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Munchkin Super Safety Bath Ducky

Make sure the water’s ducky for your baby. We know how you worry about the water temperature when you give baby a bath. Well, our darling duck collection can make bath time more worry free. These collectable duck characters have our special White Hot® disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot to handle, then lets you know when it’s just right to bathe. Babies love the huggable size. and since it’s watertight, it won’t sink or mildew. So put our duckies to the test. Water-tight to prevent sinking, squirting and mildew – Ideal for 0+ months

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Munchkin Super Safety Bath Ducky Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Shek – Louise 2 Months

Product Tested By Clare Shek – Louise 2 Months

Clare Awarded The Munchkin White Hot Duck 4.8/5  

Good quality, useful and well packaged.  The packaging is just right, there is not too much unnecessary packaging and it looks good and explains the product well.  The instructions were comprehensive and well set out.  The size is just right as it doubles up as a bath toy and the shape is great.  Yes it is a very effective guide to the water temperature.  My baby enjoys looking at it in the bath as it is a bright colour but it does not keep his attention for long.  It appears to be of a very good quality and I would expect it to last a long time.  I feel the product represents very good value for money as it is inexpensive and better quality than water thermometers I have seen.  It is a useful and inexpensive product so I would definitely consider buying it. I would recommend it to any first time mums as you do not know if you have not had a child what temperature the bath should be and as it doubles up as a toy it is very useful.  I have enjoyed using this product and feel it is well made, looks good, is practical and inexpensive.  Clare Shek – Louise 2 Months

Product Tested By Jane Williams – Jack & Isla 21 Months and 3 Months

Jane Awarded The Munchkin  Duck 4/5

Fun product with a practical use.  Minimum packaging used and cardboard can be recycled so very environmentally friendly. Packaging is also bright; product can be seen as not fully boxed so purchaser can see exactly what they are buying.  Instructions are simple to read and product is easy to use. Duck is a good size but not too big. It was an ideal size to fit in my 21 month old sons hand and was quite detailed.  Duck is simple to read. On the underneath there is a coloured disk and the word ‘hot’ appears in white if the bath water is too hot for a child/baby to bath in. This white ‘hot’ word disappears quickly when removed from the water so once more cold water is added, the duck can quickly be re-added to the water for a true indication of temperature.  My son prefers his boats and bath books but we were able to play with it a little bit and we regularly sung ‘3 little ducks went swimming one day’ using the duck as a prop.  Duck is made of rubber with painted on details. For the duration that we have owned the duck, it has lived with the other wet bath toys in the bath net bag and these have not faded or rubbed off.  It is very reasonably priced for a bath thermometer which also doubles as a bath toy.  Would definitely consider purchasing this and have already recommended. I was impressed with the initial look of the duck and the packaging. The instructions were straight forward and the product did exactly what it said it would do. It has not shown any signs of wear or tear yet despite living with the other wet bath toys. Playability is slightly limited but the product offers peace of mind.  Jane Williams – Jack & Isla 21 Months & 3 Months.

Product Tested By Avril Horsnell – Charlie & Samantha 10 Months & 2 Years

Avril Awarded The Munchkin White Duck 4.9/5

Looked a good quality product and ideal safety item to have.  Packaging minimal and effective.  Instructions very self explanatory. This is a good size for our children and nice bath toy too.  A great way to be rest assured temperature of bath water is just right.  This has a section at the bottom with the word ‘hot’ and this goes white if the batch it too hot. So you can easily gauge safety of temperature of bath water.  It also doubles as bath toy and Charlie & Samantha has fun playing with this in the bath along with their other bath toys.   Would purchase as good quality, good value and a great safety item to have at home.  Also this is well made so will last a long time.  Have already recommended as could not believe the price.  Very impressed and a ‘Must Have Item’ for the bathroom.  Avril Horsnell – Charlie & Samantha 10 Months & 2 Years

I have enjoyed using this product and feel it is well made, looks good, is practical and inexpensive.


Clare Awarded The Munchkin Duck 4.8/5  

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