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Multibandz™ – Times Table bands

Exciting New Multibandz™! Children love to wear wristbands, Especially GLOW-IN-THE-DARK wrist bands. Education has never been so much fun…… with Hand band’s new Times Table bands they can also learn at the same time. Educate your children with these brightly coloured skinny bands printed with the multiplication times table.

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Multibandz™ – Times Table bands Reviews

Product Tested By Helen Dawson – Bobby 7 Years

Helen Awarded The Multibandz for Times Tables 5/5

They are really funky and appealing to kids. Packaging basic but good. In relation to the instructions, to be honest, the product speaks for itself. A very nice fit on my7 year old with room to grow. My 11 year old has also tried them on and they fitted him well also. My son found that they encouraged him – he responds well to learning from tools such as these. We are still learning with them! But so far they have been a very useful study aid. My son has no problem reading them even though he has eyesight problems. My son enjoyed the glow in the dark bands and was a very appealing factor. Very good quality product. This is good value for money. I cannot think of any way in which they could be improved upon .I would purchase this product. I would recommend these and will also be recommending to my sons school.Very impressed with this innovative product – they really appeal to children (and adults) and will make a fantastic learning aid for those mastering their times tables. Helen Dawson – Bobby 7 years


Product Tested By Clare Reed – Stevie 6 years

Clare Awarded The Multibandz for Times Tables 4.8/5

These are bright and colourful and appealing to children. Packaging very basic arrive in plastic bag, but ideal for this type of product. These are bands with timestables on them no real need for instructions. These fitted with ease onto Stevie’s wrists.These really did help her to learn her times tables. In the pack you receive 12 bands covering 1 times tables through to 12 times tables. Each one is colour coded and the bands with the 6 through to the 10 times tables glow in the dark. We started off with the 2 times tables and once she had mastered this and remembered them we moved onto the next one. Such a superb learning aid and having these on wrist bands made it fun to wear, a funky accessory and helped her check the times tables she was working on at the time. Stevie never had any problems reading these. Really did encourage her to learn in a fun way. She absolutely loved the glow in the dark ones (were her favourites as loved the novelty of them). These are really good quality. I personally feel learning the times tables is vitally important as maths is part of our daily lives. We learnt them parrot fashion at school, but this is a much better way and more fun. The design is really good and no improvement required. Highly recommend these to any parent. They should have them in schools too as encourages them to want to learn. A brilliant learning aid. I would purchase more for my younger son when he is old enough to start learning his times tables. Never heard of these before and so pleased we had a chance to review them. A great tool to help them learn times tables. Clare Reed – Stevie 6 years


Product Tested By Diane Pugh –Owain 6 Years

Diane Awarded The Multibandz for Times Tables 3.6/5

They looked like hairbands! Was a bit bemused to be honest. Quite cheap and basic looking packaging. Would have passed by in a shop. There weren’t really anyinstructions! They probably thought they were just so simple and obvious they didn’t need them, which to an extent they are but I would have liked some guidance on how to get best use out of them. For example which band should my son concentrate on, the one he is doing at school, whichever he fancies (which is what happened). Should he wear them to school? All the time? Etc. My son loves wearing them they are comfy. Slightly novelty value which wears off but yes does encourage them to spend more time learning their times tables. Regarding striving to learn the next times table – Now maybe this is where instructions should have come in. The numbers are a little bit small and my son does spend time trying to find the right answer reading them. The Glow in the dark aspect on some of the bands was a little bit of fun but not really that effective. They seem good quality, still going strong. I think my son gets more out of maths books we can work through together for the price of them. Numbers could maybe be easier to read on them. I would buy these.I would recommend these as good learning aid. My son thinks they are fun and handy. They have helped him practice a bit more but I don’t think the novelty lasts long enough. Diane Pugh –Owain 6 years


Very impressed with this innovative product – they really appeal to children (and adults) and will make a fantastic learning aid for those mastering their times tables.


Helen Awarded The Multibandz for Times Tables 5/5

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