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MU Milkshakes

MU milkshakes are deliciously thick & creamy, perfect for at home or on the go. 
Made with no artificial flavours or colourings it is a great source of calcium.
MU Milkshakes are available in Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry

Nutritional Information:
Nutrition valuesPer 100 mlEnergy285 kJ/67 kcallProtein3.4gCarbohydrate11.4g  (of which sugars)10.6gFat0.9g  (of which saturates)0.5gDietary Fibre0.0gSodium0.4g


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£1.20 Each Available to purchase in Tesco or click online to find local stockist

MU Milkshakes Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Pearce – Courtney & Cameron 8 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Pearce – Courtney & Cameron 8 & 7 Years

Kerry Awarded The MU Milkshakes 5/5

I was really impressed with this parcel when it arrived. The Milkshakes came in a MU Cold bag with ice packs that could be used again.They tasted delicious, thick and creamy and full of flavour. Courtney and Cameron really enjoyed them too. The nutritional benefits are great. They contain no artificial flavours and provide a good level of calcium too. The packaging was great. The bottles were a lot like another well-known brand. These are convenient to have in your fridge at home. The quality of the milkshake is great. They were thick and creamy. I think they do offer value for money.  I actually buy another branded one for about the same price. I would definitely buy these again if I saw them in the supermarket. I have already recommended these to family and friends. I was very impressed with them and loved the cool bag that came with them. We all really enjoyed the taste of these milkshakes. We tried the chocolate and the strawberry and they were both delicious. Kerry Pearce – Courtney &Cameron 8 & 7 years


Product Tested By Helen Seth – Charlotte 4 Years 6 Months

Helen AwardedThe MU Milkshakes 4.5/5

Looked fun and cheerful, cartoony packaging. Lovely natural taste – not got that artificially tang that so many products aimed at children have. She loved it and signed for more. The strawberry was the particular favourite. Good source of calcium without too much added to it, nice change from ordinary milk to have as a treat or reward. Packaging is Fun and eye-catching. Just open and pour! What more is there to say? A very convenient product to use. Good quality product. Thought this product would be a little too expensive for a regular drink however good as a treat or reward. Have already purchased more and recommended. We have enjoyed tasting and rating this product, Charlotte had particular fun signing to tell me how good she thought it was and how many out of 5 I had to put down on the questionnaire for the question on how much she liked the product. Helen Seth – Charlotte 4 years 6 Months


Product Tested By Juliette Snow – Steven & Lynnette – 4 & 7 Years

Juliette Awarded The MU Milkshakes 5/5

Looked brightand colourful when arrived. Certainly caught my children’s attention. These really did taste delicious. These are very tasty, thick and creamy so a hit with my children and me! They are packed full of flavour and taste like homemade smoothies. The nutritional benefits are very good as good source of calcium. Plus they contain no artificial nasties. The packaging is very bright and colourful and would certainly capture my attention in the supermarket. Very appealing to children too. These are well designed, easy to use and very handy to keep in the fridge for when they come back from school and playgroup.  Very good value for money as an excellent tasty milkshake which is a good source of calcium. I have already purchased more and recommended to all my friends and family. We all loved these and so tasty. Juliette Snow –Steven & Lynette 4 & 7 Years



We all really enjoyed the taste of these milkshakes, they were bothdelicious.


Kerry Awarded The MU Milkshakes 5/5 

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