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mOmma Warm Plate

Warm Meal Hot water is poured into the plate through a special hole to keep food warm during mealtime.Taste differentiation The plate is divided into two compartments to separate different foods so that baby can experience various tastes.Wide base  The wide and round base makes the product perfectly stable, thus avoiding tipping.Non-slip The special rubber coating assures perfect adhesion to the surfaces of tables and high chairs.And when baby grows… mOmma grows with with him thanks to the handy everyday Plate that can be introduced when baby learns to eat meals more quickly.
Suitable 6 Months Plus


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£7.99 Available Amazon, Kiddicare, Mothercare, or click online to find local stockist.

mOmma Warm Plate Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Kelly – Alfie 1 Year

Product Tested By Nicola Kelly – Alfie 1 Year

Nicola Awarded The mOmma Warm Plate 4/5

Looks quite big and bulky but nice and bright and looks well-made. The packaging was nice and bright it gave a clear indication on how to use the product. The product was of high quality a nice smooth area where food is to be put and a rubber bottom to prevent slipping. I did think that the bowl was slightly large and would not be practical for taking out.  I think this is mainly down to the water compartment. As it was myself or my husband holding the bowl I don’t really think this made much of a difference.  It was nice looking though. With the bowl being quite bulky I found it hard to store away with my other plates/bowls as it would not stack or be stacked upon very well. Easily wiped clean. The plug looks secure and when I used it was sure not to overfill and it did not leak when I used it. The rubber base made the bowl less likely to slip when using it. I would say yes good value for money.  However, when using it with younger babies, probablyat the start of the weaning process. My little boy was 1 and feeding himself so did not really reap the benefits of the bowl as much as I would have when he was 6 months old.  I would suggest making the base section slimmer.  I will use it but probably not that much with my little boy being able to self-feed. I personally would recommend for babies aged 4-11 months. I thought it was a great product, a clever product and think that had I tested it 6 months prior I would have used it and appreciated it a lot more.  The idea is great I know from past that warm food is a must with some babies.  I would recommend but think it would be better maybe a bit smaller for carrying around in mums already heavily packed baby bags. Nicola Kelly –Alfie 1 Year


Product Tested By Sejal Shah – Sahil & Jayden 3 Yearsand 8 Months

Sejal Awarded The mOmma Warm Plate 3.9/5

The plate looks much bulkier than I imagined it would but impressed by the bright colour. The packaging told me as much information as I would have needed if  I went out and purchased this item myself – the key being the fact that it is a hot plate with the water in a sealed area. The plate is robust and solid – it has been dropped many times when not in use as a plate and no dent as yet! I think that the plate is a little too big for the early stages of weaning given how much food my little one consumes- however this has been a fantastic plate size for my toddler allowing the separate compartments for various foods.  The design does makes for a happier mealtime but if there were more colours in sectioned areas it would allow me to keep Jayden’s attention longer. This is not really a stackable plate – it is currently sitting under all my other plates and bowls for the children – if its anywhere but the bottom then the whole pile would topple. The plate is straightforward to clean – except for the first time when trying to actually remove the stopper required the strength of a super human! Can be a little finicky to empty out all the water and know that it is completely dry inside. I was sceptical about leakages I was sure that this was going to end up spilling water all over the dining table etc. but how glad I was to be proved wrong – think the industrial plug did the job. It has a wide base – which make sense given the food plate needs to be over warm water to keep food warm – very effective as the food stayed at a good temp for my very slow eating 3 year old. Also has a non slip base which I did not feel was as effective think some sort of suction base is required with any weaning tools for 6m plus. It does offer value for money if you have achild that eats very slowly – not convinced I would have bought this for Jayden at first weaning stages though. Think there needs to be a suction base and possibly more colour inside the plate. On the toddler and gradually as Jayden starts more finger foods and understands concept of plate will allow him to use it –currently fear 8 month old would use plate as a Frisbee! Again as mentioned earlier I would recommend for children over 1. Think earlier than that I am not convinced its value for money. Great for toddler or baby led weaning; not ideal for early stages of weaning. Sejal Shah – Sahil & Jayden 3 years and 8 Months


Product Tested By Katherine Class – Angie 11 Months

KatherineAwarded The mOmma Warm Plate 4.5/5

A nice well-presented plate and looked good quality. Packaging was good and clear instructions on how to use the product. The bowl was good quality and you had sections to allow you to place different foods in the 2 sections. The base is good as keeps it stable on table and highchair surfaces. A good plate to have at home. I found the plate a good size for Angie. I did like the water compartment as was easy to ensure meal was warm when dishing up Angie her lunch or dinner.  Normally I would just pop in the microwave but this bowl kept her meals at a nice temperature while eating as she is a bit of a slow eater.  I liked the look of this bowl. Something a bit different. Not easy to store due to design but a good idea to have a bowl you can heat with water and keep food warm for your baby at home. The plug in the bowl is very secure and did not leak.  Also very easyto keep clean .Good to have the  2 sections as we could encourage Angie to try some different foods and experience different tastes. The bowl was a goodsize for us and I did find it very good quality. Good value for money.  I will continue to use it and when Angie can feed herself will also be a good bowl to use. A really good idea to have a bowl to keep food warm for your little one. Glad we had a chance to try this and I would recommend.  Something we will be using for a while yet so represents good value for money.  A good quality bowl which is ideal to have at home to keep your little ones food warm at mealtimes .Katherine Class – Angie 11 Months



The idea is great I know from past that warm food is a must with some babies.


 Nicola Awarded The mOmma Warm Plate 4/5 

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