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Music For Dreaming CD

Features best loved lullabies like Brahms Lullaby, Hush-a-bye-baby and Golden Slumbers. Dream with your baby cradled in the arms of music. Music for Dreaming has been created especially for babies and adults so that they may feel comforted and nurtured.  Music can have a profoundly natural therapeutic effect on the listener. The pure sound of this music is created by traditional instruments rather than synthesised sounds to protect your baby’s delicate ears and sensitive nervous system. Musicians breathe life and expression into the notes, creating a rich harmonic quality, we find so peaceful. Lullabies, in particular, are recognized for their ability to produce feelings of calm and restfulness.

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Music For Dreaming CD Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Thorpe – Baby Oscar 15 Weeks

Product Tested By Dawn Thorpe – Baby Oscar 15 Weeks

Dawn Awarded The Music For Dreaming CD 4.5/5

Nicely packaged with good advertising photo clearly showing it is used for helping babies to sleep.  Website clear and easy to use would love to listen to the Xmas CD but could not get it to play? Video played fine (I am not very technically minded so might just be me.) I love to see a happy sleeping baby and if Oscar was a problem sleeper this is something that would attract me in the shops.  This CD had a great   mix of traditional lullaby’s.  We use it for daytime naps have been using it for the past 3 weeks as Brahms Lullaby is associated with bedtime.  We used this CD constantly for 10 days and very successful.  Quality is great; it has to be one of the clearest pieces of music I have ever played.  Very good value for money.  This definitely worked for us and would purchase more.  Will most certainly recommend to friends & family.  Informative advice inside makes it easy to establish a routine of using the CD.  Dawn Thorpe – Baby Oscar 15 Weeks

Product Tested By Nikki Penman – Baby Eden 4 Months

Nikki Awarded The Music For Dreaming CD 4.2/5

Was looking forward to using it to see if it settled Eden to sleep.  Lovely things on the website. Love the little lamb, may have to order one for Eden from Santa Claus.  CD cover is very simple and to the point.  Lovely relaxing music, made me relax as much as it did Eden!  We listened to it most afternoons for the last few weeks. It does work but Eden has never really had a problem getting to sleep so I think she just likes to listen.  I think Eden has got to know the songs through listening to it so often.  The quality of this CD is very good.  This does offer value for money   but I think CD’s are a bit over priced!  We will keep on using it. Even if it is just to relax Eden.  , I have already told a few friends who are pregnant about the CD.  Great CD and fantastic idea.  Eden and I both enjoy this CD and will be listening to it for a long time!  Nikki Penman – Baby Eden 4 Months

Product Tested By Katie Lloyd – Baby Ellis 10 Weeks

Katie Awarded the Music For Dreaming CD 4.5/5

I was a bit skeptical about how well the CD would work at helping Ellis to sleep better.  The website was very easy to navigate; it is quite basic and only contains relevant and useful information. There are only a few products available to buy so you aren’t overwhelmed with choice.  The front cover is lovely; it shows a picture of a baby sleeping peacefully which is exactly what you want to see when buying a product like this. The back cover tells you everything you would want to know before buying the CD.  I didn’t think the music would be to my taste, but surprisingly I really liked the music. It was relaxing and soothing and made a pleasant change from having the TV on.  I have used the CD to help settle Ellis most evenings. I would have liked to have used it more but with his three year old brother around being noisy and wanting the TV on all day it wasn’t possible. Most of the times we have used the CD it has been effective at getting Ellis to fall asleep after about 5-10 minutes of listening to it. We didn’t manage 10 consecutive days, but managed about 10 days out of 14. Our problem with Ellis’ sleeping was that he would only sleep whilst in our arms and woke as soon as we put him down. With the CD on he will fall asleep in our arms then let us put him in his mosses basket, if he wakes a little the music seems to soothe him back to sleep.  The CD is excellent quality, with 7 lovely songs on it.  I think the CD is quite expensive compared to other similar ones available however it does work so is a small price to pay for a sleeping baby.   I will definitely continue to use the CD, for my own pleasure as well as to help Ellis to sleep.  I will recommend the CD to all my pregnant friends and those with babies.  It doesn’t work miracles and won’t get Ellis to sleep if he is upset or wide awake but when he is sleepy it helps to settle him easier and helps him to sleep for longer periods.  Lovely peaceful music which helps my baby to fall asleep and to stay asleep for longer.  Katie Lloyd – Baby Ellis 10 Weeks

Informative advice inside makes it easy to establish a routine of using the CD, and it works.


Dawn Awarded The Music For Dreaming CD 4.5/5

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