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Whether you have just one child or several, this is the perfect product for very quick and easy labelling. The MultiStamp allows you to have up to 4 names on the same stamp – one on each side. So it’s very cost effective for larger families.

Buy the Stamp, Ink Pad kit and one name for £18. Extra names are £4.

The ink pad is filled with washable textile ink that goes through the wash. It will label hundreds of items and doesn’t wash off.  If ever the ink ever dries out you can just buy a new ink pad.

One MultiStamp should last the for the whole of your children’s school lives!  Just don’t lose it !!

As the ink is black it doesn’t show up on black clothing.  You can get round this problem by stamping  onto most care labels inside clothes.

Better still you can buy a stamp pack with 52 BLANK iron on labels.  You can then stamp onto these and iron them on.  When doing so be careful to let the ink dry before ironing.  Also the labels are a tiny bit smaller than the stamp impression so the outside box won’t show – be careful to stamp it neatly in the centre of the label.

Prices Start From: From £18 for 1 name, £22 for 2 names, £26 for 3 names, £30 for 4 names.

Available to purchase online here

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Multistamp Reviews

Product Tested By Jenny Rockell – Reuben, Isaac, Gabriel – 5, 4 & 2 years

Jenny Awarded The Multistamp 5/5

First impressions were good. The stamp is nice and compact and came with simple instructions.  As a parent of 3, this is a great product that saves having to have 3 separate stamps. The instructions were very clear and simple. I also liked that I knew to expect fading for the first couple of washes as it was mentioned on the instruction sheet.  This stamp is really easy to use, I followed the instructions and lay items on a flat hard surface and kept the stamp upright, and I had no issues with smudging or half printed names etc. Absolutely an ideal product for larger families.  It’s great as it doesn’t take up a lot of space; it keeps the names all together so less likely to lose one. This stamp means I won’t have to buy new name labels at the start of each school year. as per the instruction sheet there was slight fading after the first wash on clothing, but names are still very visible and no fading since. I also used the stamp on plastic water bottles and there was no fading at all, when I washed them.  I had 3 Childrens names and logos on my Multistamp. The names are a great size, and the ink stands out especially on the clothing labels. I was surprised to find that it was also visible when I used it directly onto a dark navy top rather than the white label.  The Multistamp was really quick and easy to use. It was much more convenient than using iron on or sew in labels. I used the stamp on full school uniform, Jumper, polo top, shorts, trousers and PE kit. I also used in Coats and on water bottles. This saved so much time when labelling all the children’s clothing.  Just very quick and easy to use.  It’s great that you can just replace the ink pad without having to replace the whole package of stamps too. I love that I won’t have to spend time/money every year on buying more school uniform labels. When you consider how much you will save over the years on other name labels, the Multistamp is great value for money. Brilliant quality that looks like it will last years. I like that it’s compact, easy to use, I only need one for all of my children, and it will last for years. I would buy this for all the above reasons.  I would recommend.  I think this would be a really good product for my friends and family especially those with more than one child. I can’t see any faults with this product. Overall this is a brilliant product that will make the task of labelling school uniforms easier and quicker. It is easy to use and easy to store, I can’t see any bad points to the Multistamp. The customer service is also amazing; the team at NameTags4U are friendly, helpful and quick to solve any problems. Jenny Rockell – Reuben, Isaac, Gabriel – 5, 4 & 2 years

Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 6 Years

Cheryl Awarded The Multistamp 5/5

I thought it looked really good! Looks easy to use and they even threw in an extra ink pad which was nice. I loved the little pictures next to my children’s names. I think it’s a really good idea because a lot of families have more than one child and being able to have just the one stamp with up to 4 names on it comes in really useful as you wouldn’t have to faff about keeping them all safe it’s all in one place on one block. Easy clear instructions could use the item straight away. I find it easy to use yes but if I had to be picky you have the press the stamp  onto the ink pad corner to corner rather than straight across because if you press the stamp straight across the pad vertically it doesn’t actually fit onto the ink pad properly! But if you do it in the opposite corners of the ink pad it all fits.  This is ideal for larger families because it makes it easier to store and you can find what you need in one place. It does save money because I have purchased a stamp pad before just for one child and if I had purchased 4 single ones for each child I would of spent a lot more money!  The textile ink is easy to use and washable it was perfect.  We selected the Multistamp with 4 names with chosen picture. It’s very clear my daughter even lost her summer cap at school and it was returned to her straight away as her name was clearly inside it using the stamp. Very convenient easy quick no mess to use.  I used this on summer caps, school shirts, plastic snack pots and school blazers.  This saves a lot of time. No sewing to do just a quick stamp wait to dry for a few seconds and off you go!  If the ink dries out you can purchase a new ink pad.  I think this is a great idea because their names don’t change and it will last for years and years you can label plastic wood metal and clothing!!! It will be really handy to have in the house! You can even label their toys if you wish! I had one with 4 children’s names which would have cost £30. The ink stamp pad was £10. I feel the stamp was totally worth it but I feel the ink pad should be cheaper than that. I would be happy to pay about £6 or £7 for the ink pad. Very good quality it seems very well made. I liked the fact you could choose a little icon picture to go next to the name if you wanted one. So my children had fun choosing online which little picture they wanted. I would buy this because it is very handy and will use it for many years to come. I would recommend because it’s a great item to keep in the house and will come in very handle for labelling clothes and items for school and nursery. I really liked it I love the fact you can put 4 names on it and choose a little picture. It’s easy to use and easy to store. It arrived nicely packaged. Customer services were excellent!!! Answered all my questions very quickly as I had trouble ordering at first.  They resolved the issue brilliantly. Postage was fast. Instructions were very easy to follow. I loved the fact they sent me an extra ink pad too so I received 2! The stamps work you can read the names clearly and it didn’t smudge at all for me. I would highly recommend. Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 6 Years

Product Tested By Evie Smith – Cheryl, Adam and Louis – 10, 9 & 5 years

Evie Awarded The Multistamp 5/5

Looked compact, neat, easy to store and could not wait to try it out.  I think the concept is fantastic after spending years buying loads of labels every school term, this is time saving and cost effective for a larger family. Instructions clear and precise. Was a breeze to use. Just pop in ink pad and stamp, so easy.  This is perfect for larger families and it certainly has saved me so much time.  Just stamped away and done in a jiffy. Once the names were stamped on the clothing etc., and they were washed just a slight fading but still could clearly see the name stamped.  No worries tops. I had 3 names on my Multistamp. Everything we stamped it was very clear to see the name and who it belonged to. I used it on Sports kit, school bags, shirts, skirts, trousers, Dress, Swim Kit, Rugby Kit, Football kit, Books, Socks, Shoes, coats, School uniform, towels, joggers and lots more. This is a great time saving item and I loved it. I had no idea you could just purchase a replacement ink pad.  What a great idea as I have the stamp so just when required order the new ink pad and I continue to save £’s. Superb value for money. A life saver. Great quality and loved the design of the box it came in as easy to store and keep safe.  I will be using this for many more years to come. I loved how simple and easy it was to use.  No more worrying about ironing in labels just stamp and go and I will have all the new term school stuff stamped with time to spare.  I would buy this.  Have already been recommending to lots of family as we all have larger families and it is great. Loved everything about this and would not be without mine now.  Evie Smith – Cheryl, Adam and Louis – 10, 9 & 5 years







Overall this is a brilliant product that will make the task of labelling school uniforms easier and quicker. It is easy to use and easy to store, I can’t see any bad points to the Multistamp. The customer service is also amazing; the team at NameTags4U are friendly, helpful and quick to solve any problems.


Jenny Awarded The Multistamp 5/5

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