Aged 1

Emma Tong Awarded this product 3/5

My first impression of this product was that they looked a lot stiffer than usual nappies and I was unsure as to whether they would be equally as comfortable in comparison to our normal brand.  I think the design is also very simple. The texture of the outside of the nappy is much the same as the other major brands, except it is noticeably bulkier than usual. The texture on the inside of the nappy is not very soft and it feels slightly rougher than other nappies. The nappy did also not look comfortable on my baby because of its bulkiness and the elasticated sides weren’t very strong. The nappy wasn’t a very good fit for my baby because the tabs on the nappy are too small and you have to pull rather hard to fit them. The nappy did keep the baby dry during daily wear, even though I didn’t feel the nappy was tight/strong enough for him. I found the nappies to be too small and not as adhesive as the leading brands, and they lost their effectiveness quickly. I have not noticed any improvement to my Babies skin whilst using these nappies and under clothing they are very bulky and noticeable. The idea that the product is biodegradable really appeals to me and it is definitely a step in the right direction with nappies. But I do feel that my Babies comfort is a lot more important than the fact that they are biodegradable. Also, concerning the fact that they are environmentally friendly, there is always an added cost. So I would expect to pay more for them on this basis but I would not say these offer good value for money as they lack the comfort and security in comparison to my other brand. The design of the product could be improved if they were made less bulky and an overall better fit, then that combined with the biodegradable element they would be a much better and likeable product for me. Now that I have tested this product I will not be trying it again because they are not as comfortable and secure for my little boy as his usual other brand. I would only recommend this product to other people if I know that they prefer biodegradable products. Emma Tong – Baby Harrison Aged 1

Overall much better than expected, a great nappy for environmentally concerned parents!


Julie Awarded the Moltex Nappies 3.9/5

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