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Morrck Splasha

Made from super soft double sided cotton velour towelling, our splasha children’s towel for bath, beach and swimming is perfect for snuggling up in after any splashing activity. The Splasha children’s towel comes in 3 sizes XS (1 – 3 yrs) S (3 – 5 yrs) and M (5 -7 Yrs)Reasons you’ll love the Splasha children’s towelQuick & Easy.  No struggling with wriggly toddlers and towels, just wrap them in their splasha and let it do the workDesigned to last.  We have styled the splasha so that the sleeves can be rolled up to accommodate growth, so each size should last a couple of yearsComfortable.  Wrap around not over the head.  With sleeves for added warmth and comfortFeel of the fabric.  We’ve source some superbly soft cotton towelling.  One touch and you’ll love it!Great Quality & Value.  Made to high standards, made to last.

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Morrck Splasha Reviews

Product Tested by: Dimple Joshi Kaul – Yuvraj – 2 years

Product Tested By Dimple Joshi Kaul –
Yuvraj – 2 years

Dimple Awarded The Morrck Splasha

This looked really nice and soft
when arrived. Well designed and easy for the child to put on and
remove after swimming.
2 year old son found it easy to wear and felt warm also. Very soft and
doesn’t fluff like other towel wraps. Fabric was good quality. The towel wrap
was very comfortable for my son to wear after swimming. To the point he kept it
on to have lunch while he dried up also.
I have used it both after swimming and at the
beach, I have also at times used it after a shower on my son. Easy to wash in the washing machine and still remains nice and soft. Great value for money
and would like to get one for my daughter.I have already recommended it to many mothers and will
continue to do so. Great towel wrap for
a toddler, easy to use and very soft.
Joshi Kaul – Yuvraj – 2 years

Product Tested By Katie Broadbent –
Ruby 18 months

Katie Awarded The Morrck Splasha 4/5

expected product to come in fancier packaging initially looked a bit old
fashioned. I was not a fan of the trim and it seemed quite wide. Great design. I have been struggling to find a product like
this as it is so much more practical than a poncho towel. We loved the handy
pocket on the front which was great for putting my daughters dummy in and
keeping it from trailing on the floor. I had the smaller size and was practical
for my daughter although the sleeves were rather wide. I think that by making
it slightly narrower in the sleeves would make it more practical and also by lengthening
it slightly to make it calf length. It did not dry my daughter as well as I had
hoped though. Brilliant quality took away with us on holiday and was used on
both on the beach and pool and had sun cream on it and was washed several
times. The fabric didn’t shed and remained soft. The edging on the hood did run
when it was washed so I had to rewash after the first wash. My daughter loved
wearing this both after getting out of the sea/pool and out of the bath. The
hood was so practical as it is larger than a poncho towel. After using the
product I think I would mostly use it for the pool/beach as opposed to the bath
as it is a tad too short for bath use. I
washed this at 40c as it had sun cream stains all over. It was dried on a cool
tumble dry and came out so lovely and fluffy. I did not iron it. I think that it is a
bit on the pricey side as a similar poncho towel on the high street is between
£5-£10. If it was half the RRP I think that the mass market would purchase
rather than selling this as a mid-range product. I
will use it when I go to the swimming pool weekly instead of a towel. I would
recommend and advise of price. The splasha is
great, my daughter loved the product. Washes up well and is practical. Bit
pricey but a great product never the less. Katie Broadbent – Ruby 18 months 

Tested By
Carmella Mann – Jake 2 Years 6 Months

Awarded The Morrck Splasha 4/5

good quality and felt soft. Loved the
pocket at the front, ideal for dummies etc.
Poorly stitched on button, fell off within seconds of first use. This is
ideal for swimming etc. Hood rather large and kept slipping off. Fabric very
soft inside and out, non-itchy. This was comfortable for my son to wear but
sizing was a little big for him. Ideal to take to pool
side to keep baby warm on way to changing room. Easy
care, has kept softness, no ironing required, very low care. This is a really nice item but personally feel
bit overpriced. We will continue to use
this as size generous so has plenty of use left. I would purchase if on special offer. Would recommend and outline price. This is a cute towel, practical but bit pricey.Carmella
Mann – Jake 2 Years 6 Months

Great towel wrap for a toddler, easy to use and very soft. 


Dimple Awarded The Morrck Splasha 4.5/5


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