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My All Grow’d Up Cup

My All Grow’d Up Cup – Pink A drinking beaker in a holder that affixes to your child’s car window the fridge or the patio doors by means of 3 suctions pads. This clever invention prevents drivers from having to take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road to give their toddler a drink in the car. It also prevents drinks being left all over the house as kids just love to pop the cup back in the holder as when they do so its makes an elephant sound. Not only is the cup fun, but it also encourages dexterity, and as the holder is permanently positioned your child is likely to drink more as they always know where to go for a drink. Age:18 months + Dimensions: 13.5cm (h) x 9cm (w) x 18cm (d) – unpackaged Batteries: 2 x AAA Included Colours: Available in Pink, Blue, Orange and Lime Green

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My All Grow’d Up Cup Reviews

Product Tested by: Janet Fielding – George 15 Months

Product Tested By Janet Fielding – George 15 Months

Janet Awarded The All Grow’d Up Cup 4/5

Very bright in colour and attractive to look at. Quality of the beaker was good. Very easy to attach cup where I wanted it. I have put it on the washing machine, fridge and in the car. My child found this very easy to use and loved it. The beaker design did allow George to gain easy access to get his drink when he needed too. The noise did help encourage my son to put the beaker back in its holder. Drinking spout was fine, not had any problems with it. This beaker can be Difficult at times to put together, but generally ok. Easy to clean and was also able to put in dishwasher. Very useful when you are looking after a busy toddler. Slightly more expensive than other products – but as always you get what you pay for. I will continue to use as it encouraged my toddler to become independent with drinking and moving on to the next stage cup. I would purchase and would recommend. A good product, although expensive good for the child to use and encourage development. Janet Fielding – George 15 Months

Product Tested By David Harridge – Mary 18 Months

David Awarded The All Grow’d Up Cup 4.3/5

A bright colourful beaker. Looked well designed and well made. This comes with specially designed holder base so you can fit to so many surfaces and ideal to keep secure at home, in the garden and in the car.  Mary loved her little cup and the noise created to encourage her to put her beaker back in the base was very effective. Gave her confidence and encouraged her to help herself to a drink when she needed one. Drinking spout was ideal for our needs. Fairly easy to put together. Easy to clean. A good design, well-made and appeals to children. This is expensive but is effective. Good idea, available in nice range of animals and colours. Would purchase again and have recommended. I feel the price could be reduced slightly as a father with a growing toddler you are always purchasing beakers as so many do get lost. This one is more secure but always like to have a couple as back up. Good idea, great fun and Mary loved her new beaker. David Harridge – Mary 18 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Stratton – Davin 23 Months

Fiona Awarded The All Grow’d Up Cup 4/5

Nice, attractive, smart looking product. Well made, no rough edges, however some of the black eye decoration would come off if rubbed gently. Only problem was that I wanted it where my sunscreen for the car window was. My son enjoyed using the cup initially, but lost interest in it quite quickly. Good for longer car journeys. The beaker holder noise Worked initially, then my son couldn’t be bothered. Easy to use, reduced likelihood of a wet mess to clean up. Very easy to assemble but One of the suction pads came out, put it was easy to put it back in place again. Very easy to clean. Some water would come out if tipped upside down with spout open, but not a lot. Great for long journeys and reasonable value for money. Useful for long car journeys, my son got bored with the elephant sound quite quickly, which surprised me. Cup was well made, and assume another child would enjoy the elephant sound for much longer. Fiona Stratton – Davin 23 Months

A good product, although expensive good for the child to use and encourage development.


Janet Awarded The All Grow’d Up Cup 4/5

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