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Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

The design team at Munchkin have created the Nappy Disposal System specifically with mum in mind. Bags are easy to load and disposing of dirty nappies is quick and easy. The patented
self-sealing system tightly seals the bag and locks odours away, while the baking soda cartridge safely absorbs odours and dispenses natural baking soda each time the lid is closed. A full bag is easy to snap, seal and throw away. The system comes fully assembled and includes 3 Nappy Disposal Refill Bags. The odour-eliminating power of baking soda combined with this clever and easy-to-use design make the Nappy Disposal System  by Munchkin® the perfect solution for today’s busy parents. Easy from start to finish – one handed use – Odour Lock™ sealing system – patented self sealing system automatically seals bag when lid is closed – Snap Seal™ Technology – snap, seal and throw bags. No cutting/tying required – Hygiene Vent™ Odour Control – dispenses odour eliminating baking soda to continually absorb odour after every use -Comes fully assembled and with 3 bag refills

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£24.99 Available in Babies R Us or just click online to find your local stockist

Munchkin Nappy Disposal System Reviews

Product Tested by: Lara Gavazzi – Chiara 1 Year

Product Tested By Lara Gavazzi – Chiara 1 Year

Lara Awarded The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Unit 4.8/5

My initial impression was excellent size, clean lines. The packaging was normal and the instructions were clear and easy to follow too. The instructions regarding replacement cassettes were also clear although it was so simple, instructions weren’t really even necessary! I found it very easy and straightforward to install them. The nappy wrapper arrived fully assembled so didn’t have to put anything together. We kept it in the nursery, tucked in a corner, it was hardly noticeable. It was very much so, a more hygienic way of disposing of our disposable nappies. It’s quick and easy to use, one-handed. The Nappy Wrapper contained the odour of nappies disposed incredibly well. I was impressed with this aspect! The capacity was very good too; it needed to be emptied less frequently than other nappy bins we’ve tried. It’s unbelievably simple and straightforward to use! Good quality, perhaps the lock should be a little more difficult as my daughter worked it out! (11 months). It is rather expensive in comparison to other nappy bins though. We did have a Sangenic Hygiene Plus and this one works far better, contains the smell better and holds more nappies. I would certainly recommend this one to friends and family. The one and only downside is that my daughter very quickly learned how to open the bottom part where one removes the full bag of nappies! Overall it contains odours, better than our other nappy disposal system – Excellent for the nursery. Lara Gavazzi – Chiara 1 Year

Product Tested By Paula Chapman – Chloe Aged 1 Year

Paula Awarded The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Unit 4.9/5

Nice looking, easy to use.  Packaging was good and kept item protected. Instructions were very easy to follow and easy to follow how to replace the cassettes when required.  This item did not really need to be assembled and was very easy to use. Fitted easily in to the nursery and did not look out of place.  I found this very useful and a very hygienic way of disposing of our used nappies.  Nappy wrapper did not need to be emptied as often as the bin.  Capacity was very good, only needed to be emptied when it smelled.  This is so easy to use and replacement cassettes are very easy to fit.  I will continue to use it but found that the replacement bags were quite expensive.  I will recommend as good quality item.  easy to use, nice looking.  Paula Chapman – Chloe Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Conny McKenzie – Anna 16 Months

Conny Awarded The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Unit 4.5/5

It looks nice, although I would have loved it in a different colour (i.e. pink for my little girl’s nursery). I was surprised that it doesn’t need expensive cartridges. It was very well packaged and the instructions clear and easy to follow. The instructions were also clear regarding replacement cassettes. Like with most things, it took a few minutes in the beginning but once I understood the system, it was very easy to do. There was no assembly necessary when it arrived, which was brilliant! :o). We kept the unit next to our changing table. It is quite tall and therefore wouldn’t fit under our side table or under anything else. I love it! No more smelly bin bags and no need for expensive cartridges. Thanks to the baking soda there is no smell when opening the bin, fantastic system that really works! It is a more convenient way of disposing of nappies because I used to carry every single nappy downstairs into our main bin (which would smell if not emptied immediately). It’s definitely working in containing the odour of nappies! This unit has got a lot of capacity; I only had to empty it every five days. But I personally would prefer a slightly smaller unit which would fit better into our nursery (less tall). Happy to empty it every 3 days if this would make it look better in our nursery (smaller and in a nice colour). Once figured out how it works, extremely easy to empty, and prepare for next use! The quality was a tiny bit flimsy due to the lightweight plastic but I wouldn’t expect anything else considering the price. It does offer value for money especially when re-using the large bags. I also use nappy bags with every single nappy, which means I sometimes empty the large bag out and reuse it a few times. No need to purchase new bags all the time and even less smell. I would certainly recommend this product. It would be a lot better if available in different colours and sizes, but overall a brilliant product that really works at a very reasonable price. Conny McKenzie – Anna 16 Months

Overall it contains odours, better than our other nappy disposal system – Excellent for the nursery.


Lara Awarded The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Unit 4.8/5

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