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Morning Sickness Acupressure Wristbands

If you are suffering from morning sickness and looking for a discreet natural solution, try our high-quality acupressure pregnancy wristbands.

Shout-outs…Can be worn discreetly – Size: One size – Colour: Black – Medical device: Class 1 – Full instructions provided – Natural solution

Our bands are a listed medical device classification 1.  They can be used for different types of nausea: Morning sickness; Travel sickness; Motion sickness; Chemotherapy sickness; Post operative; Vertigo

Our wristbands use the principles of acupressure to counteract feelings of an upset tummy. They have a metal stud, which apply gently pressure to the ‘Nei-Kuan’ points, which has allowed many people to feel relief. Our bands are made from high quality cotton, which elasticated and fit snug around the wrist and allows the metal stud to press down on the acupressure point. The bands must be worn on both wrists so that the stud is pressing downwards onto the ‘Nei-Kuan’ point.

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Price £7.50 Available online

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Morning Sickness Acupressure Wristbands Reviews

Product Tested By Bethan Anderson – Penelope 21 Months & Mum To Be

Bethan Awarded The Morning Sickness Acupressure Band 5/5

I really liked the way it was packaged and the travel tin is very handy as I lose everything in my handbag. Very clear instructions and the diagrams made them even clearer. I have tried normal travel bands and they were uncomfortable after only a couple of minutes. With these bands I was able to wear them for hours at a time and sometimes even forgot I had them on. I found these much more effective than previous sickness bands I have used. They did not relieve my symptoms 100% on days when it was particularly severe but did really help with the constant nausea I was experiencing. Once placed on your wrist this started to work within a few minutes. I was surprised at how quickly I felt the effects. I found the case very handy. I am forever losing things in my bag but having the bands in the tin meant I could find them quickly and easily. The tin also means they are kept together at home too when not in use. I used these most days towards the end of my first trimester. I loved how comfortable they were to wear for long periods of time. Really impressed with the quality. They made a big difference for me during my first trimester and meant I was able to be more present for my child. I would by these. Not only were they effective they were also comfortable. The travel tin is also a big selling point for me. I would recommend for the same reason. I was a bit uncertain about how effective these would be after previous experiences with sickness bands however I was really impressed with the quality, comfort, and effectiveness of these ones. They made it possible for me to have a more normal day rather than being confined to the sofa feeling overwhelmingly nauseous.

Product Tested By Catherine Stewart – Mum To Be 

Catherine Awarded The Morning Sickness Acupressure Band 3.5/5

When these arrived initial impressions was very good.  I really liked the little tin box that the bands arrived in, and thought it was a good way to store them as they’re the type of things that are liable to get lost. The packaging was bright and appealing. I thought it could have been a little bit clearer about the correct placement of the bands on your wrists- perhaps picture instructions could have helped? The bands were a very snug fit on me, but I think this is intentional. I didn’t find the bands that comfortable to wear, and found that they made my wrists a little bit sweaty, leading to irritated skin. I do have very sensitive skin, and find that close-fitting garments do act as an irritant. The pressure of the bands on my wrists did help a little with my morning sickness as a good distraction. There was some improvement immediately after placing the bands on my wrist, which is one of the bonuses are opposed to medicinal remedies which take a little while to kick in. The case was very useful in ensuring that the bands were not lost and to keep together in your handbag. They’re so small, they’re easy to misplace! As I am in the latter stages of my pregnancy, my morning sickness has eased although I do have instances still throughout the week. I used this product about 2-3 times a week. I like the fact that it is a completely natural remedy to ease the symptoms of morning sickness. Many of the anti-nausea medicines are very strong and have lots of nasty side-effects. It’s also an immediate treatment rather than having to wait for the effects to take hold. The overall quality of the product was really good. The bands were well made and sturdy, and the actual packaging was of good quality. Although I didn’t find the bands that effective in easing my morning sickness, for a very low price of £7.50 the product would definitely be worth trying. Now I have tested them and know that they don’t really help me personally, I would not consider buying. However, if I hadn’t had tested them, for £7.50, I would definitely be willing to give it a try. Although I didn’t really feel they worked for me, I would still recommend that family and friends give them a go, as they may well work for them. For a low price and a completely natural, non-invasive remedy, it’s certainly worth giving a go. I really wanted to love this product as I’m always keen to use natural, non-medicinal remedies for pregnancy related symptoms. However, I did not find that the bands were that effective in easing my morning sickness symptoms and personally found the bands quite uncomfortable and irritating to wear. I thought the presentation of the bands in their tin case were lovely, and that they would make a nice, inexpensive gift for an expectant friend. For a low price of £7.50, I would not be too disappointed if I bought this product and found that they didn’t work for me. Catherine Stewart – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Kim Parson – Mum To Be

Kim Awarded The Morning Sickness Acupressure Band 4.6/5

Very impressed with the design, nice and colourful and loved the little tin. This instructions included diagrams which I found very useful and easy to follow. I was surprised how well these fitted around my wrist and found them really comfortable to wear. I really did not think these would work but was pleasantly surprised how well they did work for me. I suffer with really bad nausea and these really helped make me feel more normal. I would say once I had put these on within about 10 minutes I started to feel them working. The case is great, just loved this as could keep in my bag and use when required without losing the bands. My youngest suffers from car travel sickness and I tried these on him and again surprised how well they worked, as he was not sick in the car when travelling to see grandparents.  I would use these most days as I am now in my second trimester. I loved the carry case and the fact they actually worked. I had not heard of this company before and was very impressed with the high quality of this product. They worked so without a doubt great value for money. I would buy these to help with travel sickness for my youngest son, and if I fell pregnant again would definitely buy these. Would definitely recommend as they work well.  Was not sure if these would work, but surprised how comfortable they were to wear and how well they worked.  If you suffer from morning sickness do give these a try.  Kim Parson – Mum To Be


Bethan Awarded The Morning Sickness Acupressure Band 5/5

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