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Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie

The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a reversible hooded travel wrap, uniquely shaped to fit neatly into standard car seats (up to age 4) or pushchairs, bouncy chairs and supermarket trolley infant seats. The 3 or 5 point safety harness feeds through the openings in the Baby Hoodie and fastens over baby’s indoor clothing. The deer-stalker style hood provides extra protection across your baby’s forehead and ears in cold, windy weather and lies completely flat behind your baby’s head when it’s not being worn. Versatile. Can be used in car seats, pushchairs, bouncy or swing chairs and shopping trolleys. Available in lots of colours and thicknesses, suitable for all weathers both at home and on holiday.

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Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Howarth – Baby Rosie 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Sarah Howarth – Baby Rosie 6 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie 4.6/5

It doesn’t look as expensive as it is. Material is nice and soft, colour pink is nice. Website is easy to work, pictures and prices available for all products. Contact details available, gift wrap option. Website comes across friendly and easily used by anyone. Once you get the hang of this item it is easy to use after doing it once. Yes keeps her warm and because I was able to strap it to the pram, she couldn’t kick it off herself.  Saves time when out and about   because it didn’t fall off. It is not difficult or time consuming putting it through the straps of the pram. Washes well and still came out as soft as before. Made going out easier.  Rosie normally kicks her blanket off her straight away so having it pulled through the straps meant she couldn’t, so I wasn’t constantly picking it up and putting it back on her. This is designed to be used in air conditioned cars and this was a benefit. Quality Very good. Whilst reviewing the product the weather has been varied, I didn’t find I needed to take the blanket off the baby when it got warmer as it still kept her cool. Apart from the fact it can be used in different kinds of weather I think it is a little overpriced. However it is good quality material, I think it will last for quite a while. Product is good design but would be nice to have a little picture on the hood of a bear or something.  This is a high value item and would purchase it if was a little cheaper.  Have already recommended to friends.  Overall a really good product. Very useful,. Easy to use, very useful, soft and warm for baby. Sarah Howarth – Baby Rosie 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Jodie Smitten – Baby Rose 5 Months

Jodie Awarded The Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie 4.3/5

Good concept will be good to use when we are out late and want to wrap Rose up in the car and/or she falls asleep in pram. Website is easy to navigate, nice calming colours used. Products on offer are useful and look well made. This is so straightforward to use. we don’t tend to have sleeping issues anyway, but it was great for keeping in the pram and then wrapping around Rose once she had dropped off, she also liked snuggling up to it when dropping off.  Saved time as meant not having to disturb Rose once she was sleeping. Put this in with normal wash no problems. It made the transfer from car seat to cot and to pram easier as I was able to remove rose from one to the other without removing her nice warn blanket and hence waking her.  We do not have air con in our car, so this aspect of this item was not relevant to us when travelling in our car. Lovely soft material.  Certainly kept Rose warm when we had her out later than usual. I thought it was great as it was a good design.  I think a toweling version for swimming would be great too.  I would certainly purchase this item and have already told many of my friends about it. Really great for keeping baby fast asleep when moving travelling about.  Jodie Smitten – Baby rose 5 Months

Product Tested By Tracey-Ann Walpole – Baby Jemima 7 months

Tracey-Ann Awarded The Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie 4.2/5 

Great website, easy to navigate and it does exactly what you would hope – gives you all the information you need in an easy to view format. Really easy to install in my Maxicosi car seat (I already have a foot muff for my Bugaboo so haven’t used the Baby Hoodie in that). I wrapped Jemima up in it in an instant and she looked blissfully happy and very cosy! I started using it on the school run when Jemima wasn’t really fully awake and it has kept her snug and sleeping on the cold September mornings. She often used to wake up the minute I got her out of the car and is now sleeping much longer because she is so cosy. I wouldn’t say initially the Hoodie has saved me time but I guess it means I haven’t had to put Jemima in a cardie or coat, so when we get back home or to where we are going, I can just get her straight out of the car seat and into a room without having to remove extra layers of clothing. Really easy – no problems with washing at all. I don’t have the air conditioning on unless I really need it – trying to save petrol and the planet! I guess it would be useful if your car has very efficient air conditioning – not a problem in mine!! Really good quality – the fleece is ultra soft and it is very well finished. I must admit that I haven’t used it for this yet as we haven’t had that many hot evenings here in Wiltshire – we are going to Spain in October though so I shall definitely take it with us and try it out in the evening. I have to say I think this is quite expensive compared to a standard blanket, but any item which helps a baby sleep for longer has got to be worth its weight in gold! Great item, very practical, super-cosy!! This is a great idea for busy mums who need their babies to feel cosy while on the move – a winner! Tracey-Ann Walpole – Baby Jemima 7 months



Overall a really good product. Very useful, Easy to use, very useful, soft and warm for baby.


Sarah Awarded The Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodie 4.6/5

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