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mOmma Cup with straw & dual handle

Round ergonomic shape The round shapes have been specially designed to make the grip easier for your baby’s tiny hands.Safe and hygienic The bottle rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs, thus ensuring maximum hygiene.In&out straw system The straw goes into and out of the cup by simply turning the cover. This modern closing system ensures maximum hygiene even when you carry the cup around.Rocking The rocking movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.Non-spill The  straw only delivers the liquid when the baby sucks.And when baby grows… mOmma grows with him thanks to Cup With Straw & Dual Handle and Cup With Straw & Single Handle. The dual grip strengthens baby’s grip and helps him to move on to a single handle. The single grip helps the baby to naturally move on to normal cups and glasses.
Suitable 9 Months Plus


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£5.99 Available Amazon, Kiddicare, Mothercare, or click online to find local stockist.

mOmma Cup with straw & dual handle Reviews

Product Tested by: Lillian Bolton – Suzanne 15 months

Product Tested By Lillian Bolton – Suzanne 15 months

Lillian Awarded The mOmma Cup with Straw and Dual Handles 4.5/5

I was very impressed with the look and style, totally different to anything I had seen before. Packaging was very good and a very scientific description as this cup has a rocking motion designed to keep your little one entertained. All very new. The quality is very good. My daughter found this very easy to hold and use. Liked the idea of dual handles. The straw is also good quality. The straw goes into and out of the cup by simply turning the cover.  It did take Suzanne a while to get used to this straw and drink from it easily but after a bit of practice she was using the cup and straw with ease. A very robust cup that will last. In relation to the lid you have to ensure it is threaded correctly when you place it on the top of the cup or it can leak. Once on correctly it is spill proof. The handles are easy for little hands to hold and good cup to take out and about with you. This cup is easy to clean and we just pop in dishwasher. It is an unusual shape so not so easy to store in cupboard at home due to shape.  I really like the look and shape of this cup and certainly is good quality. Easy to pop in bag when out and about, but not so easy to store. The rolling motion is entertaining and does keep Suzanne amused. Took a while for her to get used to it but now it is one of her favourite cups. Quality excellent,  price a bit high and I would look to purchase if on special offer. I would buy as a present and think these are funky and something new. Good quality cup, works well and helps your child to learn how to drink from a cup themselves. Lillian Bolton – Suzanne 15 Months


Product Tested By Jenny Rigby- Joseph 18 Months

Jenny Awarded The mOmmaCup with Straw and Dual Handles 4/5

I thought it looked quite funky, something I hadn’t seen before. The packaging was very good and detailed good information about the cup. The quality of the cup was excellent. My son found it very easy to hold this cup. The cup lid was very strong and secure when fitted onto the top of the cup. It also has section for the straw. The straw was excellent quality. I found it took up a lot of space due to the size of the handles that stuck out. Thiscup is very easy to put together and take apart. Whilst the cup was easy to clean I wasworried that I couldn’t clean the straw properly as I would have liked. Non – spill was an advantage for me and I liked the way it didn’t leak so I could throw it in my bag without having to worry when we went out. I thought the price was high and I wouldn’t have purchased this at the rrp, perhaps if it was on offer at my local shop then I would but I think you can get something as good for less. I didn’t like the way you couldn’t clean the straw properly.  I liked the shape and the fact it didn’t roll over easily and it had nice handles. I am currently not using it as my baby finds it frustrating as he cant get anything out of the straw, I have tried myself and it is very hard to get any liquids out of the straw when sucking.  He also turns the cup upside down like his normal free flow but because of the straw when he does nothing comes out.  My partner also thinks its going back a step in his development as freeflow is not only better for his teeth but also what he should be having before he moved on to a normal cup. Looked nice, great idea but after weeks my baby couldn’t get the hang of it so we went back to his normal free flow beaker. Looks funky, good idea but not as good as the leading brands currently out. Jenny Rigby- Joseph 18 Months


Product Tested By Corrine Matthews – Johnathan 16months

Corrine Awarded The mOmma Cup with Straw and Dual Handles 4.2/5

Looked very funky when it arrived. Very different to any other cup we had used before. Packaging good and very informative. Quality is very good, robust and will last. Jonathan found this very easy to hold. Nice touch having 2 handles and also loved the rocking motion and did keep Jonathan entertained at meal times. The straw is very well made and your child can only get fluid from the cup when they suck on the straw. This did take Jonathan a while to master and at first he was getting frustrated.  Once he had worked it out then would drink fairly easily from the cup. The lid can be a bit difficult at times, as you need to ensure fixed onto the top of the cup correctly otherwise it can leak. Just make sure the lid is secure and will be ideal to take in your bag when on outings and visiting friends. Very easy to clean just pop in dishwasher and cleans all the parts of this cup. Easy to take on your travels, not so easy to stack in cupboards as slightly different shape so takes up a bit of room. The style is very funky. Quality is great and it is spill proof as long as you ensure lid is secured correctly. I do think the price is high for this item and as we use so many cups not necessarily one I would purchase. Would make a nice gift idea as so different. I would recommend as such an unusual style and the rocking motion is certainly entertaining. A good quality cup, easy for children to hold and will last. Corrine Matthews –Jonathan 16 Months


Good quality cup, works well and helps your child to learn how to drink from a cup themselves.     


Lillian Awarded The mOmma Cup with Straw and Dual Handles 4.5/5     

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