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MU 100% cheddar Patz

MU Patz are round cheese slices made from 100% cheddar and are perfect if your little ones want to get involved in the kitchen or just fancy a delicious snack. Ideal for decorating pizzas and sandwiches, placing over hot pasta or topping mini jackets potatoes.  MU Patz are a good source of calcium and protein, 21g of MU cheese
is the equivalent to one glass of milk*. And what’s more, they’re completely natural – each tasty disc is 100% MU medium cheddar, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added.

Each pack includes 16 Patz, ideal for fun with the little MUs in the kitchen and creative sandwich solutions for lunchboxes

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£1.30 for 140g 16 Slices - Available to purchase Tesco Stores or click online to find local stockist

MU 100% cheddar Patz Reviews

Product Tested by: Donna Hives – Joshua3 Years

Product Tested By Donna Hives – Joshua 3 Years

Donna Awarded The MU Patz 4.4/5

Great packaging would catch my eye in the stores. These are round cheese slices which come in a pack of 16. Ideal to put in sandwiches, or make cheese on toast, or put in toasties or even add to top of pizza for some extra cheese. The taste is mild but I feel this was just perfect for Joshua. I love very strong cheese, but these were ideal for Joshua.These are natural cheese snack with calcium and protein. Nothing added all pure 100% cheddar cheese. These are so convenient as each one is individually packed. I mainly used these in sandwiches for Joshua and sometimes added to a ham toastie and he loved them. Nice pack and perfect to keep in the fridge for when you need them. When Joshua goes back to nursery these will be ideal to put in his sandwiches and I won’t have to worry about cutting thin slices of cheese to put in his sandwich. Quality is good. This is an ideal convenience food and price is on a par with other similar products. The taste is good, but if you have children who like a slightly stronger taste this may be too mild for them. I will be purchasing more and recommended as this is such a convenient cheese snack to have handy at home. A fun pack of cheese snacks that are ideal to use in sandwiches, packed lunches and topping for jacket potatoes.We all enjoyed these. Donna Hives – Joshua 3 years


Product Tested By Rebecca Gaulle –Megan 4 Years

Rebecca Awarded the MU Patz 4.2/5

Packaging very colourful and inviting. Good information on the pack and confirmed no artificial colours or additives all natural. Come in a pack of 16 round pieces of chees which are all individually packed making it easy for you to use what you need each time. Nice to just open one to have a quick snack and great for sandwiches or adding something extra to a pasta meal. The taste is nice and Megan liked this cheese. Natural cheese full of calcium and protein so a good nutritional snack. We kept these in our fridge as mainly used these at home to put in sandwiches for Megan. She liked to eat them straight out of the pack, but a convenient way to have a nice evenly sliced piece of cheese to pop in a sandwich. A good idea and the price is more or less the same as other cheese snacks. The packaging is very appealing and does make you want to buy these. A good snack item which we enjoyed. I would purchase these again and have recommended. A nice cheese bite/snack for children. Rebecca Gaulle– Megan 4 Years

Product Tested By Laurence Walker – Isabella 3 Years

Laurence Awarded The MU Patz 4/5

Good quality packaging, certainly appealing to children as vibrant colours. Taste is very mild and Isabella liked them, but not her favourite cheese snack. Good for calcium and protein and all natural nothing added. A pack of cheese round slices so good convenience food for when you are in a rush. My daughter liked the taste but she preferred other snacks to these. Reasonable value for money compared to all the other cheese snacks available. These are quite bland in taste so maybe offer a variety of tastes. I would not purchase these again as not a hit with our daughter. I would recommend as a good convenience food, ideal snack and worth trying. Nice idea, great packaging and natural cheese snack. Laurence Walker – Isabella 3 years




 A fun pack of cheese snacks that are ideal to use in sandwiches, packed lunches and topping for jacket potatoes.We all enjoyed these. 


Donna Awarded The MU Patz 4.4/5  

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