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Mumba Bra

The Maya Comfort bra is soft to touch and soft against your skin. Using a luxuriously soft double layer stretch fabric, this bra will give you the ultimate feeling in comfort.Adjustable to your body’s changing shape through pregnancy, you can wear your Maya Comfort bra while running your errands in the day through to sleeping at night. This will be your "go to comfort” bra.It features the unique Mumba clasp reminder for mums’ and the original BabyFocus print on the inner a-frame, providing stimulation and relaxation for your baby.Can be worn with the foam cups provided or breast pads

This is available in Black, White or Purple – Sizes Small, Medium and Large 
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 

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Mumba Bra Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily Porter – Esme 10 Months

Tested By
Emily Porter – Esme 10 Months

Emily Awarded
The Mumba Bra 4.3/5

looking bra, nice material. Not too much packaging makes the product look
attractive. Loved the comfy style of the bra. The pads are removable so you can
choose how much support you get. It is seem free under tops. It gives good
support even for larger breasted women. The only negative thing about the style
is that the numbered breastfeeding clasps are very large and visible if you
want to wear a spaghetti strap top. Easy to put on and adjust. Extremely
comfortable. Still supportive but very soft. The clasps clip down easily for ease of
feeding. But I wouldn’t say it was any easier than any other feeding bra I have
used. Baby focus print is an attractive feature and I liked how it gives a
plain bra a bit of interest. My baby had a little look at the print but as she
is older now she is very easily distracted and finds it more fun to pull my
hair and kick me! I like the attractive print and the fact it has a dual
purpose in helping you to breast feed discretely. The numbered clasps are a
very good idea in theory. I’ve been there when trying to remember which side to
feed from next and there are a lot of suggestions for remembering out there.
The numbers are a great idea but I found it difficult to remember which way I
should be moving the clasp, do I place on highest number after a feed or
lowest? By the time I came round to the next feed I had forgotten which number
meant what. It’s a very stylish design that doesn’t look ‘mumsy’. I do think
the numbered clasps are a little large though and can stick out of clothing. I
mainly like this bra as it is really comfy, supportive and stylish. In terms of
its comfort and style definitely recommend. The numbered clasp may be useful
for some women who have younger babies and may be breastfeeding more than I am
now. The mumba bra is a comfortable and stylish bra for any breastfeeding mum. Emily
Porter – Esme 10 Months

Tested By
Sidra Shakir – Abdullah 10 Months

Sidra Awarded
The Mumba Bra 4.8/5

Good quality
and really liked the purple colour. Love
the packaging. Loved the style and the
colour of the bra. I found it very easy
to put this bra on. This was so
comfortable to wear. It does make
breastfeeding easier however the padding which acts as a nursing pad kept
moving now and then and I had to adjust it. I loved the Baby Focus print and
did seem to help when feeding. This did
give me coverage to feed discretely, especially in public places where I like
to be discreet when breastfeeding. I personally did not pay much attention to the
Mumba Clasp feature but I can see it being useful to someone who wanted to use
it. I do not think this looks like a
nursing bra, nice style and lovely colour. I will continue to use this and
would highly recommend. Great value
makes breast feeding easier. Sidra Shakir – Abdullah 10 Months

Tested By
Sara Shahbazi – James 9 Months

Sara Awarded
The Mumba Bra 4/5

Different to
many nursing bras I had seen so intrigued.
Packaging was good. Clasp is high
on my chest so would prefer it lower, otherwise style is feminine and pretty. This bra is very easy to open and close. Very comfortable to wear but I personally
prefer some level of under wiring. Compared to other nursing bras it certainly
made it simplerto breastfeed. Although my baby is slightly older the Baby
Focus print became a little distracting for him. For a younger baby I would
suggest this would really work. The design really helps with being able to feed
discretely. I found the Mumba Clasp a
very helpful feature. I feel this does
look like a nursing bra although this is pretty and most are not at all. I will continue to use this as so
comfortable. I would recommend particularly
for when you first start feeding. Could improve the height of the clasp although
I understand it helps with support and discretion of feeding, it’s this which
makes it still look like a nursing bra. Great product which I would recommend. Sara
Shahbazi – James 9 Months



The mumba bra is a comfortable and stylish bra for any breastfeeding mum. 


Emily Awarded The Mumba Bra 4.3/5

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