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mOmma Soft Spoon

Round ergonomic shape The round shape has been specially designed to make the grip easier for baby’s tiny hands.Safe and hygienic The spoon rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene.Soft Texture The soft tip of the spoon encourages the natural transition from teat to spoon.Roly-Poly The Roly-Poly movement is one of babies’ favourite games. It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.Non-slip The special rubber coating ensures perfect adhesion to tables and high chairs.And when baby grows…mOmma grows with him, thanks to the rigid fork that enables the baby to get used to normal cutlery gradually.
Suitable 6 Months Plus


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£3.99 Available Amazon, Kiddicare, Mothercare, or click online to find local stockist.

mOmma Soft Spoon Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca McFadyen – Edward & Caitlyn – 10 Month old Twins

Product Tested by Rebecca McFadyen – Edward & Caitlyn – 10 Month old Twins

RebeccaAwarded The mOmma Soft Spoon 4.2/5

Very bulky, was unsure whether it was too big for my daughters hands! I liked the packaging, simple but effective. Seems very high quality. My daughter had a low birth weight so she found it too big for her tiny hands, my son faired far better so I’d say it may need tweaking slightly. Reasonably easy to hold just takes a little getting used to! Edward found it ok to hold, but Caitlyn struggled.  When using alongside finger foods they found it hard to grip!  The spoon stayed upright due to the weighted base. They loved the roly poly motion and wanted to play with it after dinner time as a toy!  I don’t think it made too much difference to their eating, they are good eaters! I think this is good value for money. Design improvement, Maybe made ever so slightly smaller. We will continue to use this. I would recommend especially for those who have fussy eaters. My twins really like this spoon, they think it is a great toy and they are happy to try and feed themselves with it.  Quite happy with the product! Rebecca McFadyen – Edward & Caitlyn – 10 Monthold Twins


Product Tested By Amanda Clarkson – Eva 10 Months

AmandaAwarded The mOmma Soft Spoon 4.6/5

Lovely product, nice packaging, great design.  Packaging eye catching, would notice it on a shop shelf. The spoon is very sturdy and safe. I found this spoon slightly too wide for my daughters mouth. Relatively easy to hold just took some time to get used to. The spoon did stay upright 90% of the time. My daughter found it a lot easier to use this spoon, kept her entertained and made feeding times fun. This spoon is very good value for money. I would suggest offering this spoon in 2 sizes, maybe slightly narrower for smaller children. We will continue to use this spoon. I have already recommended this spoon to friends with children of a similar age to Eva.  Makes meal times fun and interesting. Would have been a 5 if sold in 2 different sizes.  A very interesting product, made meal time fun and my daughter can now feed herself after just 2weeks of using it! Amanda Clarkson – Eva 10 months


Product Tested By Dil Hurst – Ruby 9Months

Dil Awarded the mOmma Soft Spoon 3.8/5

That it was agood idea. Packaged well although mine had been damaged in transit so maybe a bit more bubble wrap is required. This spoon is very well made. It’s a bit too big on the end for her to hold properly yet, her hands are still quite small.  I found the length of it is a bit too small so it didn’t feel comfortable in my hand. She couldn’t grasp the end properly with one hand but managed it easily with two hands. This spoon would stay upright. Shedid like to play with it. The roly poly motion is great until they pick it up and drop it on the floor, especially on a wooden floor it’s a very loud noise which you wouldn’t get with a normal plastic spoon as this one is very top heavy. I do think this offers value for money. I will not continue to use as a spoon although I don’t mind giving it for her to play with as a toy when she is sat on a carpeted area. I wasn’t overly impressed with this item, it was top heavy, too bulbous for the baby to hold and too small for me to hold comfortably to feed her. The spoon end is quite large to fit in her mouth too.  I would maybe aim it at children a year old and above. Great idea in principle but it didn’t really do it for me. Dil Hurst – Ruby 9 Months

My twins really like this spoon, they think it is a great toy and they are happy to try and feed themselves with it.   


 RebeccaAwarded The mOmma Soft Spoon 4.2/5   

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