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Mosi-guard Natural Cream

Mosi-guard® Natural is the World’s most widely used and successful natural insect repellent.
The active ingredient is Citriodiol®. This is a naturally occurring extract of lemon eucalyptus oil distilled from the eucalyptus citriodora tree (corymbia citriodora), which is a renewable resource. Leading authorities worldwide now recognise Citriodiol’s first-rate efficacy making it the only plant-based repellent with this level of accreditation. Mosi-guard Natural has been extensively tested in eminent laboratories throughout the world and in field conditions in Tanzania, Malaysia, Bolivia and Scotland.Highly effective natural insect repellent
Mosi-guard Natural has become the world’s most widely used and successful natural insect repellent. It is nature’s most effective way of protecting yourself from biting insects such as mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks and midges. Mosi-guard Natural also protects against leeches.For use by all the family
Use Mosi-guard Natural in high and low risk areas where malaria is present. Use it often as it protects against daytime and night-time biters. Mosi-guard Natural has been shown to provide effective protection for up to 10 hours.Unlike chemical based repellents, Mosi-guard Natural can be used on all members of the family including small children and will not damage plastics or synthetic fabrics.  

Mosi-guard® Natural Cream
Powerful, natural insect repellent.Recommended for adults and children from 3 months of age.Protects against biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks and midges.Trials have shown effective protection for up to 10 hours after a single application.Contains 30% Citriodiol® (oil of lemon eucalyptus).For use in high and low risk areas where malaria and other insect transmitted diseases are present.Fresh, zingy smell.DEET free – harmless to plastics and clothing.Mosi-guard Natural is made from a natural and renewable resource and is kind to your skin.Directions for use
Apply evenly and liberally to exposed skin when necessary.Please note, humidity, high temperature and other environmental factors can reduce the duration of protection.Content: 100mls  

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Mosi-guard Natural Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Trudie White -Archie, Noah, Rory, Isaac – 8, 4 3& 1 Year


Product Tested By Trudie White -Archie, Noah, Rory, Isaac – 8, 4 3& 1 Year

Trudie Awarded The Mosi-guard Natural Cream 4.9/5

I was veryimpressed by the overall product and especially the eye catching packaging. I thought it looked like a great product. I thought the packaging was very good, very eye catching and looked like a really good quality product. The instructions were very easy to follow, straightforward. Very easy to apply, just rubbed it in for a moment. Just what you need when the midges are biting!! It absorbed very quickly into skin. It was great and worked very well. I don’t think any midge repellent is 100% mind you. It was very good though. I used the cream on all members of my family and some friends too, as we live next to a dam and the midges have been rife in my garden. It seemed to have the same effect on everyone. It only caused a slight irritation to my husband as he rubbed it near his eyes!! I think the product is great quality and does what it says. Really good value for money one tube will last me for a long time as you only need a little at a time. I think the design is just right. I will be purchasing another tube once my tube has run out. One of my friends has already bought some for her and her family. She used a little of mine previous to that. I think this insect repellent is a very good quality product and does exactly what it says it does. Trudie White-Archie, Noah, Rory,Isaac – 8, 4 3 & 1 Year


Product Tested By Anna Simpson – Maggie & Grace 10 & 1 year

Anna AwardedThe Mosi-guard Natural Cream 4.1/5

Look interesting, simple. Packaging different but good. Instructions very simple and easy to follow. The cream was very easy to apply. Didn’t feel oily, felt like a moisturiser cream. It is hard to gauge whether this was very effective and whether it stopped me from getting bitten as I very rarely get bitten, and there are not many insects about at the moment that I wold get bitten by. I only used this on myself. Quality is good, didn’t feel like I was putting something toxic on my skin as it had a scent of peppermint essential oil. Personally I feel this is a bit expensive.  I would recommend and explain that I have tried it and they should have a go if they are having problems with getting bitten. The smell on the skin is a bit overpowering, but feels nice on the skin. Anna Simpson – Maggie & Grace 10 & 1 year

Product Tested By Heidi Till – George 5 Years
Heidi AwardedThe Mosi-guard Natural Cream 4.7/5
Looked a very good quality product and liked the packaging. Instructions very easy to follow. This was so easy to apply and would absorb into the skin really quickly. We used this on holiday and found it to be effective and also effective at home as we live close to a river so gnats always about. Found it helped during the day, but at night definitely reduced the amount of gnat bites. I was impressed with this and surprised it worked so well. Never caused any skin irritation and the whole family used this. Good value for money as a little goes a long way. Love the design. I had not heard of this product before and would purchase more in the future. Already recommended. As an insect repellent it was effective, easy to use and good quality. Heidi Till – George 5 years









  I think this insect repellent is a very good quality product and does exactly what it says it does.  


Trudie Awarded The Mosiguard Natural Cream 4.9/5   

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