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Moon Sand Princess Friend

Create an enchanting underwater world by moulding turtles, starfish and sea horses from Moon Sand. Make sea snails for your mermaid to ride on for lots of under the sea fun. Includes mermaid figure, turtle mould, starfish mould, seahorse mould, snail mould, shovel, bucket and 2 colours of Moon Sand.

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Moon Sand Princess Friend Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicci Place – Olivia 5 Years

Product Tested By Nicci Place – Olivia 5 Years

Nicci Awarded the Moon Sand Princess Friend 4.1/5

Nice bright design, bright sand, good range of moulds and accessories. Good, easy to navigate website. It has a good range of creative and craft toys for children and the short video clips make it easy to see the way the toy is used. Provided bags of entertainment for my 5 (almost 6) year old.  My daughter loved this. She has played with it on numerous occasions and the plastic moulds and reshape able sand have kept her entertained for hours. However, once the separate colours of the sand have mixed together they cannot be separated again. We started with pink and blue sand, now only have purple. Good for hand/eye coordination, She has made other shapes from the sand not using the mould. As a parent I find it very messy but my daughter loves it. Children love it, great for stimulation and imaginative play! But parents should be prepared for messy play. Nicci Place – Olivia 5 Years

Product Tested By Joanna Kaniewska – Lucy 4 Years

Joanna Awarded the Moon Sand Princess Friend 4/5

We really looked forward to playing with it after seeing adverts of TV for Moon sand.  Great website with a massive selection of toys, very easy to navigate around.  Like the look of the aqua sand!  Lucy was very excited to receive the set as she has seen Moon Sand Advertised on the TV! Initially Lucy played with the sand for over an hour. But a lot more sand ended up on the floor than was left on the very small play matt! Lucy has great fun burying the mermaid in the sand repeatedly and making sand castles with the sand. Simple enough to play with although Lucy had a little difficultly getting the sand out of the moulds so didn’t really play with them, just the sand on its own with the mermaid. Excellent quality, the sand can be used over and over providing you don’t mix the colours. Limited things you can do with it though.  A Good product, easy to play with, needs supervision though as is quite messy as the play matt that comes with it is tiny so a lot of sand ended up on the floor.  But the sand hovers up with no problems. I would definitely recommend it! Joanna Kaniewska – Lucy 4 Years

Product Tested By Venetia Mcdade – Lucy 5 Years

Venetia Awarded the Moon Sand Princess Friend 4/5

On first impression I was delighted to receive this product as was my daughter.  It looked like lots of fun and something we hadn’t tried before. The pink colour scheme was ideal for a girl however my daughter thought she would get all the items on the box (from the bigger set) and so was a little disappointed. The packaging kept the products in good condition although the play mat required some flattening from being in the box. I liked the products very much, our biggest gripe were that there were not enough of them. The set occupied my daughter for quite some time, however the sand does not hold the shapes very strongly and creations easily fell apart causing frustration.  In addition once the colours are mixed they cannot be separated and this somewhat spoils its appearance on the next play. My daughter however loved it and I have no concerns about letting her play with it. The product is great for encouraging imagination especially once the child gets bored with the included items and uses anything that comes to hand, or just their hands to make new designs. The product feels nice to use and seems to be asking to be played with, the sand looks incredibly pretty. Perfect for hand eye coordination as some of the designs to make can be fiddly. Also can encourage sharing and creativity too. The product is very good value for money if you have older children who will not drop it all over the floor, although it does hoover out thankfully.  Also once the colours are mixed it limits the designs some children want to create because the colours are not technically correct anymore.  I do like the accessories that came with the sand and the sand itself was lovely, so I would buy it again as a gift, but not as an activity toy for a rainy day. I like the product and with extension packs it gets even better. The sand is a great alternative to play dough, much prettier and nicer to touch and since it doesn’t get the sticky feeling after a few days of use better value for money as long as it’s not dropped over the floor. Positive experience, from the moment I opened the envelope and saw the bright pink packaging and the delight on my daughter’s face at getting a gift she’d seen advertised on the TV to the moment we opened the box and realised that a world of sand modeling had arrived on our dinner table. Venetia Mcdade – Lucy 5 Years

 Children love it, great for stimulation and imaginative play!


Nicci Awarded the Moon Sand Princess Friend 4.1/5

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