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Moxie Girlz Rockin Band Dolls

Everyone loves music, but no one loves music as much as the Moxie Girlz™ who are having fun playing in a band. Each doll comes with her own instrument that is played by the girl, so the girl can play the music, too! Avery™ and her guitar, the instruments play the Moxie Girlz™ instrumental theme music too! Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). For ages 3+

Help Sophina bang her drums in the Moxie Girlz Rockin’ Band. Sporting cool purple hair and matching outfit, Sophina is ready to take the world by storm with her music skills. Tap out a catchy rhythm on her drums or just press the special button to hear the Moxie Girlz theme tune. This 26cm tall doll comes with hairbrush and is ideal for kids aged three and up.

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Moxie Girlz Rockin Band Dolls Reviews

Product Tested by: Susan Allen – Leah 3 Years

Product Tested By Susan Allen – Leah 3 Years

Susan Awarded The Moxie Girlz Rockin Band Dolls 3.9/5

My first impression was that this was a nice little doll. The packaging was fine. I thought the style was good. She looked like a little pop star. However, for the price I would have expected something bigger and I was disappointed that there was no way for the doll to hold the guitar. If your little girl likes dolls then she will like this. I had no concerns about my little girl playing with this. My daughter likes dolls and so added this into her collection to play with. However it wasn’t a particular favourite. This toy, as with all dolls, is great for role play. It could also help develop hand –eye coordination and colour recognition. The clothes were able to be removed and were brightly coloured. My daughter found this straightforward. It is simply a doll (not dissimilar to a Barbie) with a little guitar that plays when you push a button. Unfortunately the doll cannot hold the guitar which is a shame and led to the guitar quickly being discarded. A strap round the guitar would have easily solved this so I’m surprised the manufacturer didn’t think of this. Leah already had a Barbie and her car and enjoyed putting this doll in the passenger seat and playing with them together. The doll and guitar seemed good quality and were quite sturdy. The dolls clothes and boots were brightly coloured and of good quality. I felt that the price was too expensive in comparison with other similar dolls on the market. Although this doll has a guitar the fact that the doll was unable to hold it meant it wasn’t used much by my daughter. I would not consider buying it at this price and to me it didn’t really stand out as very different from other dolls on the market. My daughter liked the doll but was maybe too young (age 3) to fully appreciate the trendy clothes etc. I would expect older child to pay more attention and be more impressed by the details on the hair, clothes etc. The guitar did have an off button though which I was happy about! Susan Allen – Leah 3 years


Product Tested By Katie Archer –Jasmine 4 Years

Katie Awarded The Moxie Girlz Rockin Band Dolls 3.5/5

Looked a good quality doll. Packaging colourful and appealing to a child. Size of the doll was good and style was great as came with really colourful clothing. Entertainment value was good as my daughter likes playing with her dolls. The age suitability was ideal. Was a nice colourful doll to play with and helped with imagination and role play. All dolls are good fun to play with. Personally I was not impressed that the boots are actually the feet so if they get pulled off the doll has no feet! I personally feel this doll is overpriced. Looks initially good and I can see girls a little bit older than 4 getting the ‘cool’ factor. The feet / boots need looking at for sure. Is expensive for what it is as well. Katie Archer – Jasmine 4 years


Product Tested By Ali Glyn – Lara 3 Years

Ali Awarded The Moxie Girlz rockin Band Dolls 3.5/5

Fun product, appealed to my little girl. Packaging had lots of bits to cut through and there were plastic ties anchored in the dolls head. Even when cut as close to the scalp as possible you can still feel the sharp ends poking out. Nice change from the Barbie dolls, but still overly sexualised for a young child. My daughter loved the drum set that came with her Sophina doll. The plastic poking out of her head isn’t great for any child. I still think dolls for little girls should look like little girls and not be so sexualised. She played with it for a day or so, mostly enjoyed brushing her hair. Has now been relegated to the doll pile for occasional use – didn’t become a firm favourite. Very strange that taking the boots off involves the lower legs being removed! The only distinction from other dolls of this size was the drum set, which is fun. My nearly 4 year old couldn’t get the legs / boots back on. I would say the doll is standard but the drumset that it comes with is unique. Quality is good. Seems expensive for what it is. Another Barbie-type doll, I like the rock band idea but sadly it still has to follow the sexual stereotyping in the figure. Ali Glyn –Lara 3 Years


My daughter liked the doll but was maybe too young (age 3) to fully appreciate the trendy clothes etc. I would expect older child to pay more attention and be more impressed by the details on the hair, clothes etc. 


Susan Awarded The Moxie Girlz Rockin Band Dolls 3.9/5   


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