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mOmma Fork

Round ergonomic shape The round shape has been specially designed to make the grip easier for baby’s tiny hands.Hygienic The fork rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene.Safe The two-pronged fork is round to ensure maximum safety.Roly-Poly The Roly-Poly movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.Non-slip The special rubber coating assures perfect adhesion to tables and high chairs.
Suitable 6 Months Plus


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£3.99 Available Amazon, Kiddicare, Mothercare, or click online to find local stockist.

mOmma Fork Reviews

Product Tested by: Aurora Therlaway –Arran 13 Months

Product Tested By Aurora Therlaway – Arran 13 Months

Aurora Awarded The mOmma Rocking Fork 4.4/5

I think the fork looks great as an initial impression. As a breastfeeding mother I also felt endeared as the brand was Lansinoh. I think the packaging makes the fork look really good. The branding of Lansinoh is good and as I said above as a mother who has used Lansinoh breast pads and nipple cream I felt I had confidence in the brand. The fork is great my son struggles to hold any food on a spoon but he managed better with this fork, the weighted bottom seemed like a good idea as I could put his food on the fork and then it would stand up on his high chair tray ready for when he wanted to pick it up. My son was between 12-13 months using this fork. I do not really think he has the ability to manage a fork by himself but in terms of me putting the food on the fork and him holding it was fine. The fork was extremely easy for me to hold, obviously different to a normal fork but it was fine. My baby seemed to have no problems holding the fork. I could load food on the fork easily, either putting something like a piece of sausage onto the fork piece or just using it like a spoon and putting something like mashed potato on. For that reason I think loading the fork was easy and the head is great as it is not too sharp. It was my baby’s first introduction to a fork as previously only ever had a spoon. Thisfork did stay upright. I think my babyliked it as opposed to me using it. I don’t think he was too interested in the roly poly motion but I think this is more because he is a bit greedy and just wants to eat all of his dinner quickly. It was a nice addition to help my child learn to use cutlery but I would not say it added to the ease or enjoyment of meal times as he is happy at the moment just to use his fingers. I think £3.99 is a fair price for the fork. I think the design and the packaging is fine as it is. I will continue to use this product maybe in a couple of months when my son is a little bit older. I would recommend this product it looks good and is different to use and should be helpful when it can stand up, especially in a few months. I really liked the product but only giving it 4.4 as I think the target age is maybe a bit young to be mastering cutlery. Great funky looking product from a brand I trust and am happy to use. Aurora Therlaway – Arran 13 Months


Product Tested By Michelle Rowley-Hill – Amelie 1 year

MichelleAwarded The mOmma Rocking Fork 4.5/5

Very funky looking and eye catching. Took a little getting used to as the base it quite big for little hands but she soon got the hang of it and really liked using it. The outer packaging was eye catching and appealing and was very easy to unpack. There was no unnecessary packaging with the fork. The quality was excellent. It endured quite a bit of being dropped (and thrown) onto the floor which did not damage it in any way. The actual fork was made of good quality plastic which despite lots of biting remained completely intact. When we first got it she had trouble holding the base of the fork as it was quite chunky for her little hands but once she had mastered it she was fine.  The fork itself is quite small in relation to the base and perhaps could have been a little longer to make it easier to scoop up the food. Initially she did struggle because she had never used anything like it but she very quickly learned how to hold and use it.  After mastering this Amelie could hold this fork easily enough. The fork worked better as a scoop than to actually ‘spear’ food, so it was more like a spoon really. I think the fork perhaps should be a little longer and should have another prong if it is going to be used as a fork as it is almost impossible to use it like a fork. It is far more successful as a spoon. The fork stayed upright all the time when not in use. The only fault with that was when she had something quite runny like baked beans it would all run down onto the base of the fork and her hands would end up covered in food. She really liked the roly poly motion, which was fine when the fork was clean, not so when it was loaded with dinner!! It did distract her quite a bit at first and for that reason I think it would be a good idea if you had more than 1 so they can play with 1 and eat with the other! Although I liked the fork I think it is quite expensive for 1 item of cutlery. I think an extra prong should be added and perhaps make the fork a little longer. We have been using the fork since we’ve had it and she finds it easier and easier to use. I would recommend it if it was on offer.  I wouldn’t recommend it at the full retail price.  I liked the fact that the fork came with a protective case which made it great for popping in your changing bag. The material that the base is made with made it really easy to grip and it is a really eye catching colour. A fun product and a great way to start babies eating independently. MichelleRowley-Hill – Amelie 1 year


Product Tested By Emma Burrows –Leila 1 year

Emma Awarded The mOmma Rocking Fork 4.7/5

I loved the look of this fork. Funky, colourful and looked very good quality. The packaging is very good and also informative. I really like this fork as Leila does have trouble with her spoon but she took to this fork really quickly. Really liked the weighted bottom as was easy to place food on fork and then would stand upright making it easier for Leila to pick up and use. This is a great idea and although my daughter has not mastered using the fork on her own just yet (needs a bit of help) the design is great and it will be something we will continue to use for a while yet. This fork is very easy to use and right size for your child to hold. I found it easy to place food on this fork and my daughter could pick up easily enough with encouragement and feed herself. I found this was so much easier and nicer to use compared to the spoons and helped her understand how to use a fork. Once loaded this would stay upright due to the weighted bottom (great idea). The rolling motion was not really a hit with us but just liked the design of the fork and how easy it was to use. A good design and great way to introduce cutlery to your children as helps them to understand how to use a fork.  Also handy to take out with you as comes with protective cover so just pop in your bag.  I think £3.99 is a good price as a unique design and very good quality. We will certainly continue to use this for a while yet. I would highly recommend as a good way to introduce cutlery to your children and an easy design making it easy for them to master. A really nice looking fork, great colour and something different. We have enjoyed using this fork and helped us at mealtimes. Emma Burrows – Leila 1 year



 Great funky looking product from a brand I trust and am happy to use.


Aurora Awarded The mOmma Rocking Fork 4.4/5

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