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Nicky Chisholm is a successful business women and entrepreneur in her own right, now with years of business experience  working as a businesses start up advisor for Startup Co  and more importantly having 2 young children, she has merged her skills to provide essential businesses start up seminars designed specifically for Mumprenuers like herself. The key to running your own business as a mum, is long term planning, utilising various support networks and solutions, plus most importantly managing your expectations in both your business and domestic life! To address these areas the Mums in Biz seminars include sessions on business planning, time management, child care opportunities, marketing, training, funding, sources of information, finance and provides business profiles plus what to do and where to go next!

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Mums In Biz 1 Day Seminar £65.00 Per Person - click onto to apply online

Mums In Biz Seminar Reviews

Product Tested by: Aoife Brown –Kaya & Rudy Aged 3 Years 6 Months & 8 Months

Product Tested By Aoife Brown –Kaya & Rudy Aged 3 Years 6 Months & 8 Months

Aoife Awarded The Mums In Biz Seminar 4/5

Very well organised and professional business.  The website is clear, easy to navigate and informative. I don’t personally like the colours however.  The feeling of positivity amongst everyone and the opportunity to meet other mums in similar situations, I also really enjoyed hearing inspirational mumpreneur Antonia Chitty talk about her life and work.   I especially enjoyed the business planning as it was good to be shown how to structure this and it gave me an idea of how much planning I need to do. Also the opportunity to discuss one’s personal plans with comments from others was encouraging and helpful. I do agree it is a fabulous idea to have an inspirational case study and as I said above I really enjoyed the guest speaker as she was so inspirational but also helpful with all her advice.  The most useful part of the day for me was information about networking, time management and marketing.  I never received Mums In Biz newsletter so unable to comment on the content.  At the end of the Seminar I felt very excited, enthused and positive about the future but also slightly overwhelmed by the realisation of the amount of work I needed to do to make my business work. And very tired!!  Very happy to recommend these seminars and already have.   I have started working on my website and spent time thinking about my business plan and how to market myself effectively.  I felt that the presentation of the Marketing part of the day could have been slightly more upbeat and entertaining but it was otherwise excellent – very informative and supportive.  Yes I think it’s a reasonable investment for the day.  A professional, entertaining and very informative day that gives you the "oomph" to get going on your journey to success!! Aoife Brown –Kaya & Rudy Aged 3 Years 6 Months & 8 Months

Product Tested By Emma Arnold – Freya & Jessica Aged 1 & 5 Years

Emma Awarded The Mums In Biz Seminar 4/5

My first impression with the seminar was how friendly Nicky Chisholm was on the phone and also when I arrived.  On arrival she made sure I had been introduced to some people and I felt comfortable and very welcome.  The website is very informative and has all the information you need to know about the seminar before you visit.  I especially liked the video link about the seminar which I felt helpful before I went.  I enjoyed meeting other mums in business to realise there is a lot of potential out there and it is up to me to make it happen.  My favourite session was the brainstorming session when we got to talk about what aspects of our business that were worrying us and get advice from the other mums there on how we might get around it. Yes it is a very good idea to have an inspirational case study. Hearing the experience from someone who has done it and made a success of it is really important. It gives you great motivation for your own business.  The books at the back of the room were really helpful to flick through and make a note on which ones might be worthwhile purchasing.  I found the Mums In Biz newsletter information on brainstorming and also the timekeeping aspects the most helpful.   At the end of the Seminar I felt very motivated to get cracking on my business. I am now much further ahead than I was already. Yes would definitely recommend.  Although it is less relevant to me given it is more for Sussex mums. It really is a fantastic resource for people in that area.  I am much further along the line setting up my business and will be ready to start trading in March as planned.  The only aspect which could have been improved is the quality of the handouts but I know Nicky is working on this and asked from help on the day.  Yes, definitely good value although I would probably cap it at £65.  I think this is a fantastic, inspirational and very motivational seminar for mums in the Sussex area. Given the networking aspect I am not sure it would be relevant to a large geographical area. Would recommend it if you are thinking about setting up in business. A great resource for mums thinking about setting up in business. All you need to know for the initial stages of setting up in business in one compact session and the best bit is you come out feeling motivated to conquer the world, or at least your little bit of it!  Emma Arnold – Freya & Jessica Aged 1 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Sandra Salter – Isabelle Aged 1 Year

Sandra Awarded The Mums In Biz Seminar 5/5

This was a brilliant and refreshing seminar.  The website is well laid out, informative and easy to navigate.  The realisation that many women out there are managing a successful and fulfilling career without compromising their time with their families – and they are doing it by running their own businesses.  Mums in Biz projected a really good vibe.  My favourite session was the case study of mother and business advisor Antonia Chitty. A glimpse of actually how someone can make their career work around her 3 children – very impressive and inspiring.  It helped me understand actually how someone’s life can fit together with family and career – and once I can see what is possible I can begin to envisage where I want to be with my life. I couldn’t take it all in at the time but it was great to know there are resources to tap into that have been carefully thought through.  I did not have a favourite section in the Mums In Biz newsletter.  At the end of the Seminar I felt oxygenated!! Yes absolutely recommend! In fact I recommended a friend yesterday who I think would benefit.  I have begun to shape my plans for the future, which are at an early stage of development – but I feel I have been given some great tips and inspiration to help me move forward. I now have a great confidence that what I am trying to do is possible rather than just a dream!  I have also made some contacts with other mums I met on the day, with some ideas for future collaborations.  It was intelligent, inspirational, welcoming and thorough – a real blast of everything you might need to start thinking about if you want to start taking yourself seriously as a ‘mumpreneur’.  Certainly good value for money.  Mums in Biz gives you the resources and networking  support to start putting a business idea into realistic action, all in time to pick the kids up from school – they’re the proof it can be done!   Sandra Salter – Isabelle Aged 1 Year

A professional, entertaining and very informative day that gives you the "oomph" to get going on your journey to success!!


Aoife Awarded The Mums In Biz Seminar 4/5

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