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Morrck Wrapture Coat

Our much loved wrapture coat.  Now made with a waterproof outer. Available in sizes XS and S.  available in a selection of 3 colours.

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Morrck Wrapture Coat Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Viranyi – Kaitlyn 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Viranyi – Kaitlyn 1 Year 2 Months

Melanie Awarded The Morrck Wrapture Coat 5/5

Wow! What a good idea! It is great! Lovely bright colours. Maybe a little too much fabric for a toddler in car seat – there seems to be a lot to strap down! Definitely a practical coat!  It always takes us an age to get ready to go anywhere, mostly because we are fighting to get coats on. With the Morrk Wrapture Coat you just slip it over their shoulder and fasten the button. Before they know what is what and they are ready to go! Durable, hardwearing. Fabric used washes well. So far so good! Kaitlyn is just 1 and only just walking so doesn’t wander off very far. I expect though that when she is older it may be a coat for cold days with no wind. I can see her getting annoyed if the front flap blows up in her face and/or flops over if she bends over to pick things up. Not sure how dry she would stay either.  Looks very comfortable to wear. The coat does not cause any irritation although it is probably a little too big for her still and so is like a blanket!  All fabrics are machine washable.  Very good value for money and we will definitely continue to use this coat.  It looks great, is easy to put on/take off and keeps Kaitlyn warm.  We love it!  Melanie Viranyi – Kaitlyn 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Christian Munt – Rosy 2 Years

Christian Awarded The Morrck Wrapture Coat 4.9/5

Looked a good quality practical coat for Rosy.  Very easy to get on and Rosy really enjoyed wearing this coat.  Made life easy when we were getting ready for our trips out with only one button to worry about. High quality, kept Rosy warm and hard wearing.  Will last a while.  The only slight problem is in the wind the front of the coat blows open.  Seems to be fairly waterproof and good warm coat.  Rosy loved wearing this and no complaints so must have been comfortable.  This is easy to care for as can be machine washes.  Very good value for money and good quality.  A well made coat that we will be using for a while yet.  Will recommend and would purchase this item.  Now one of Rosy’s favourites.  Christian Munt – Rosy 2 Years

Product Testes By Kerry Evert – Amber 2 Years

Kerry Awarded The Morrck Wrapture Coat 4.8/5

WOW, it looks really stylish! I love the coat; it is warm, easy to put on and looks to be comfortable. The only drawback is that the 1 button means that when my toddler runs around, it flaps open, which in my opinion doesn’t make it very practical for very cold weather so basically we only used it in autumn. The coat washes very well and dries quickly, the outer layer is better than most for wiping clean. Most importantly it doesn’t have all the stress and fights attached with fastening 5 buttons or trying to keep a zip up with a strong willed toddler! Very good quality! Good craftsmanship. I wouldn’t have said it was waterproof, for in the rain, but it is resistant to water (i.e. the water doesn’t soak into the outer layer very quickly) it is very warm, except for the flapping open when she walks around (because of the 1 button).  I felt that the neck opening was a bit small and it seems a bit tight on her neck, but that also kept her nice and warm. I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable for her, she never complains with it on, but she couldn’t wear a scarf with it, although that is not a bad thing, as she is still warm enough around her neck.  I think it causes me more irritation than it does for my 2 year old. The neck does seem tight, but she has never complained (and she would!!!) She couldn’t wear a thick jumper with it as the sleeves wouldn’t be big enough, but again this is not necessary in autumn. I think the coat is better suited for autumn weather than winter temps!  Easily machine washable, dries overnight in my house (less than 8 hours!) the only trouble is the fleece lets off a bit of fluff which sticks to the outer layer, but that can just be brushed off.  Definitely good value, she’s worn it through autumn and it’s still big enough for spring (even though she’ll be 2 and a half and the coat is for 1-2 years. She is a big girl, in the 75th percentile for height and weight, so I would say this shows the coat is well sized).  I have already recommended it. Many people have commented on how lovely it is too!   I think this coat is wonderful; it takes the stress out of getting a toddler into a coat. She can’t run off when I’m trying to button or zip her up and she can’t undo the 1 button as it is on her shoulder. The button is big enough to be able to do it up with 1 hand, which is great, as that’s often all that is available 😉 The fleece is warm and cosy and the outer layer is good and windproof/water resistant. My 2 year old can’t do the button as it’s on her shoulder, but I don’t see that as a disadvantage, although they do advertise that it’s easy for a child to do it themselves.  Kerry Evert – Amber 2 Years

It looks great, is easy to put on/take off and keeps Kaitlyn warm.  We love it! 


Melanie Awarded The Morrck Wrapture Coat 5/5

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