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Mumlin is simple but brilliant, a ‘u’ shaped piece of soft, absorbent cotton in a range of signature prints that sits over both shoulders to protect your clothes while burping baby. It has been ergonomically designed to ensure it is comfortable to wear and stays in place.Mumlin can be worn over the front or back depending on how you hold, feed, burp and wind baby. It is just the right size to protect shoulders, back and décolletage and can also be used as a bib on baby.    

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£19.99 for set of 3 - Available to purchase online

Mumlin Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Arthur – Calvin 4 Months

Product Tested By Laura Arthur – Calvin 4 Months

Laura Awarded The Mumlin 4.4/5

Wouldn’t really buy the product normally buy would give it a try. Good design just never used muslin squares with my oldest but this product is handy. Good size but not easy to put a few in a changing bag as well as everything else you need for a baby. Thequality of the fabric is extremely good. This was lovely and soft and gentle to use on my baby. This is a good quality fabric and never caused any skin irritation. This is very easy to care for and washes well. I did use this as a burb cloth and did work really well. This did fit round my shoulders nicely, but sometimes difficult to position when holding a baby.  I think this does represent good value for money. I will continue to use these and would recommend. Good product but I wouldn’t general buy it as I tend just to use bibs as a burping cloth etc. washes well and is good quality. Laura Arthur – Calvin 4 Months


Product Tested by Carol Morrison – Tilley 3 Months

Carol Awarded The Mumlin4.7/5

Looked nice quality when arrived. Liked the design as this is U shaped so it lies on your neck protecting both shoulders when burping baby. The size is very good and certainly covered my shoulders and clothes well and kept them protected. These came in a pack of 3 so handy to put one in change bag and keep one at home and always had one in the wash. The quality of the fabric is excellent. The material is lovely and soft and felt comfortable to wear and also nice and soft when Tilley placed her head on my shoulders. Never caused any skin irritation.  This is easy to care for, just pop in the wash at low temperature and comes up fine. Used this as a burb cloth and found it very effective and very absorbent. Also protected my clothes. This fitted nicely around my shoulders and was comfortable to wear. These are good value for money and they would also make a nice present for new mum or nice Baby Shower gift. I liked these and would purchase more and have already recommended as like the way they fit round your neck and stay in place. Really nice soft easy to use cloth that protects your clothes when rocking or burping baby. Carol Morrison – Tilley 3 Months

Product Tested By Lorna Rytel – Max 3 Months

Lorna Awarded The Mumlin 3.6/5

My initial impression was that the product was a good idea however I couldn’t see myself using this product as it wasn’t as soft in texture as standard muslin. It’s very good at protecting clothing due to it ssize and shape. However I wasn’t comfortable wearing this in public.  I also felt that the pattern, colour and designs were relatively girly (but this is a personal perference). This may be because it’s aimed at "mummy’s” however my son is bottle fed and my husband also assists with feeds. Again the shape and size was ideal in terms of protecting your clothing, however I wasn’t keen on the material used as Ifelt it wasn’t as soft as standard muslin.  I personally felt the material used could have been softer, but it did soften after several washes. The material used is good quality but I would have liked it to have felt softer to the touch. It did not cause any irritation to my son’s skin. The product washed well, but took a littlelonger to dry. I did use this as a burp cloth and it was very effective. It fitted well around my own shoulders, however my husband who also assists with feeds found it to be too small. I don’t feel that I would pay £19.99 for a set of 3 as although it works well it isn’t worlds away from standard muslin that you can buy in packs of 6 for half the price. I will continue to use it at home. The product does its job in terms of soaking up and protecting clothing. Lorna Rytel – Max 3 Months


Good product washes well and is good quality. 


 Laura Awarded The Mumlin 4.4/5    

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