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Muslin Cloths

A great range of large, patterned muslin cloths for you and your baby. Looking for a gift for someone expecting a baby soon? Our baby muslin cloths are unique in the UK and make the perfect present for parents with a newborn. If you’re tired of plain, dull muslin squares that get easily mixed up with those of your friends, why not treat yourself to a pack of brightly coloured, patterned muslin squares? If you need something a bit bigger than normal, perhaps to use as a wrap, try ordering a pack from our Giant Muslins range.
Each set of Muslin Cloths come in a set of 3.
Sizes Available – Small Muslin Cloths – Regular Muslin Cloths – Giant Muslin Wraps
Giant (120x120cm) – Regular (66x66cm) – Small (30x30cm)

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Prices Start from £5 - £17 Available to purchase online

Muslin Cloths Reviews

Product Tested by: Liz Fowle – Charlotte 7 Months

Product Tested By Liz Fowle – Charlotte 7 Months

Liz Awarded The Baby Muslin Cloths 1 of each size 4.8/5

I thought these were bright when I first saw them and would be very useful. The packaging was as I would have expected, although the giant set did exceed expectations as I could reuse the packaging if I wanted to. The instructions were clear and concise although a recommendation of whether you should use fabric softener or not might be useful. The quality of the regular one and giant one were both excellent, the embroidery on the regular set is beautifully done and has survived repeated chewing and washing no problem. The small set looks a little scruffy around the edge with the over lock but I do understand why this is done. I used the giant one as a sunshade, bath towel, light summer bed sheet, teething chew, breastfeeding cover, temporary nappy, play sling (for 4yr old son). I used the regular sized one as a face wipe, teething chew, temporary nappy, general wipe up cloth and the small one as handkerchiefs, general wipe up cloth and a face cloth. The designs were beautiful; beautiful embroidery and patterns, not too gender specific either!  The sizes are excellent; I found less uses for the small set but they are quite good for carrying in a pocket/handbag. The regular ones are just that, regular so no specific thoughts on those. The giant ones are fabulous, very versatile and despite their size not too bulky! I don’t use fabric softener as it impedes absorbency of any material it is used on so the muslins were a little rough but repeated washings have softened them down a little. They are very durable; they haven’t faded, ripped or fallen apart. I always think muslins are overpriced anyway for what they actually are, however given the versatility of these and the fact the regular ones are embroidered, yes, I would say they offer value for money. I would consider buying these especially the giant ones. I would definitely recommend them; I have pointed a couple of friends in the right direction for the giant ones already! They are excellent. These bright muslins are good looking, tough, surprisingly versatile and good value for money and I am sure they will be used for a long time to come. Liz Fowle – Charlotte 7 Months


Product Tested By Grace Busby – Ariya 9 Months

Grace Awarded The Baby Muslin Cloths 1 of each size 5/5 

My initial impression of this product was very good. The packaging and instructions were both great. The quality of the Muslin Cloth was fantastic and they worked perfectly; Ariya does not get her clothes dirty. I loved the size and the designs of them. They were still lovely and soft once washed. They are excellent for the money and I would definitely consider buying them again. I highly recommend them. They are very handy to have so Ariya clothes don’t get stained.  Grace Busby – Ariya 9 Months


Product Tested By Charlotte Rudolph – Ruby 2 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Baby Muslin Cloths 1 of each size 4.3/5

The colours were lovely; I was excited to receive them and start using them. They seemed like nice muslin cloths. The packaging was basic and plastic but showed off the product well. The largest size had the best packaging, with a more substantial popper bag. There were no instructions as such as they are muslin cloths, there was nothing to assemble.  Just requested a wash before use and the instructions were on the label. The colours were fantastic and strong and have not faded yet so I would say the quality was good. There were some loose threads that I had to cut off and one of the medium muslins had a glitch in the stitching. The small muslins had very limited use. I just used it to wipe Ruby’s face. The medium muslins I mainly used for feeding and the large muslins I used as a lighter blanket in the hot nights and as a sun visor on the pram/car seat.  I loved the designs. The small muslins were a nice bright colour with no special design. The medium muslin, again nice bright colours but these also had an embroidered insect. I thought this was cute and made them special and standing out from other muslins.  Friends have loved the bright colours too. The large muslin; I went for slight girlier colours (small and med I went for blue, turquoise and yellow) the large ones had prints of hearts and butterflies. These have had loads of complements and I have passed on the website details. I found the size of the medium one more useful. I am still not using conditioner in my washing to protect Ruby’s skin, and I think they fared well; lovely durable cotton. I think they would be even nicer if I could use conditioner on them. Ruby loves to hold them while feeding. The colours have not faded and seem to be going strong after the initial thread fraying. I think they do offer value for money; mainly the medium sized one. I would definitely consider buying the medium ones again for myself. The large ones would make a lovely gift. I would recommend these in the medium and large sizes. They are lovely but some quality control over fraying threads maybe needed to improve them, as little mouths and cotton thread don’t mix. Otherwise I think it’s nice to have muslins that aren’t boring and white and brings some fun to an average item. I enjoyed the compliments for them and I felt like a funky mum. Charlotte Rudolph – Ruby 2 Months


They are excellent. These bright muslins are good looking, tough, surprisingly versatile and good value for money and Iam sure they will be used for a long time to come.    


Liz Awarded The Baby Muslin Cloths 1 of each size 4.8/5

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