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Mumbucks Reward Chart Set

Mumbucks Set
Each Mumbucks package comes complete with:82 Mumbucks notes in different denominationsA reward chart that can be personalised by your familyA card storage wallet – perfect for carrying Mumbucks when you’re out and about or for keeping handy at home. 

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Mumbucks Reward Chart Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Sanders – Oliver 5 Years


Product Tested ByLisa Sanders – Oliver 5 Years

Lisa Awarded The Mumbucks Set (Mumbucks Reward Chart Set) 4.9/5

The packaging is really bright and colourful and the rewards
system is very neatly laid out inside.
It looks appealing and would stand out in an image or on a shelf which
is definitely a plus point. It’s very
bright and colourful which adds to its appeal for children but would also stand
out on a shelf or a website. It really easily communicates in 3 easy steps
exactly what the product is and what it can be used for so you can easily tell
if the product is for you. I like the way that the system is displayed and laid
out within the box and the addition of the card wallet is good too. Instructions
are simple, concise and easy to follow and this is exactly what you need with a
rewards system! I think it’s a good system for my 5 year old but could possibly
be quite confusing for a younger child. It is well made and the notes
themselves are quite durable and have so far stood the test of a 5 year olds
storage system, my handbag and occasionally the intrigue of a 1 year old! It
would be good if refills are available as over time inevitably the notes will
look tatty and get lost. We have used magnetic charts before and my son uses a
sticker rewards system at school too but what I liked about this was that you
can vary the amount given for a certain task so that he learnt easily that a
small job earns less Mumbucks and something with more effort earns you more.
This is definitely worth the money. It is more than your traditional magnet
charts but the Mumbucks are reusable and there are plenty in the pack to keep
you going. It would be good if the rewards sheet was wipe able so that you
could adapt the goals as time goes on. I would buy it as it teaches children
how to save as well as the important lesson that there are some
tasks/behaviours that are worth more reward than others. You can tend to be a bit ‘sticker happy’
otherwise. I really like that you can use it out and about too as the meaning
of ‘you can have a sticker when we get home’ gets very easily forgotten whereas
this is an instant reward without resorting to chocolate. I have already
recommended to a few of the mums at school as it would be great if lots of the
children are using the system as the kids do quite like being competitive with
their sticker charts so it could give them an added incentive. I think this is
a great rewards system for children probably 5 and over. It teaches them how to
save, the value of ‘money’ and helps to improve their behaviour. It is a great
rewards system that both children and parents will get a lot out of. Lisa
Sanders – Oliver 5 Years

Product Tested By Heidi
Smith – Grace 6 Years

Heidi Awarded The Mumbucks Set (Mumbucks Reward Chart Set) 4.9/5

I was very interested in finding out how the reward chart
would work. I liked the packaging and its
contents, very simple and uncomplicated looking. I don’t really see any need
for improvements. The packaging is very clear
and effective. I like the advert for a chance to win a Merlin Pass too! The
instructions are very easy and simple to follow. Easy to understand what the intentions of the
Mumbucks are. I think the only thing that could improve the product slightly
would be to laminate the Mumbucks in order for the product to last that little
bit longer/for use with younger siblings at a later date. Using this chart
definitely motivated Grace. Rewarding good behaviour is always going to
motivate. I believe this does offer fantastic value for money. I would consider
buying this. I would highly recommend it to family and friends. This is a very
effective way of rewarding and encouraging good behaviour and stamping out the
not so desirable behaviour. It’s not
over complicated and my daughter loved ‘saving up’ her Mumbucks (actually having
the pieces of paper to stash). Heidi Smith – Grace 6 Years

Product Tested ByOlivia Neale – Caitlin 9 Years and Abigail 5 Years

Olivia Awarded The Mumbucks Set (Mumbucks Reward Chart Set) 4/5

My initial impression of the reward chart set was good; it
was lovely and colourful. The packaging was really lovely, bright and cheerful
too. Instructions were clear and straight forward; nice to have examples too.
The quality is very nice; being laminated would make this more useful though. I
did like it but I think it is a bit pricey for what it is. I would recommend it
to others though as it’s a lovely idea. Overall it is a lovely product; bright
and colourful but a bit too pricey for me. Olivia Neale – Caitlin 9 Years and Abigail 5 Years



It is a great rewards system that both children and parents will get a lot out of. 


 Lisa Awarded The Mumbucks Set (Mumbucks Reward Chart Set) 4.9/5

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