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MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit

MORI’s Zip-up Sleepsuit has been delicately designed to keep your little one feeling comfortable all night long, and to make nighttime changing as simple as possible. We’ve crafted our Zip-UP Sleepsuit from our signature bamboo and organic cotton fabric, for the softest and safest feel on baby’s sensitive skin, and for breathability and warmth through all seasons.

Featuring fold over mitts for sizes under 6m to make sure your little one doesn’t wake themselves up with an accidental scratch.

This family favourite also makes the perfect gift for a baby shower.

– Signature bamboo (70%) & organic cotton (30%) fabric

– Zip feature for easy opening and access

– Fold over mitts for babies under 6 months

– With feet for babies under 9m

– Without feet for babies over 9m

– Non-metal nylon zipper – concealed for safety

– Pocket detailing for cute design

– A variety of colours, including grey, white, blue stripe, blush stripe, grey stripe and stardust

– Easy to care for – Machine wash at 30°C to keep fabric soft

£32.50 Available to purchase Baby MORI, Selfridges (London & Manchester Trafford Centre), Fenwick (Newcastle), AlexAndAlexa, The Tot


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MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Anderson – Henry 17 Months

Charlotte Awarded The MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit 4.9/5

Beautifully packaged and very high quality. Very soft material. Love the idea of zips rather than poppers so much easier for wriggly babies and that it has a two way zip so you can zip upwards for a nappy change. Lovely soft material also. Very simple to use and great fit. The zips make it very easy to put on baby and so much quicker.  Great fit but a bit baggy round the legs.  Very comfortable and soft for sleeping in. Would be good to have feet that fold on and off.   Much easier to change baby at night than your standard popper babygrow. The material is amazing so super soft and washed amazingly also.  Loved the concealed zip.  Great can zip with confidence that you won’t nip babies’ skin and makes its super comfortable for front sleepers like my baby. We also used it during the day like a comfy PJ type outfit also would be perfect for travelling in. Washes great and the material means it will wash well over and over. We used this once a week, my baby is quite messy so needs washing every wear.  Great quality and great design.  I loved the soft material and the zip function meaning you can change baby quickly and easily.  Good quality item but overpriced there are other products on the market that are cheaper.  I may look to buy another as I love the zip feature but the colours and designs need more variation.  I would recommend as a great product for a new mum and baby lovely for a gift.  Lovely item, lovely design and lovely material. Great item only thing that would be useful especially when travelling would be fold over feet. Charlotte Anderson – Henry 17 Months

Product Tested By Natasha Dowling – Blake 6 Months

Natasha Awarded The MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit 4.4/5

Loved the design, the material is super soft and comfortable too.  Clever idea, easy to change nappy in the night as not having to fiddle around doing buttons up.  This was so easy to use. This went on very easily. Fits perfectly, he’s now 6 1/2 months and still fits nicely with plenty of room. He slept nicely in it, looked comfortable there was no loose/tight material anywhere. The soft material made it comfortable too.  Easy to change Blake at night as it was one zip, made changing quick and easy. Didn’t have to fiddle around trying to pop up poppers. The material is so comfy and soft; Blake moved easily and freely, was breathable material too.  The fold over mitts are handy when baby has long nails or cold hands. Fitted very well, baby was happy to have mitts on. Was easy to unzip, had no problems undoing the zipper. Great that it was hidden, Blake loves to fiddle with things but was unable to do so with this which was good for his own safety.  We used this at night and during the day on a number of occasions, often on long days out to keep Blake comfy and warm.  Very easy to wash and stayed in perfect condition even after multiple washes. Blake’s nappy also leaked one time and the stain came straight out.  I would use this weekly sometimes more. Overly impressed with the quality, would buy this product again. I loved the material and ease of nappy changes due to the zip feature.  Rather expensive but the quality of the material makes up for that.  I would buy this. Blake was comfortable and happy wearing it. The only thing that would hold me back is the price. I have recommended this to a few friends already. Also got a lot of comments on sleepsuit. People loved the material.  Absolutely loving this product, love the material and the fact it has a zip. The packaging in came in was cute and made it feel special. Would make a great gift to someone with a new baby. As previously stated the price is slightly high. Natasha Dowling – Blake 6 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Symons – Michael 17 Months

Victoria Awarded The MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit 5/5

Its lovely and soft fabric good quality, lovely design. Very easy to use, didn’t snag or catch just glides up and down with little effort. Very easy to put on, took so little time compared to a 2 piece pyjamas or sleep suits with poppers, so much easier when you have a wriggly baby. Perfect fit, wasn’t tight or really baggy, and fitted him perfectly with enough room to move around comfortably. My baby looked very comfortable and he was happy when he was wearing the sleepsuit, he slept soundly with plenty of room to move around in his sleep. Nightime changing was so much easier due the zip rather than poppers, doesn’t disturb their sleep as much. The fabric is lovely and soft and doesn’t have any rough seams or hems; it’s delicate on his sensitive skin. Fantastic, the zip didn’t dig in, isn’t close to the skin and there is no way he can undo it himself and the slider is easy to conceal at the top and easily folds down, doesn’t stick out in anyway. We also used when we’re having a lazy day and we don’t get dressed or when he is unwell and spending lots if time cuddling and napping. Very easy, it washed well didn’t crease much and didn’t require any ironing; it still remains soft after a few washes so far. He loves it so much, he wears it until next bath or when its dirty and then we wash and wear again so quite a few times a week. Extremely good quality, no threads from the seams no nicks or snags, love the softness of the fabric. I love the fabric and the zipper fastening, so much easier than poppers, doesn’t take much time to fasten or undo. Yes it is excellent value for money, the sleepsuit is very well made, the fabric is lovely and soft the seams and hems are perfect and the zipper is great, made of plastic so it doesn’t dig in and it’s concealed too. Would definitely love to buy another one.  I would recommend as I have mentioned before, the fabric is lovely, washed well, the zipper fastening is amazing and the design is fantastic. Love this sleepsuit, so does my son, such lovely fabric, design and quality too.  This sleepsuit is lovely, it fits him perfectly; the zipper fastening is amazing, the quality is fantastic, the fabric is lovely and soft and it also washes and dries well. Victoria Symons – Michael 17 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Bosson – Harrison 16 Months

Sarah Awarded The MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit 4/5

Love it! Love the fabric – the colour, pattern and the texture – and love the packaging. Very easy to use just a regular sleep suit but with a nice easy zip. Really easy to put on and way easier than loads of poppers.  This was a good fit and he is quite tall for his age. He did feel comfortable in this. The suit was soft and stretchy and the zip doesn’t stick out at all. This did make nightime changing easier as the zip is faster and easier than poppers. The material is really soft and lovely.  The concealed zipper is so much easier than poppers and he couldn’t get to it to open himself so that was great. The suit washed really well, kept its shape and the softness of the fabric. We have used this several times so far.  Lovely quality material and workmanship. I loved the design, the quality, the fabric and the colour. It’s really nice but it’s quite a lot for one sleep suit and babies do get through a lot of sleep suits. Elsewhere you could get a pack of 3 for the same price or less and they’d still be good quality suits. I would buy this because it is really nice.  I’d be more inclined to buy one as a gift for someone else though as it feels like more of a luxury item.  I would recommend as a lovely quality item.  Such a lovely item but price point may make it slightly impractical for many parents to buy in bulk.  I really loved this product. The suit is easy to use, great quality, really soft and I like the pattern, the fit, the ease of the zip, the packaging it arrived in and the branding. The only downside is the slightly high price tag but it’s more of a thought consideration than a negative. You do expect to pay for quality. Sarah Bosson – Harrison 16 Months

I would recommend as a great product for a new mum and baby lovely for a gift.  Lovely item, lovely design and lovely material. Great item only thing that would be useful especially when travelling would be fold over feet.


Charlotte Awarded The MORI Zip-Up Sleepsuit 4.9/5

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