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Mummy and Me Magazine is a FREE publication, widely available across the North West of England and available to download online at or view on 

Mummy and Me is a parenting magazine aimed at expectant parents, through to those with children in lower primary school (around 7/8 years in age). Printed in A5 format and available on your mobile, Mummy and Me is a handy size to keep with you, containing useful information to help with the everyday situations parents face from the moment your find out you’re pregnant, to those early school years

Despite the name, Mummy and Me Magazine is not just aimed at Mums, and features a fantastic ‘Daddy and Me’ section with input from award winning Commando Dad. Distributed through many maternity hospitals, Mummy and Me features up-to-date information on advice in pregnancy, support post-birth and informative articles to support you in parenthood as your child grows. Mummy and Me Magazine contains everything you’d expect from a paid-for publication, with the advantage that it’s absolutely FREE!

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2014/15 – Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2019 


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Mummy and Me Magazine Reviews

Product Tested By Julie Hoyles – Max, Milly & Tom – 5, 3 & 1 Year

Julie Awarded The Mummy and Me Magazine 4.7/5

I loved the size as so easy to carry around and the front cover was appealing, made me want to read straight away. I really enjoyed many of the articles in the magazine as they were well written and relevant to my parenting journey.  I especially enjoyed ask the expert section.  Always gave good helpful advice. This included lots of informative articles on top subjects as we were sent 3 issues to read, which was a real bonus.  The adverts as always have a strong presence but many of them were written in a way to inform you about the products so found some of these interesting to read.  I liked how small it was as could pop in my backpack to have a read when the children were at classes or playing.  Great to have a magazine like this that is free and really loved all the local coverage keeping me informed of what is on, when an where.  Great idea as for me local events, classes is a must to keep me and my children in the loop with all local events.  A great read and really enjoyed this magazine. If you are local just pick up a copy as very informative and covers all aspects of parenting.  Julie Hoyles – Max, Milly & Tom – 5, 3 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Kerry Pearce – Katie and Kyle – 4 & 7 Years

Kerry Awarded The Mummy and Me Magazine 4.6/5

First impression well set out front cover and a great size to fit in handbag.  I was impressed this covers a wide range of subjects, so if you are expecting or have a larger family this magazine takes care of all your questions and needs.  Normally you find many magazines just concentrate on the early years. The advice is good, but did not agree with everything suggested.  However, that is like most information you take on board ideas that you feel will work best for you.  I did feel lots of adverts in this magazine, but as it is free you do understand they need to bring in revenue to keep delivering a good quality magazine free for us to pick up.  This is a really good little magazine.  Very informative, great ideas, things to do good articles and free so how can you go wrong. If you see this around do pick it up as well worth reading.  Plus you can also download online if you are not in local area where this is distributed.  Really enjoyed these magazines and loved the small size as fitted in my bag or change bag for me to dip in and out at my leisure. Kerry Pearce – Katie and Kyle – 4 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Yvonne Philpot – Zac 2 Years

Yvonne Awarded The Mummy and Me Magazine 4.5/5

Bright colourful front cover which invites you in to read more.  Just loved the handy size.  I used to by loads of magazines as Zac is my 4th child later in life and they were too big.  It was great to have a handy bag sized magazine to keep close by for when I had a spare moment to read. The articles are well written, interesting to read and I did pick up a few pointers and some tips, which is great as I have been there, done it and got the t-shirt, but this magazine outlined you are always learning.  The topics covered are great as features baby and child articles so the whole family is catered for. Never a fan of adverts but the way the magazine is presented and great articles I could cope with the ads. I liked learning about the editor and the introduction in the magazine was lovely especially as she has a large family.  Can see why the magazine covers such a wide range of topics.  If you are local this is great to see what is happening in your area.  I was not local but now I have this on download and read regularly as I found the articles really helpful.  The quality is great and well worth a read.  Great magazine thank you.  Yvonne Philpot – Zac 2 Years

A great read and really enjoyed this magazine. If you are local just pick up a copy as very informative and covers all aspects of parenting.


Julie Awarded The Mummy and Me Magazine 4.7/5

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