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muggi is the safest drinks tray in the world!

muggi tray, cup and mug holder

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muggi is a new unique and innovative mug and cup holder enabling up to four mugs, glasses, bottles or whatever else you can fit inside, to be carried and stored easily and safely.

Designed and manufactured in the UK from lightweight but super tough plastic, muggi trays are available in eight colours: bluegreypurpleredlime greenpinkdark green and black

muggi will catch all unwanted spillages, features non-slip rubber feet plus finger and thumb-holds – making it easy to carry for young or older hands. It is the only product of its type currently available in the world!

Pick up a muggi for your workplace and say goodbye to awkwardly carrying a drinks tray across the office and make it easier for those less-able to carry drinks.

muggi mug carriers are perfect for your boat, caravan or camping trip, with the non-slip feet preventing spillages in rougher conditions and the 88 year guarantee means it will handle virtually anything you want to throw at it!

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Muggi Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Carter – Ella 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The MUGGI New Recycled 5/5

I thought it was great, lovely design, good quality, great colour, nice and robust, not heavy at all, really light and easy to hold. It looked stylish and the cup holes are perfect, I love the thumb holes and grips at the bottom, that it’s made in Britain and has hour flag on it. I loved the fact my child could hold it easily, it looked easy to hold and clean. Over all a great first impression. The design was fantastic, really robust and easy to hold, very smooth finish, well thought out and looked very stylish. It had a retro look about it, but I loved that as I love retro items.  I was very impressed by the sturdiness and robustness off the product and the colour was great too. It was very easy to move around the home. It was easy to carry and place down. Felt comfortable in the hand, not heavy or uncomfortable. It did was it was meant to. Also the product avoided any spillages and made it much safer to carry drinks from one room to another without burning your hands for hot drinks. It helped my children not spill any drinks over on the table, which usually happens often at home. I loved how the children could benefit from this as well as adults. Also I love the fact it has thumb holes and soft grips/pads at the bottle to stop it slipping and help grip to the table. Also not allowing MUGGI to slide or move. I like the fact it’s got slots for the cup handle, that’s great for grabbing your drink.  Also I love it’s made in Britain with our flag on the bottom. I found this very easy as usually I can only carry 2 drinks at any one time, but this made it easy to carry 4 drinks and help me transport drinks to my family in a safe and comfortable way. I could bring more than one drink so everyone was happy. This made life much simpler and less stressed. I really need items like this to help my life be easier with such a huge family. All 6 of us use the MUGGI. The children absolutely love it and won’t have a drink now without using it. Once I’ve poured the drinks and bought them into the room where we all sit, I then leave the MUGGI on the table for the children to sit and drink their drink and once they’ve had some, they pop their drink back into the MUGGI to keep it safe and from being spilt over.  My teenage daughter and 12 year old son have also enjoyed used it and love it. As well as me and my partner. We have used the MUGGI every day since receiving it, as it’s become a permanent fixture in our home. We love it and cannot do without it now. We all benefit from the Muggi. We mainly used in the kitchen and lounge. We have a coffee table so we use it on that once I’ve bought in drinks for everyone. Also we have used it in the car, to carry our Costa’s or drinks we’ve taken to the car to avoid spillages or just generally keeping the drinks safe as there isn’t many cup holders in our car. It’s so versatile it’s fantastic. We also used to carry coffee cups from Costa, our own water bottles, the children’s juice cups, and bottles of fizzy pop. It certainly can carry so many items it’s brilliant. I haven’t used MUGGI as a storage tidy as yet, as we are enjoying it more for our drinks and carrying them. It is benefitting us more for this purpose. The idea of a storage tidy though is fantastic and I love this idea, they are certainly worth purchasing more of so we can use them for this purpose. Our youngest daughter who is 4 had benefited from the MUGGI as she does struggle to hold cups without spillages, so this time has helped her so much and feel far more confident holding her drink safely. She does spill a lot of juice on many occasions so I’m glad she’s been able to benefit from using this item and it had helped her massively. It was very easy to clean, some warm soapy water and a wipe over and it came up lovely. No problems at all. I did like the wide range of colours available. Everyone always has a favourite colour so this is nice to see the options. I loved the red colour we had, it made the product even more retro looking, so that is great. Being made of recycled plastic from the ocean is very important to us. We are trying to avoid using plastic as much as we possibly  can and recycle everything we can. Our environment is the most important thing and we all need to protect it the best we can. I absolutely love how MUGGI is used from the wasted plastic from the oceans, that is amazing. It is very important as our oceans need to be protected more. If we can all do our bit for our planet, it will help it recover hopefully. Me and my family are big on eco-friendly products and always try to find the best way we can to do our bit for the environment. That is wonderful. The fact it comes with such a long warranty is reassuring this product is eco-friendly, thinking of our planet, won’t need destroy our planet as it won’t damage it with how long it’ll last and not need to be thrown away. It’s absolutely essential we have more products like this, to stop waste and damage to the planet. This is important to us as the planet needs to be saved for our future generations and our children’s future. I loved the colour and retro look of the product. The versatility of it and how we can use it for so many things, storage, cup holder, bottle holder, protect from burns and spillages, safer transport of drinks and bottles, it’s safer for children and help gain their confidence in holding drinks, the robustness of the item, it’s sturdy , made so brilliantly from recycled plastic, saving the planet and using the plastic to make something so great.  I love how we can use it in different rooms, in the car, for people in wheelchairs, our at the shops, for storage in cupboards and to cause less stress. I love how it makes life easier and allows drinks to be served in a safe and easy way. It generally is a great product all over. This is great value for money.  In fact I’d of expected it to cost much more with the 88 year warranty. This is value for money as well as helping the planet. This is most definitely a fantastic price for the MUGGI, I really think we could all do with one in our homes. This is amazing quality, and it’ll keep MUGGI from wearing quickly, breaking or becoming damaged. The high quality shows when you hold the product and the fact it can carry heavy items, such as bottle, glass, heavy drinks, also used for storage. Good quality is important when needing to use it for those things. The quality improves the safety also, which is reassuring for everyone. I would by this as it’s robust, high quality, guaranteed to last for years and years to come, it’s versatile, safe to use, easy to clean. Benefits not only myself by my family, including my children which is always an added bonus. It helps children gain confidence and helps them with their drinks . It’s made to help save our planet which is something we all need to think about, it’s a fantastic price, and I love how it can be used in so many ways. The colours are fab and having the choice is a bonus as everyone’s choice matters. I love how it can be cleaned well without issues. Overall a great product and one of which I’d buy lots of for different benefits. I certainly will be recommending the MUGGI as this is something I think we all need. Especially if we have children as drinks can cause harm if hot. This is something that’ll help so many families, or people at work, in the car, disabled people,  and for storage. It is most definitely something we could all benefit from in the future and it won’t break the bank. Plus we’ll all be doing our bit to help the planet.  MUGGI deserves this score because it is 100% an wonderful product which not only helps our planet but is safe to use, has many uses and makes serving drinks an all-round better experience. Nothing comes close to this product from what I’ve seen. This cardboard cup holders are useless and still do not stop spillages or hot drinks scalding. MUGGI is completely robust and safe and can transport heavy items and shows that it can be much safer for adults and children. It is eco-friendly,  has fun colours, easy to clean and store away when  it needed. It can be used at work, car, home , shops, anywhere. It can help so many people, and this is brilliant.  My overall experience of using MUGGI has been a fantastic one. I’m so happy with the product and just love it. Myself and my family have really benefitted from using I and it’s helped my 4 year old feel more confident in holding drinks. It’s helped cause less stress when serving drinks, it’s helped less spillages, makes drinking safer and easier for my children. It’s been great out in the car, as well as at home. I love how it’s going to last for years to come and has that 88 year warranty making it safe and eco-friendly for our lovely planet. It has a wonderful retro look about it, which is fab, and I just love the quality and what it’s made from. The overall experience has been really great and I’m so grateful we got this opportunity to test and review a brilliant product. Thank you MUGGI. Sarah Carter – Ella 6 Years

Product Tested By Josipa Setka – Jay 6 Years

Josipa Awarded Th MUGGI New Recycled 5/5

What a great simple invention. The design is very plain and simple, yet it works really well. I used it everywhere I went around the house. It was great and easy to use, especially when I had to carry more than two drinks. Definitely easier to transport drinks using this. It’s been a god send for me. I always end up shuffling around with drinks and MUGGI made it much easier for me. We all use it  at all times, including my kids. My son loves to take his drinks around, especially if he wants to drink milk but likes to have water next to him too. Makes it easier to take both around at the same time. We used this every day. Great thing to use on everyday bases. We mainly used in the living room. We enjoy it most in there since we like to relax with a cup of coffee or some drinks. We use Muggi for pretty much every drink around the house, except the tall glasses .I found it tricky to carry these in it. Didn’t use it as storage but might try that out. I think I am pretty happy with it with what it does now. I do not have any family members with disabilities but I could see how this would work well for them. Very easy to keep clean. Although I am big fan of natural colour , I do like to match décor around the house. I would think people who are like me would like different colours and might find a colour that would look nice and match with cups/plates/cutlery etc. In my family we try to recycle everything possible. It’s very important for me to teach my kids to appreciate what we got and take care of our planet. I am impressed with the fact that Muggi is not only made  from recycled material but is made from material that is collected from the ocean. Oh wow comes with 88 year warranty, somehow I skipped that part or didn’t see it at all. That is amazing. It doesn’t really bother me much since I tend to purchase something that I like a lot. I wouldn’t mind buying more Muggi’s. I love The fact that is made from plastic that was collected from the ocean. It is a great sturdy product and definitely worth the money.  As mentioned above excellent quality, durable and will last.  Without a doubt I would recommend this as perfect product for all the family. Very good for family of three or more. It’s easy to use and most drinks can be put in it. Overall great product. Something I can’t imagine living without. Made my life much easier around kid’s. We all love using it. Muggi is the best drink carrier I have come across. It’s made of very sturdy plastic and what impressed me the most is that is made of recycled material that was collected from the ocean. Although I am not someone who cares much about warranty I am sure it will be very useful to people who do. And my god 88 years is a very long period. I like the fact that there are different colour choices. I think you should maybe make some very colourful ones for kids too. My kids love using it especially around breakfast/lunch/dinner time. My hubby and I use it for all types of drinks although we find it hard to use with very long wine glasses or champagne flutes. I would recommend this product to people who need carrying  more then 2 cups at the same time as it will make their life easier . You can use at all times and its very useful item. I even used it in the garden while having a picnic with my family. I am happy I was part of testing programme as I would probably never have come across Muggi otherwise. Thanks for letting me choose the colour of my choice too.  I have been a very happy tester! Josipa Setka – Jay 6 Years

Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Zaid 11 Years

Cheryl Awarded The MUGGI New Recycled 4/5

Looked like a handy little tool to have when you are trying to manage several drinks at once ! Nice large cup holder parts that looks as though it would hold most sized mugs. Great design but I did wonder when full with 4 cups how easy would it be to pick it up ? There’s not much space underneath for your fingers to grasp and hold it. When full with 4 cups of fluid it’s not so easy to pick up so didn’t feel confident in holding it for a long time. It was easier to transport drinks using this. However it is a little heavy and not all your fingers fit comfortably underneath. 3 members used this but all commented on the same issue. It was a little difficult to pick it up when holding 4 cups full of fluid. We used it approx. once a day when all the children were home from school. Mainly used at home due to lock down. Very easy to keep clean and wash and store. I personally felt like the colours to choose from a little dull. Brighter colours would of been better. It is important to us this is made from waste plastic from the ocean as we recycle as often as we possibly can as so important to do out bit. I was not aware this has a 88 year warranty and that is fantastic. I liked the fact you did not have to make two trips to the kitchen and back when serving more than two drinks.  Personally I would not spend the RRP on this as I would not get enough use out of this for the price. The quality is very good its robust and very hard wearing. I possibly would recommend for a larger family. It is a tool you could perhaps get used to using, but sometimes we just forgot to use it.  Great for carrying more than two drinks. Cheryl Nagati – Zaid 11 Years

My overall experience of using MUGGI has been a fantastic one. I’m so happy with the product and just love it. Myself and my family have really benefitted from using I and it’s helped my 4 year old feel more confident in holding drinks. It’s helped cause less stress when serving drinks, it’s helped less spillages, makes drinking safer and easier for my children. It’s been great out in the car, as well as at home. I love how it’s going to last for years to come and has that 88 year warranty making it safe and eco-friendly for our lovely planet. It has a wonderful retro look about it, which is fab, and I just love the quality and what it’s made from. The overall experience has been really great and I’m so grateful we got this opportunity to test and review a brilliant product.


Sarah Awarded The MUGGI New Recycled 5/5

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