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MORI Clever Sleeping Bag

  • Crafted from our signature organic cotton 30% and bamboo 70% fabric
  • The safest way for your baby to sleep
  • Suitable from 4kgs (8-9lbs) – 2years
  • Double direction zipper & side shoulder opening
  • Available in 2.5 TOG
  • Fill: 100% Polyester (Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 Baby certified free from any harmful chemicals or substances)
  • Clever travel seat-belt / pushchair opening
  • Personalisation: Case sensitive and up to 10 characters
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Tumble dry on low or line dry naturally for best results

Baby Sleeping Bags, when used correctly, are one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby. The fitted neck and armholes ensure that there is no danger of slipping whilst maintaining the complete freedom to move. MORI’s breathable and thermoregulating bamboo and organic cotton will also keep your baby at a natural & safe temperature through cold nights and warm days.

MORI’s Clever Baby Sleeping Bag has been designed to be used instead of blankets for safety – they prevent your baby waking up uncovered and minimise the risk of SIDS. Sleeping bags act as a wearable blanket, which can’t be kicked off, helping you as a parent to have peace of mind when putting your baby down to sleep.

Little one will have freedom to grow as the MORI baby sleeping bag can be used from 4kgs (8-9lbs) – 2years. Make sure your baby’s head cannot pass through the neck hole when fastening; if it can, the sleeping bag is too big. With a clever travel seat-belt opening and double direction zipper, sleeping on the move and night time changes will seem effortless. Our 2.5 Tog Sleepsack is perfect for all year round (room temperatures of 16-20°C) to keep little one cosy.


Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Sleeping Bags Category

Price £69.50 Available to purchase Baby MORI, Selfridges (London & Manchester Trafford Centre), Fenwick (Newcastle), AlexAndAlexa, The Tot

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MORI Clever Sleeping Bag Reviews

Product Tested By Alex Hunnisett – Amelia 6 Month

Alex Awarded The MORI Clever Sleeping Bag 5/5

Very well packaged. It looked and felt high end in the way it was boxed and wrapped. I love the idea that it will grow with her and adjust as she grows. Equally, the fact you can safely use it in a car seat or pram is brilliant, no need to keep tucking in blankets!  Simple, easy to understand guide without unnecessarily wordy instructions.  She fell to sleep easily without fussing even with night feeds and changes as we didn’t need to fully take her out of it. She was snuggly warm and it is beautifully soft against her skin.  She was warm and cosy the whole night.  It seems to work well. The fitting stops her sliding in or out of it but she doesn’t seem uncomfortable when moving. So far we’ve only been able to test how well it keeps her warm, but she never seems to get too warm as she can in other sleeping bags.  I do agree this is much better to use instead of blankets as she can’t pull it up and over her face and she can’t roll into it either. The material is so soft I don’t want to put her down! I’m jealous of my 6 month old! The double direction zipper makes changing her nappy at night much easier and she doesn’t get cold because she doesn’t have to totally come out of it.  The travel seat-belt/pushchair opening is a brilliant idea. I love that it has poppers that cover the openings. It can be quite fiddly to get the buckles through though. Tested on first use after a nappy incident. Washed in the machine brilliantly with no stains left at all.  I used this mainly at home for naps and overnight in her cot. It’s a well thought out design that is incredibly soft and seems hard wearing at the same time. My only issue was there was a thread that had been caught that went across the inside of the bag. A final check would have found it but it could have caused real issues of I hadn’t have checked it before using it.  This is ideal for newborn – 2 years.  It’s a lovely size and we’ll definitely get plenty of use from it. I love that it can be used for so long, fitting her now and for another 18 months (hopefully!).  We use it in circulation with one other sleeping bag when it needs washing, but when it’s used, it’s used three times a day for naps and through the night too.  I would say it is very good quality, its multifunctional and very soft. In total honesty, I struggle to justify paying £70 for a sleeping bag, but having tried it out now, I would recommend others did!  Having tried it out and realised how lovely and useful it is, I would buy it.  I feel that others would love it too but would need to hear it first hand to believe it’s truly worth paying that amount.  Amelia loves it, I love it and we’ll get a lot of use from it for a long time to come!  It felt luxurious from the very start with the way it was packaged and I was stunned at how amazingly soft it is. We’ve used it at home and out and about and it’s still in good condition. I love that it will grow with her over time and I feel like it will stand the test of time (and baby usage) well! Alex Hunnisett – Amelia 6 Months

Product Tested By Fu Tang – Ruby 10 weeks

Fu Awarded The MORI Clever Sleeping Bag 5/5

It was beautifully presented in a gift box and we couldn’t wait to open it. We think it’s a great sleeping bag. The fabric of the material is of a very good quality and it is very soft. It gave a lot of comfort to my daughter when she was in it. This really is self-explanatory on how to use. Yes she liked being kept warm and it snuggled in. she slept well when using it. My daughter stayed in the correct position throughout when in the sleeping bag. There was no danger of her slipping down. I do agree this will keep my baby at a natural and safe temperature through cold nights and warm days. I do agree this helps prevent my baby from waking up uncovered and minimise the risk of SIDS. My baby stayed in the same position when using the sleeping bag. She was still able to move her arms and legs so had some freedom still but unable to move down into the sleeping bag. The fabric is lovely to touch and felt like a good quality material. The double direction zipper is very practical and made it easier to get the baby into without fuss. Great ideal to have the travel seat-belt/pushchair opening. It washed well in the washing machine and left it to air dry fine. We used the sleeping bag for naps in the day and in the night when she was sleeping. We also used it as a blanket around the house. I really like the quality and feel like it’s worth the money. This sleeping bag will serve you well from newborn – 2 years as it is very long and had plenty of space for growing use.  I liked the softness of the material. We used this every day.  It’s a long lasting sleeping bag made of a good quality fabric. It is easy to use and wash and looks lovely. I would buy this because of the longevity you can get out of it and because it is safe to use with a newborn. I would recommend for the same reason. We love the sleeping bag and intend to use it for as long as possible. Great product, great quality. Fu Tang – Ruby 10 weeks

Product Tested By Kirandeep Raker – Ari 4.5 Months

Kirandeep Awarded The MORI Clever Sleeping Bag 4.4/5

I was very impressed with the style of packaging and presentation when it arrived. Care and time has been taken to ensure the presentation was to a very high standard.  I think this is a very clever concept. The user guide is very clear, simple and easy to use. Provided me with all of the information I needed to know about the sleeping bag. He was comfortable wearing this sleeping bag and there were no complaints. He was comfortable and cosy sleeping in this sleeping bag and there were no complaints.  The fitted neck and armholes worked perfectly as its design meant it fitted snug around baby’s body but safely. He was very cosy on cold nights and on not so warm nights the sleeping bag ensured he did not overheat.  With this sleeping bag there was no need for blankets so I felt reassured as baby slept that he was safe and no risk of danger. The material of this sleeping bag is amazing. It was incredibly soft and felt luxurious quality. Even after washing it remained the same. The double direction zipper was very useful and a clever feature to make night time nappies easier.  I had no opportunity to use the travel seat-belt/pushchair opening.  However I thought this was a great detail to the sleeping bag and have not come across this before with other sleeping bags. There have been times where my eldest child would be ready for bed outside of the home but would often have a blanket on her in the car for the journey home. The sleeping bag would have been used on occasions like this which would have been most helpful.  Very easy to launder and it was as new each time the quality of the product did not falter and I have washed it a good half a dozen times.  We used this mostly at home.  Fantastic quality product.  The buttons located at the bottom to shorten the length of the sleeping bag are a very clever feature. I tested on my newborn and my 2 year old toddler on different occasions. It worked lovely on them both.  I liked the versatility and simplicity of it. That one single unisex sleeping bag can be used from 0-2 years and throughout all seasons. It saves you having to buy different sleeping bags for different ages, sexes and seasons. I used this every night unless it was ready to be laundered or drying following laundering. Despite all of the features and its innovative design I do not think the product offers values for money at £69.50. I would not buy this product purely because it is more expensive than I would choose to pay for such a product.  I would recommend the product as I think it’s a fantastic product and I would encourage my Friends and family to consider it if they were happy to pay the RRP for it which would be their choice. I was extremely satisfied with this item. Kirandeep Raker – Ari 4.5 Months

It felt luxurious from the very start with the way it was packaged and I was stunned at how amazingly soft it is. We’ve used it at home and out and about and it’s still in good condition. I love that it will grow with her over time and I feel like it will stand the test of time (and baby usage) well!


Alex Awarded The MORI Clever Sleeping Bag 5/5

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