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"I’m Wendy, pre & postpartum exercise specialist & flatten-er of mummy tummies! Also mum to a gorgeous little boy & to a feisty little girl who might just rule the world one day…I created the MuTu® System to show you how to rediscover your waistline AND your body confidence after having children… however long ago you had them!It’s a unique, proven, step by step 12 week program & video series of restorative exercises, highly effective workouts, yoga & motivational techniques that give you everything you need to flatten your mummy tummy!In the UK? Check to see if there is a MuTu Licensed personal trainer in your area!Register up there in the pink cloud to receive my free special report & bonus Top Ten Ab Exercises video!"

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Mu Tu System Reviews

Product Tested by: Gill Robbins – Harrison 4 Years, Rosalind and Annabel 2 ½ Years

Product Tested By Gill Robbins – Harrison 4 Years, Rosalind and Annabel 2 ½ Years

Gill Awarded The MuTu System 4.8/5

The information pack that comes through via email is very in depth and very informative. It certainly told me a few things that I didn’t know before. I did enjoy doing the work outs as I felt that they were tailored exactly to me. And they were short enough to be able to squeeze them in. I do feel better for using the Mu Tu system even though I wouldn’t say I feel massively fitter, I do feel like I have some more control over my tummy! It felt like it didn’t belong to me before. It has had an effect on my tummy area, it has certainly tightened it up and I feel like it is part of me now, rather than just being there! The options available are great, every video comes with instruction of what to read in the information pack first if you wish to do so. I think it is a very high quality product. It feels like it is tailored to you. I do think this is value for money, as the money you would spend at a gym over 12 weeks would far exceed this. I’ve also been given information I’ve never seen before as well as healthy eating advice, which is sensible and doable rather than being strict and prescriptive. I would consider buying this product, as it is different to other products out there. I would definitely recommend this to women who have had children as I feel it addresses the issues you specifically have. I think this is an excellent product. It’s really easy to use and I it feels really friendly. It’s easy to follow and fits in to your day. Perhaps the only thing I would change would be to have an option to receive the information pack as a printed document. The document you receive comes as one long document (where it is in fact two documents in one file) and you do need to use the two in tandem. Although the simple option is to just print it out, it is over 100 pages long and used a lot of toner. However this is a very minor niggle for a very good product. Gill Robbins – Harrison 4 Years, Rosalind and Annabel 2 ½ Years

Product Tested By Emma Spires – George 3 Years and Charlie 18 Months

Emma Awarded The MuTu System 4/5

It looks very comprehensive and professional which gives me confidence in the product, but I wasn’t sure whether this would work for me. You are given a downloadable booklet with all the instructions in it and it’s laid out very well. My one criticism is that there are a lot of pages, about 100 in total, and you really need to be able to read them without having to go online so I had to ask my husband to print it out and find a folder. It’s easy to see how it works, but I found the food side very hard to stick to and trying to do a workout everyday was difficult too. Each week you get sent the next set of videos via email and I sometimes found them difficult to follow as there were no verbal instructions on some videos. All exercises were shown in diagrams in the folder but if you’re an auditory learner this doesn’t help, and by the time I’d turned the computer on, watched the video and looked it up in the booklet I was not in the mood to work out. It got easier as you repeated the exercises but it made the start frustrating. I have definitely felt better for using the Mu Tu system. I felt more toned and not so groggy from doing the food approach. I would have liked a DVD format that I could put on any TV were I had a good workout space and music would have helped. I think it does offer value for money, but you need to be very motivated. I don’t think that I would buy this purely because I need something a bit more user friendly. I do like the idea and concept of this product, but I think that it could be more user friendly and was hard for me to follow. It would really help if you were sent the pack through the post with a DVD that covers all 12 weeks, as then you are set up and ready to go. I don’t always get onto a computer quickly and so fell behind on some of the workouts. Emma Spires – George 3 Years and Charlie 18 Months

Product Tested By Jacqueline Southam – Corey 14 Months

Jacqueline Awarded The MuTu System 3/5

I thought that it was an excellent idea and was excited to try it out. The content of the Mu Tu system goes into a lot of detail, perhaps more than needed, but all in all was an interesting read. When I was able to do the workouts I did enjoy them. For the period of time used I feel slightly better. I thought the options available on the system were well thought out. The print out went into a lot of detail, the videos were informal but to the point; therefore, overall satisfactory. I think it would have been better value for money if the documents were sent in the post rather than having to use my own printer, and having to print them off. I also never received the video for week three which was extremely disappointing. I would recommend as a good system but only if the price was lower. To start with i was excited to use the system. However, i soon found it quite boring and when i didn’t receive the video for week three i then let the routine slip. If the final video for week final week had arrived safely then I would have followed the system rigidly and marks would have been higher. Jacqueline Southam – Corey 14 Months

It’s really easy to use and I it feels really friendly. It’s easy to follow and fits in to your day.


Gill Awarded The MuTu System 4.8/5

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