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Mummy Mitts

Mummy Mitts – Now you can slip your hands out, do what you want and then simply snuggle your hands back into your warm mitts without losing another pair en route. Once created, Anna (Mrs. Mummy Mitts) realised that every one of us pushing a pram needed a pair. I made them unisex so all you macho Dads can use them as well. A convenient, stylish and warm accessory. Just what I wanted. Just what you need!

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£16.99 Available in Fenwick, Mothercare, Babies R Us or purchased online

Mummy Mitts Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Halloran – Jake Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Halloran – Jake Aged 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Mummy Mitts 5/5

Much better quality than I expected and couldn’t wait to try them out. Website is very well laid out and nice to see other colours of the product available.  Very clear explanation of the product and looks easy to place an order.  Arrived well packaged.  Fantastic quality.  Really well made, warm and cosy and fit my hands perfectly. I would have chosen the colour provided (black and white) had I made a purchase myself so they were perfect. I have just used these on my own buggy.  Mine is the Out n About Nipper double and it was great to be able to move my hands up and down the handle to adjust my pushing position.  That was a real godsend.   I actually did put these on my son after we forgot his mitts in the snow and although far too big, they kept his hands warm for the walk back home!  Absolutely fantastic value for money!  I cannot tell you how highly I have praised Mummy Mitts.  The recent weather has been perfect for testing them out and my hands have always been warm and ready for action! I would have no hesitation in buying a pair for one of my friends or for myself it I ever wear this pair out.   I have already told many other mums about them.  I love these mitts!  They have kept my hands warm on many a cold day and because I have a toddler and newborn I always need my hands free so these have been perfect.  I love the fact that I can whip my hands out in less than a second to wipe a nose, pick up a dummy or get into my bag.  Mummy Mitts are an absolute godsend for cold winter walks with the pram and I don’t leave home without them.  Sarah Halloran – Jake Aged 2 Years 

Product Tested By Laura Turner – Baby Harry 13 Weeks

Laura Awarded The Mummy Mitts 4.5/5

Great idea, well made and very stylish.  Website very simple which is good as would be easy to use to purchase this product.  Arrived in plain clear plastic packaging which is all the product needed.   Very good quality gloves although I have found daily use has started to squish the padding inside the gloves.  The gloves only come in black with different coloured piping I was sent black and grey which was great as this matches my black and chrome pram.  I was very happy with this colour.  The gloves will attach to any style pram handle very easily so you will be able to continue using them when you move from a big pram to a light weight buggy.   The gloves are for me to wear. They do keep your hands lovely and warm very cosy and comfortable to wear.  I think this product could be cheaper. I think people would be put off by the price when there is a cheaper alternative by just wearing normal gloves.  I would buy these gloves as they are very useful now I have started to use them. It was always a problem taking my gloves on and off.  Everyone who has seen my gloves attached to my pram have asked me about them and where I got them so I have recommended them to all my family and friends who have prams as I think this is a great product.  I think this is a great product that solves an annoying problem that we all put up with having to constantly take gloves on and off. They are lovely and warm and very well made.  Once I got used to wearing the mummy mitts whilst pushing my pram, I now wouldn’t consider leaving the house without them.  Laura Turner – Baby Harry 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Natalie Caunce – Emily Aged 1 Year 6 Months

Natalie Awarded The Mummy Mitts 4.2/5

I think the website is clear and obviously parent orientated.  Packaging is quite basic considering the price they are. Fantastic quality, look durable and were very comfortable.  My colour choice would have to be black – More sophisticated.  I have just used these on our Quinny pram and they are perfect.  They kept my hands warm and were comfortable.  The product is very good value for money, just personally feel the packaging lets it down as not as high quality at the item itself.   These are a good idea, but I am quite happy using my normal gloves too.   Would recommend as these are a practical idea and would please some parents.  These mummy mitts are a very good product and superb quality.  A quality item but not an essential item for us.  Natalie Caunce – Emily Aged 1 Year 6 Months

Mummy Mitts are an absolute godsend for cold winter walks with the pram and I don’t leave home without them. 


Sarah Awarded The Mummy Mitts Top Marks  5/5

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